Warmth is a Pyromancy in Dark Souls 3.


Spell Type Pyromancy
FP CostFocus Cost 50
Slots UsedSlots Used 2
Requirements 25 Faith



Peculiar pyromancy of the Mound-makers. Creates a gentle flame that restores HP on touch.

They feared separation from the gods and sought a familial bond, perhaps leading to the creation of this flame of harmony."


Acquired From



  • Be aware that the healing aura given off by Warmth does affect and heal enemy creatures (including bosses) and players. If it has to be used during combat, use it in an area you can keep enemies from getting inside.
  • Lasts 60 seconds.
  • Heal amount is moderate and will take some time to take effect.
  • Heals by 35 HP in bursts emitted every second. This equals 2100 HP per cast.
  • Doesn't scale with your stats or equipment, tested Fth/Int leveling, +0 vs +10 pyro flame.
  • Not affected by Lingering Dragoncrest Ring or by the pyromancy rings.
  • Strangely, when cast using the strong attacks of the Demon's Scar a demonic roar can be heard in addition to the usual casting sound. The noise has a cooldown of approximately 3 seconds before it can play again regardless of how quickly you recast. This sound is completely unique; no other pyromancy elicits this response.




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    • Anonymous

      01 Jan 2020 11:22  

      Just finished with the skeletons farming. Never gonna step into those damned catacomb anymore. As for the spell, it's actually really good. Paired with a blessed equipment and the princess ring, you can basically forget the estus flasks.

      • Anonymous

        27 Nov 2019 04:31  

        Need to try using this with mace. Sit in warmth, cast perseverance and smack away on anyone that tries to get in my cozy space.

        • Anonymous

          11 Nov 2019 16:05  

          Can someone please drop me this spell? I need it for the achievement and I will give it back right after. I would be really greatful. Add me on Steam: 308896765

          • Anonymous

            18 May 2019 19:38  

            Hey I'm the one (Game hunter/Orion on YouTube) who told the guy about the demon roar when using this spell! I thought he'd give me some credit! XD

            • Anonymous

              12 May 2019 07:16  

              if you want to level your karma , invade everyone and only use this spell once they see you and get closer , then use the crystal thing to leave the host’s game and tell yourself you did a good thing and mabe it will be a meta and once in a while when you will need it , a friendly invader will come heal you as your chrismas present

              • Anonymous

                27 Apr 2019 01:01  

                Feels wrong to have a healing spell, especially a pyromancy healing spell, locked behind rank 2 in an invasion covenant. At least it's the mound-makers, though. They're by far the most interesting of all invaders, because of how they react to the world and other invaders depending on how they've joined the host's world.

                • Anonymous

                  07 Apr 2019 23:48  

                  One of the most interesting spells in DS3. An active warmth spell sitting in the field can completely alter how people are approaching the game, causing passive players to rush, aggressive players to camp, healing allies or enemies alike. A psychological tool or just plain chaotic fun, really a perfect fit for the concept behind mad spirits.

                  • Anonymous

                    28 Feb 2019 03:16  

                    An extremely useful, very risky spell that promotes and interesting playstyle and OF COURSE it's locked behind the invasion system which is full of downpointing gankers who think they're good for spamming R1 and stunlocking you into a corner. That or kill 900 skeletons give or take

                    • Anonymous

                      04 Feb 2019 17:40  

                      I see people hate this a lot. It's really useful for me as I dont carry much estus. On a pure pyromancer, pop this somewhere safe and you can heal easily.

                      • Anonymous

                        22 May 2018 01:06  

                        https://soulsplanner.com/darksouls3/15326 Behold, the Warmth Brigade invasion build!

                        Here's the trick. You cast Warmth, then you use Rose of Ariandel's WA whilst sitting in the Warmth. Then you use the Lothric War Banner WA for a damage increase on all "friendly" targets (keep in mind that red spirits can't buff each other with it, so being a Faithful or Watchdog is recommended. Also keep in mind that Warmth can heal all invader types, but can heal hosts as well.) Make sure you don't two hand the Rose or switch off the Banner after using it's WA, since it'll remove the buff. The same does not apply to the Rose, it stays on no matter what, so it's easy to re-cast Warmth for your invader buddies.

                        Now you have Lightning Arrow in your offhand, a pike in your main. The R1 on the War Banner true combos into the R1 (or rather, L1) on the Rose.

                        Now get out there and spread some invader co-operation!

                        • Anonymous

                          23 Jan 2018 00:37  

                          2 thing bothers me greatly of this*****ty thing, like 2 is also the thing that bothers me the most: the pathetic range AND THE ATTUNEMENT COST!

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