Fire Surge is a Pyromancy in Dark Souls 3. To cast a Pyromancy, you must use a Flame or Special Weapons that can cast Pyromancy.

Fire Surge

Spell Type


Focus ConsumptionFocus Cost
Attunement SlotsSlots Used 1
Requirements 6 Intelligence/ 0 Faith
Type Ranged Attack



Pyromancy of Cornyx of the Great Swamp. Emits a constant stream of fire.

Cornyx is a venerable pyromancer of an older mold, said to have restored a number of spells lost to the past, amongst which this is the most well-known.


Acquired From




  • Does not stagger, so the opponent will still be able to attack just fine.
  • The damage is very lackluster. However, the cast time is very fast and the constant hitbox from the flames are great for panic rolling opponents. It is also very good for finishing off and pressuring foes will low health, since the flames will catch them.
  • The player can move will casting the pyromancy, but they will not be able to attack, run, or block.
  • Deals (spell buff x 0.67) damage per hit.
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    • Anonymous

      17 Jun 2021 21:31  

      It's best used as a TOD finisher after you've brought your enemy to like 1 hit away from death so they roll spam

      • Anonymous

        19 Apr 2021 02:09  

        This spell is insane in PvP. A skilled user will use it with a sword (Astora Straight Sword is my choice) to force enemies to be overly aggressive or take the chip damage, which does add up over time. You can also mind game with this, pretend like you are gonna use it, your character even puts their hand up but instead you go for an R1 of your off hand weapon. It puts most people in a spot that seems like its totally impossible to get out of, that mental pressure can get people to panic roll, giving you more opportunities. If I had to say the best way to counter this spell is to not allow any distance between you & the pyro, otherwise you will get zoned. All in all, this is probably one of the best pyro PvP spells in the game, but its best used with another weapon that can catch people when they try to avoid the flame.

        • 15 Apr 2021 20:47  


          • Anonymous

            12 Apr 2021 21:55  

            Ah yes, nothing like being slowly cheesed to death by this spell while I desperately try to prevent my slow painful death using my big ol' strength weapon. Gives me almost as much joy as running into someone mashing quickstep and poking holes in me while I am helpless to do anything against their unlimited i-frames.

            • Anonymous

              01 Feb 2021 03:03  

              How does one counter this spell in PvP? All I can ever think of to do is either block with a fire resist shield or just stay the hell away. Some people say you can punish it, but the second I move close the caster they roll away and respam the spell. Not a dangerous spell by particular means, but most definitely annoying when its all someone uses

              • Anonymous

                06 May 2020 21:22  

                This Spell is one of the few spell from the start of the game that can still be used in higher level PVP. It uses only FP not stamina so if you have tons of FP you can apply pressure while still being able to dodge. The best part is when they get used to it then rush you and you whip out a stronger spell to utterly destroy them. 10/10 would surge again.

                • 03 Aug 2018 01:24  

                  How to counter this cancer? Fought several people in duels who were only spamming this and i couldn't do anything even with LKA. Fire, roll away. It starts really quickly, does some chip damage and they can instantly roll

                  • Anonymous

                    04 Apr 2018 22:07  

                    I Cheat Engine in a 1 million damage dagger just for the fucks who do nothing but roll and spam this spell. And then i crash their game, cause they deserve it for being such fucking cancer.

                    • Anonymous

                      01 Nov 2016 08:28  

                      Thought I would give it a go, killed a red phantom with it. No one likes to be set on fire, and I could bait and control the match with this, leading them into heavier hits. Pretty good actually.

                      • Anonymous

                        Bug in ps4?25 Jul 2016 03:46  

                        After i use this pyromancy, my character isn t able to parry after 2 seconds. I can only roll. Is this a bug or is working as intended?

                        • Anonymous

                          Something is off24 Jul 2016 10:22  

                          It drains way more fp then the damage ticks.For example, fire orb dose 150 for me, this dose 33 a tick, this takes roughly 5 ticks to kill the target, which means it should take 10fp, instead it takes 30 fp...wth?

                          • Best chip damage18 May 2016 10:05  

                            The best chipping type damage in the game, in my humble opinion. Spew one flame at a time, don't bother channeling.Fast to cast, fast to cancel, deceptive range, tracks a locked on target rather well, works better than thrown items because it's easier to land and pretty much impossible to punish.Even using it at the start of a fight is great, as it puts tremendous pressure on your opponent. You'll safely whittle away at their health while they have no response and they'll be more prone to mistakes and stupid risks as a result. Then you just punish those with your bigger hits.However, only works for no Estus 1v1 duelling. Not practical for invasions or defending yourself from an invader.

                            • Anonymous

                              Good vs dogs08 May 2016 13:06  

                              Dogs are kinda weak but jump around and move fast. This is a great spell against them because it's constant and instantly disables them.

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