Hollow Soldier

Enemy Type Hollow
Weakness Poison, Toxic
Resistances None
Immune None

Hollow Soldier is an Enemy in Dark Souls 3.


Hollow Soldier Background

Remnants of Lothric's army roam the dusty parapets of now dilapidated fortresses, whose once stoic ramparts endured battles between unearthly beasts, giants and kings. In truth, little remains of this mighty force; time unforgiving, their swords now rusty and their sillhouetes hardly as menacing as in the days of old.


Hollow soldiers should be fairly bothersome to new players, although not for long. Some even appear completely disinterested in matters around them, and will not attack unless provoked. They can be found guarding castle grounds, like Farron Keep and the High Wall of Lothric, and they are hardly different than hollows in previous games, offering a typical early-level challenge for most players.


Royal Hollows are a different matter however, guarding the grand staircase which ascends to the Young Prince's throne room. These hollows are rather better equipped, taking cover behind sturdy barricades and aided by powerful Lothric Knights.


Hollow Soldier Combat Information

  • Their shields don't block a lot of damage and you're free to attack them with shields up.
  • Lantern carriers will awaken any soldiers nearby. Killing them early will prevent that. They will also attack.
  • Spearmen will hold their shields up, and will counter once attacked.
  • These enemies, like most Undead, can be lured with an Alluring Skull.
  • Hollow Soldiers can be drawn with the Rapport pyromancy.


Hollow Soldier Notes & Trivia

  • Some don't immediately attack, instead leaning against the wall or sitting on the ground.
  • These enemies wield various weapons, from light crossbows to broken straight swords.
  • Hollows in Lothric Castle and those guarding the grand staircase are considerably more powerful.
  • The weapon they drop depends on the weapon they use.


Hollow Soldier Variations & Locations


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    • Anonymous

      07 Nov 2019 23:43  

      How long does it take to get IRS farmed from these guys? (got gold snake ring +3, mimic head and shield of want)

      • Anonymous

        07 Jan 2018 02:40  

        I *****ing hate these guys. It's not that they're hard or difficult to stagger with the shield but their combos are so annoying and they stunlock you, and by the time you get to press r1, they've started another one and it's SO IRRITATING, YOU'RE AN EASY ENEMY GTFO OUT OF MY WAY, I'M TRYING TO DO IMPORTANT STUFF.

        • Anonymous

          28 Sep 2017 02:30  

          It kinda sucks that you can't get the Iron Round Shield early, especially if you wanna do some low-level invading.

          • Anonymous

            Kill strat23 Apr 2016 05:39  

            Nearly all variants except for greataxe and halberd guy will get stunned after hitting a raised shield (Knight). take the time to bludgeon them afterwards. All variants are easy to circlestrafe and are left open to backstabs.

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