Boulder Heave is a Pyromancy in Dark Souls 3. To cast a Pyromancy, you must use a Flame or Special Weapons that can cast Pyromancy.

Boulder Heave

Spell Type


Focus ConsumptionFocus Cost 17
Attunement SlotsSlots Used 1
Requirements 8 Intelligence/12 Faith
Type Ranged Attack



Art of a stray demon of a stifled flame.

Spews a boulder from one's mouth.

The boulder is heavy, but shatters easily.


Acquired From





  • This spell deals physical damage, not fire.
  • Direct hits knock opponents down if they are not guarding.
  • Has enough force to guard-break most shields in 1 hit, making it useful for dealing with enemies such as Lothric Knights and Darkwraiths. 
  • Has a horizontal range of about 2m and an unlimited vertical range, making it suitable for attacking from above.
  • When the boulder hits the ground, it shatters, spreading chunks that stagger opponents and do heavy poise and stamina damage.
  • Has some splash damage equivalent to the 45% of the damage of a direct hit.
  • Best to use while fleeing, and then turning around to your target when they approach.
  • Can be used against the Abyss Watchers. If timed well you can stun-lock the boss in both phases.
  • This pyromancy is affected by Flynn's Ring.
  • Casting this pyromancy with Demon's Scar causes a small visual effect, centered on the caster's head. 
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    • Anonymous

      24 Sep 2020 23:16  

      This spell is amazing and should be in every pyro's tool kit. It's remarkably cheap for the damage; gives you an amazing source of poise/knock down that dex based pyro's never have. It's fairly quick with the right setup. It's incredibly good at roll catching; can be obtained fairly early, and because it doesn't get used all that often it's a huge suprise to most players.

      • Anonymous

        13 Sep 2020 03:19  

        I got it, and while the wiki says 17 FP, in my game it says 136, so i can't launch it?
        If i had known it was so expensive, i wouldn't have spent a level on int to launch it :/
        Is it normal? is it a bug?
        I got the spell while on 7 int, raised it to 8 to be able to cast it, but now i have to level up my FP

        • 16 May 2020 04:57  

          I just added that note about casting with Demon's Scar, and the visual effect. I was testing all pyromancies to see how cost-effective they were. Tested this one with the Pyromancy Flame, Pyromancer's Parting Flame, White Hair Talisman, and Demon's Scar. Only Demon's Scar causes this visual effect.

          • Anonymous

            30 Apr 2020 08:06  

            Good for cheesing bosses that can't be knocked down because then they'll be hit by both the impact and debris

            • Anonymous

              15 Mar 2020 03:01  

              While it is rather gimmicky; it has surprisingly good stagger and knockback on human-sized enemies. Okay, I guess it's not that surprising considering you're throwing a frickin' boulder at them. This spell absolutely has its benefits; but I would like it a lot more if it either had a longer range, or shorter cast time.

              • Anonymous

                22 Aug 2019 14:02  

                I have the strange feeling that this spell s rock is composed by all those peebles i picked up in bloodborne

                • Anonymous

                  22 Dec 2018 09:42  

                  It scales with your flame's spellbuff (which scales with int/faith), but it is physical damage, so it also benefits from flynn's ring and lloyd's sword ring as well as your pyromancy rings, so you can pile up a lot of damage early on. However, the damage type is standard, not strike as you would intuitively guess.

                  • Anonymous

                    11 Nov 2018 11:08  

                    If you're the type that prefers to be up close and personal with bosses, this can work against the Demon Prince as opposed to your usual pyromancy spells. I believe Dorhys' Gnawing to be an equal choice however, the final decision being whether you prefer fighting in melee or at range. Fear not the dark my friend, and let the feast begin.

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