Great Chaos Fire Orb is a Pyromancy in Dark Souls 3. To cast a Pyromancy you must use a Flame or Special Weapons that can cast Pyromancies.

Great Chaos Fire Orb

Spell Type


Focus ConsumptionFocus Cost 32
Attunement SlotsSlots Used 2
Requirements 0 Intelligence/ 0 Faith
Type Ranged Attack



Art of the Flame of Chaos, from Ancient Izalith. Hurls a great chaos fire orb.

Chaotic flame melts even great boulders, and creates a brief surge of molten lava on impact.

The Witch of Izalith and her daughters birthed the Flame of Chaos, but it devoured them along with their home.


Acquired From



  • Leaves behind a pool of lava for a time after it explodes. Pool deals 44.2% of fire orb on hit damage after ~1s and lingers for ~2s. Any enemy that enters this pool while it's active receives damage. 
  • The impact of the Orb can briefly stun/interrupt small-to-medium-sized enemies during their movements/attacks; very useful against aggressive enemies.
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    • Anonymous

      21 Sep 2018 16:34  

      This, combined with the Witch's ring, the Chloranthy ring and a decent amount of FP (like 30 in Attunement) trivializes most bosses. I was able to beat the Dancer without taking any damage in like 10 - 15 minutes using this method; same with Aldrich. Because the cast time is so short, and because it casts in an arc with decent range, it makes it so that you can usually fire this off at least twice after any bosses power attacks, then they'll usually stand in the lava for a minute which gets even more damage on them.

      • Anonymous

        16 Jan 2018 22:32  

        I am using a white hair talisman at 7 int and 16 faith. I cannot use the talisman properly as is obvious and yet this skill does 143 dmg to the firekeeper amd 127 to the enemies in cemetry of ash xD my spell buff is 20. This spell is great for low level casting i put no investment at all although the dmg/fp is stupid weak but not bad for no investment at all.

        • Anonymous

          15 Mar 2017 18:43  

          When i played my "magic knight" build (pure melee focused on Moonlight GS) i've ran into a problem: magic resistant enemies and most importantly - bosses, including: Sages, Deacons and Aldrich.
          So, to compensate - i learned this spell. If its resistant to magic then i hope its not the same for fire.
          Efficiency against Sages and Deacons is qustionable, but this thing DESTROYS Aldrich when he's not moving.

          • Anonymous

            21 Feb 2017 11:12  

            With the only character I ever made, I was messing around and used my last respec to have all base stats, 14att and 60 fth/int plus I even sold all my spells to buy something. When I downloaded my save file to reset to the previous build it glitched out and I was stuck. I looked through the vendors and the only spell I hadn't bought was this one so I decided to go into NG+ with it. Guess what? I didn't respec back at the cathedral and went on to beat all bosses- almost all of them in my first try by lobbing this badass pyromancy at them that dealt 1.5k per 32 fp. Godly.

            • Anonymous

              05 Dec 2016 01:41  

              Chaos best vestiges makes this spell for pvp obsolete. If your a pyro build and you using this instead, your doing it wrong. That's from 130+ hrs of pyro expierience speaking

              • Anonymous

                No stats needed?04 Oct 2016 16:20  

                It bothers me a little that you can use this spell for less stat investment than early game spells...

                • Anonymous

                  This thing is a real gamechanger!24 May 2016 08:19  

                  Wow, i really thought that pyro isn't THAT strong in DS3, but as soon as you get this spell, most of the game is a peace of cake! It's good for bosses, pvp and all groups. Good damage and bearable FP-cost. :O

                  • Anonymous

                    Wrote Note10 May 2016 11:57  

                    In one of the notes it states "Pool applies damage only once" which is false. Pool can apply damage more than once as long as the target was not hit by the initial fireball. so if they walk into the pool just as its made they can be hit twice.

                    • Insanely strong02 May 2016 18:03  

                      This carried me through most of mid-to-end-game against any enemy who wasn't resistant to fire. The lava damage on top of the initial impact generally makes it stronger than Chaos Bed Vestiges.In PvP, while any Fire Orb type spell is easy enough to dodge, the lava is where you can make things really tricky for your opponent. You can strategically place it so they'll run into it or alternatively have them focus too much effort watching the ground and follow up with a hit. If they decide to tank the lava damage, that normally puts them into kill range of Sacred Flame or a Critical Hit. Don't always just toss the orb straight at them, mix it up and throw it directly in front of your feet if you suspect they're going to dodge forward.In any 2vX situation, chucking GCFBs from a safe distance at the ensuing chaos can definitely secure some kills if you've got a good melee partner distracting. Just be warned if you're an invader, since you might kill your 'teammate'.

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