Warmth is a Pyromancy in Dark Souls 3.


Spell Type Pyromancy
FP CostFocus Cost 50
Slots UsedSlots Used 2
Requirements 25 Faith



Peculiar pyromancy of the Mound-makers. Creates a gentle flame that restores HP on touch.

They feared separation from the gods and sought a familial bond, perhaps leading to the creation of this flame of harmony."


Acquired From



  • Be aware that the healing aura given off by Warmth does affect and heal enemy creatures (including bosses) and players. If it has to be used during combat, use it in an area you can keep enemies from getting inside.
  • Lasts 60 seconds.
  • Heal amount is moderate and will take some time to take effect.
  • Heals by 35 HP in bursts emitted every second. This equals 2100 HP per cast.
  • Doesn't scale with your stats or equipment, tested Fth/Int leveling, +0 vs +10 pyro flame.
  • Not affected by Lingering Dragoncrest Ring or by the pyromancy rings.
  • Strangely, when cast using the strong attacks of the Demon's Scar a demonic roar can be heard in addition to the usual casting sound. The noise has a cooldown of approximately 3 seconds before it can play again regardless of how quickly you recast. This sound is completely unique; no other pyromancy elicits this response.




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    • Anonymous

      13 Oct 2020 17:33  

      Posting bc the guy couldn’t explain well enough after stealing my discovery; I’m the one who found out about the roar and told the guy here.

      First, it isn’t a « roar » but more like a breathing sound.

      Second, you can test with different spells the sound of the blade reappearing is EXTREMELY different. Kinda la crackling fire reigniting.

      Lastly, it would be nice if the admins or wtv would acknowledge the ppl who make the discoveries instead of just adding it and passing it as your own.

      My channel: Tasty Gaming

      • Anonymous

        30 Sep 2020 19:51  

        This works well with any huge aoe spell and/or poise cast like Lightning Storm and Seething Chaos. Enemies can choose between watching you heal, or running into their deaths. Not many builds have the capabilities to contest in this "king of the hill" type of playstyle.

        • Anonymous

          31 Aug 2020 02:59  

          This garbage ruined the game for me. 3 hours of farming skeletons, 0 drops of vertabra shackles, and since I have 0 friends and it's horrible to get the red soapstone, I just give up on the trophies and this game, MAYBE I'll get other 2 ending trophies, but all pyromancies? **** this.

          • Anonymous

            27 Jul 2020 17:42  

            why does every magic class have to have a covenant locked spell.... i just want the achievements, fromsoft does not care abt people playing offline lmao

            • Anonymous

              25 Jul 2020 11:02  

              I spent a month playing as a tank to grind the shackles from pvp. Rosaria is a blessing in that endeavor.

              • Anonymous

                03 Jul 2020 20:08  

                In my limited experience, invading the Crucifixion Woods around level 25ish seems to be the fastest way to get 30 VS. Good thing about the MM is you can go for summons which may be weaker than the host and still get that profit.

                • Anonymous

                  22 Jun 2020 21:16  

                  To farm, get a buddy to summon you, then once you sumkon they kill themselves and you get item, repeat, did it in twenty minutes, otherwise have fun with the skelebois

                  • Anonymous

                    14 May 2020 04:17  

                    I love to invade people and just heal them after they fight enemies. It's pretty funny how untrusting they are of you, but it's a nice way to help out if you don't feel like waiting to be summoned :D

                    • Anonymous

                      16 Mar 2020 03:15  

                      In pvp, I run an LV65 Miracle build with pyromancy on the side. Since I rely on Lightning Stake (which has a really big hitbox and high damage.) I think it would be really funny to bring Warmth along to lure people in and then punish with Stake, seeing as Talismans have poise casting and I can do so uninterrupted. I could also bring along Wrath of the Gods or Divine Pillars of Light to scare enemies off as me and other allied phantoms heal up. If anyone reading this has a miracle build lying around, try this and let me know how it goes.

                      • Anonymous

                        26 Feb 2020 23:45  

                        A really good pvp farming spot is the Ringed inner wall, with the arrow mobs keeping the host in one spot.

                        • Anonymous

                          24 Feb 2020 00:18  

                          oddly enough a really good healing pyromancy hard to get but worth it if your opponent stays within close range of the healing orb with you as you get back dat hp

                          • Anonymous

                            14 Feb 2020 02:08  

                            The supposed "demon roar" is the demon scar after regaining the curved sword shape. Just try to use a sorcery, miracle or anything that requires a long recovery time and you will hear it

                            • Anonymous

                              25 Jan 2020 18:40  

                              Last time I tell someone a secret without making sure I'm being credited for it. (Yes it's me Orion 3 years later and still I'm bot mentionned anywhere when I'M the one who told this guy about the demon scar roar)

                              • Anonymous

                                24 Jan 2020 06:44  

                                The PvP grind for this item is the absolute *****ing worst especially at end game. ***** the PvP and ***** this achievement

                                • Anonymous

                                  01 Jan 2020 11:22  

                                  Just finished with the skeletons farming. Never gonna step into those damned catacomb anymore. As for the spell, it's actually really good. Paired with a blessed equipment and the princess ring, you can basically forget the estus flasks.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    27 Nov 2019 04:31  

                                    Need to try using this with mace. Sit in warmth, cast perseverance and smack away on anyone that tries to get in my cozy space.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      11 Nov 2019 16:05  

                                      Can someone please drop me this spell? I need it for the achievement and I will give it back right after. I would be really greatful. Add me on Steam: 308896765

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