Hollow Soldier

Sword + Shield
Spear + Shield

hollow solider (sword) new

hollow soldier (crossbow)

hollow soldier (spear)

hollow soldier (greataxe)

General Info
hp  souls bonfire indent 24x
83-320 30-80 High Wall of Lothric
Farron Keep
Drops Deserter Set
Titanite Shard
Raw Gem
See below for unique drops
 Enemy Type Hollow
Weak hsgs indent Hollowslayer Greatsword
All Status Effects
Resistant None
Immune None
alluring skull yesno 64 Alluring Skull attracts this enemy, making it vulnerable for a few seconds.
rapport yesno 64 Rapport charms this enemy, making it a temporary ally.

Hollow Soldier is an Enemy in Dark Souls 3.


Hollow Soldier Description

Remnants of Lothric's army roam the dusty parapets of the now-dilapidated kingdom, whose once stoic ramparts endured battles between unearthly beasts, giants and kings. In truth, little remains of this mighty force; time unforgiving, their swords now rusty and their silhouettes hardly as menacing as in the days of old.

Hollow Soldiers should be fairly bothersome to new players, although not for long. Some even appear completely disinterested in matters around them, and will not attack unless provoked. They can be found guarding castle grounds, like the bridge above Farron Keep and the High Wall of Lothric, and they are hardly different from Hollows in previous games, offering a typical early-level challenge for players.


Hollow Soldier Combat Information

  • Their shields don't block a lot of damage and you're free to attack them with shields up.
  • Lantern-bearing Hollows will awaken and aggravate any Soldiers nearby. Killing them early will prevent that. They themselves may also attack.
  • Spearmen will hold their shields up and will counter once attacked.
  • The taller brethren of this enemy wield Greataxes and Halberds, and have greater health and damage then their lesser kin. Particular caution ought to be exerted when fighting them


Hollow Soldier Notes & Trivia





Hollow Soldier Variations


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