Enemies are hostile NPCS in Dark Souls 3 and are listed on this page. Please note the names may not be official as the community discovers and records each enemy type. Click on the tabs to see different categories.











    • Anonymous

      07 May 2018 20:54  

      You forgot to add Deacon of the Deep to Irithyll of Boreal Valley. There is that whole walkway above the giants that they patrol after the Pontiff bonfire

      • Anonymous

        12 Apr 2018 04:52  

        The hollows in the area between Gundyr and Firelink aren't listed. I came here to check something I've never seen. Couldn't find it here, Wikidot or anywhere else online. Anyway, I think the one hollow standing on the edge of the cliff is unique. I've aggro'd him away from the cliff so many times and his behavior is really different. Not only does he just run at/into/around you for like 20 seconds between each attack, but he throws (what looks like) the oil urns from DS2. Super weird. Anyone else seen this?

        • Anonymous

          26 Mar 2018 16:51  

          The link to the Monstrosity of Sin is a redirect, maybe a good idea to update that (I can't find the edit button myself, sorry)

          • Anonymous

            01 Mar 2018 01:47  


            • Anonymous

              31 Oct 2017 12:32  

              door is a boos and it is very hard to fight apparently u cant use *****ing voice commands to walk through it apparently *****ing please

              • Anonymous

                15 Aug 2017 18:28  

                There are countless mobs missing from the Ringed city dlc. The monsters listed here are only from the place in between the 2 dlc's...

                • 05 Jul 2017 16:35  

                  Hi, there's another enemy that needs to be added to the Archdragon Peak section.
                  I'd add it myself, but ya know it's...locked...

                  • 10 May 2017 05:03  

                    This page now has TOOLTIPS! Mouse over the enemy name to see a preview of the page.
                    Please help update missing information on the pages that have ?? marked! :)

                    • Anonymous

                      02 May 2017 10:37  

                      It would be good to have a list of all abyssal enemy. (Weak against Wolf Knight's Greatsword and Farron Greatsword)

                      • Anonymous

                        17 Jan 2017 05:20  

                        There is no mimic in Anor Londo... And also there is a Wyvern in archdragon peak... Still, keep up the good work, guys!

                        • Anonymous

                          up coming dlc boss weapons30 Sep 2016 16:11  

                          Anyone else really hoping one of the upcoming boss weapons is a scythe? A reason I hope that is because recently I saw a video for cut content in ds3 and one things cut from the game was a weapon called lothric's scythe, which was suppose to be one of the weapons you could get from the twin prince's soul, but was later changed to lothric's holy sword. I guess it was change for the twin princes greatsword.

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