Floating Chaos is a Pyromancy in Dark Souls 3. It is part of the Ashes of Ariandel DLC. To cast a Pyromancy you must use a Flame or Special Weapons that can cast Pyromancies.

Floating Chaos

Spell Type Pyromancy
FP cost FP cost 20
Slots used Slots used 1
Requirements 16 Intelligence
16 Faith
Type Ranged


Pyromancer Dunnel was fascinated by this ceremonial art employed by the clerics of the Smouldering Lake.

Summons a fire-spitting chaos orb.

Chaos burns away in the blink of an eye, but was the primordial life born in the Bed of Chaos, and a grievous symbol of Izalith's sin.

Acquired From



  • Deals (spell buff x 0.85) damage per orb.
  • This spell can be used to pressure foes into a roll catch, since it acts independently of the caster.
  • Judging by the description, this is the spell used by the Demon Clerics in Smouldering Lake.
  • The orb shoots three fireballs. The fireballs do have a tracking property.
  • If your cast speed is fast enough, it is possible to have two out at the same time.


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    • Anonymous

      02 Mar 2021 20:35  

      Anyone else think this is such a waste? I mean I wasn't expecting it to last forever like the one those guys in the demon ruins use, but it last for two seconds and is pathetic.

      • Anonymous

        01 May 2018 12:48  

        It is worth noting that this Pyromancies orbs is still shooting towards Friedes Invisiblity, and also interrupting her during each melee attack she makes in phase 1, completly rendering her useless.

        • Anonymous

          24 Dec 2017 18:19  

          This, toxic mist and seething chaos are great for trolling people when you invade them. Total area control and all are good free cast spells.

          • Anonymous

            20 Mar 2017 23:59  

            Tested against the Giant Crabs in Farron Keep
            If an enemy passes through the orb once it leaves your fingers, it takes damage comparable to each of the three fireballs it spits out, can be used effectively to hit the crabs four times if you time the cast with their approach and back away. Pretty cool!

            • Anonymous

              28 Feb 2017 09:16  

              I'm liking this alot for pyro pvp. If you can find a window to get it off without being interrupted it does one of two things.

              1. It forces the opponent to roll away to not get hit, which gives you enough space to drink a mana estus or possibly, with some luck, catch them with a chaos orb if you're good at free aiming.

              2. If the opponent decides to go aggressive on you it opens up an opportunity to punish. Floating Chaos + Fire Surge combo followed by roll catching if they start panicking is actually pretty effective. I've sometimes been able to dmg about 50% of opponents hp with this combo. It's even more deadly if they get staggered by Floating Chaos and you're able to follow it up with a Black Flame.

              However, this pyromancy fits a slightly more passive playstyle, keeping your opponent on their toes. If you like to be more aggressive, like with Onyx Blade+Black Serpent for example, I would not pick Floating Chaos.

              • Anonymous

                08 Feb 2017 16:53  

                As a intFth 40/40 Pyro I spammed Floating Chaos without one swing of my sword through all 3 phases of Sister Friede Boss fight and kept NPC GAEL alive to the end. Used 2 Estus and 5 Ashen Estus. Didn't use any other pyromancy.

                • Anonymous

                  15 Dec 2016 02:25  

                  this spell seems to do heavy poise damage - tested on the lord of cinder, shooting 3 of them causes him to stun.
                  tested out with other pyromancys and at the same damage thresholds he would not stun

                  • Anonymous

                    13 Dec 2016 13:30  

                    I actually like this spell quite a bit. Pretty much always gets an attunement slot for itself due to how useful it really is for setting up other pyromancy and further aggression.
                    Of course it won't be useful if you just cast it and expect results without doing anything else, that's you using it wrong especially in a PvP situation.
                    One way I've used the spell against lone hosts in invasions/duels is casting two in a row at slightly different angles at a quick succession, rushing closer to cast Black Serpent since if they stop to attack me on approach they get hit by a Floating Chaos shot. Throwing a Chaos Orb or the Chaos Bed after the target as they are dodging or stunned by a hit gives birth for a pretty nice combo.
                    Then there's when people actually try and chase after you as you're casting. If you get it out without interruption, roll back and if they come after you there are three chances for them to get stunned into a Great Combustion/Black Flame for massive damage from the Parting Flame.

                    Really encourage giving this one a SHOT... Okay that was awful but you know what? Sue me.

                    • Anonymous

                      01 Dec 2016 15:59  

                      I don't know if there was a patch to this spell or what, either way it is useful as hell. In PVE its a monster against bosses and stationary targets. In PVP it shines to keep your opponent moving, draining their stamina and if you manage to get 3 off in a close proximity match, "decent" damage and stuns. The cast time is a problem, but only if you don't know how to use Iron Flesh or make them dodge before trying to cast it AT RANGE. Little tip, watch how Dunnel uses the spell.

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