Weapons in Dark Souls 3 are listed on this page. Players may equip up to 3 in the slots for each hand. When developing a build, the player should try to find the weapon that mixes the right amount of damage, bonuses and moveset, alongside stamina consumption and Skills. Weapon classes do not necessarily share the same skills so check each individual weapon page to see its specific skill. If you would like to learn more about each weapon, visit their page, or check out the Combat page for specific explanations on how to master the game. You can use this Equipment & Spell Checklist to keep track of what you have

How to choose a weapon in Dark Souls?

Players create builds around specific weapons that have good movesets, deal significant damage, or are easily obtained. Some players choose weapons for their cosmetic appearance, but in most cases it is advisable to refer to the scaling and upgrading path of weapons to determine if the output is beneficial to the character in pve, pvp or both. The following categories of weapons have details on their base damage, and all individual pages feature infusion charts, with some extending to full moveset videos.

Weapon Categories




Weapons List








Straight Swords










Ultra Greatswords




Curved Swords





Curved Greatswords







Thrusting Swords















Great Hammers





Fist & Claws



Spears & Pikes












Whips & Flails


















Flames, Talismans & Chimes



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    • Anonymous

      14 Apr 2021 04:38  

      PKCS users are *******s, not for their weapon of choice or play style, but because they act like they're better than everyone else and talks down to people who use "worse weapons" even though the PKCS is a horrible weapon

      • Anonymous

        08 Apr 2021 23:51  

        "Oh hey man how's it going?"
        "Nothing much, just killing some bosses-"
        "With what? A weapon?"
        "Yeah, how else am I-"
        "EWWWW, get out of here with that weak sh*t"
        "I don't think you understand-"
        "Oh I understand, you are a filthy casul who just spams and goes with the same build!"
        "Can you chill for a moment-"
        "I told you to chill dude, I'm trying a new build"

        • Anonymous

          06 Apr 2021 23:50  

          Demon souls pvp > Dark souls 3 pvp

          Why..,. You don’t need weapons because you got headbutts that last forever.

          : )

          • Anonymous

            06 Apr 2021 15:41  

            People may say that PVP in DS3 is unbalanced and badly implemented, and they're completely right!
            It's exactly why so many people enjoy it.

            • Anonymous

              01 Apr 2021 06:35  

              i think dark souls 3 is the best dark souls game by far,ds1 suffered from a shitty second half and some moments of unfair difficulty and ds2 suffered from poor level design,bosses and bonfire placement but dark souls 3 only has 2 bad areas and it has the best bosses,level design and difficulty curb

              • Anonymous

                19 Mar 2021 01:39  

                The biggest question when choosing a weapon is, Can you use it to beat pkcs users? If you can't, then you just have to dump it and pick up a pkcs yourself. You know, to get gud?

                • Anonymous

                  14 Mar 2021 19:38  

                  What's this!? An overabundance of tryhard meta weapons in a hostile PvP environment? My briefcase full of tryhard meta weapons outta put a stop to that!

                  • Anonymous

                    14 Mar 2021 19:33  

                    What is the meme behind PKCS?? Why everybody talks about this weapon? I think i seen just 1 guy in online using this lol

                    • Anonymous

                      12 Mar 2021 21:06  

                      In all honesty. If the DLC weapons were not droppable for other players they would definitely be considered pay-to-win.

                      • Anonymous

                        11 Mar 2021 17:11  

                        Top 10 weapons in dark souls 3:
                        10- broken straight sword
                        9- cleric's candlestick
                        8- soldering iron
                        7- whip
                        6- harpe
                        5- bare fists
                        4- tailbone shortsword
                        3- mail breaker
                        2- also broken straight sword
                        1- handmaiden's dagger

                        • Anonymous

                          10 Mar 2021 02:15  

                          I smash all the pathetic trifling enemies that dare stand in my path with Smough's Great Hemmer, behold the power of my hammer you fools

                          • Anonymous

                            04 Mar 2021 19:03  

                            I can beat anyone here easily in a 1 vs 1. U may slayed bosses but u can not slay a dark souls master like me. Come 1 vs 1 scrub and see how bad you are. If u need coaching write me a message scrub.

                            • Anonymous

                              04 Mar 2021 15:37  

                              Some guy said "stop defending unbalance or you will pay for it in the next generation" a while ago.

                              He was fkin right. Demon's souls remake picks up spamming gankers and demolishes them, and elden ring doesn't look any better for those casuls.

                              • Anonymous

                                02 Mar 2021 01:30  

                                Weapons I never see used ever, usually cause they are trash or just outclassed:
                                Handmaidens dagger
                                Tailbone short sword
                                Barbed straight sword
                                Clerics candlestick
                                Gs of judgement
                                Crescent moon sword
                                Storm curved sword
                                Crow quills
                                Earth seeker
                                Great wooden hammer
                                Demons fists
                                Astors spear
                                Golden ritual spear
                                Spear of yorshka
                                Follow javelin
                                Crescent axe
                                Immolation tinder
                                Pontiff great scythe
                                Dark moon bow
                                White birch bow
                                Izalith staff
                                Man grub staff
                                Medicinal staff
                                Archdeacon staff
                                Priests chime
                                Crystal chime
                                Cathia chime
                                Saint tree bell vine
                                Sacred chime of fillianore

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