Carthus Sandworm


Enemy Type Unknown
Weakness Thrust, Magic, Dark, Fire
Resistances Lightning, Bleed
Immune Frost, Poison, Toxic

Carthus Sandworm is an Enemy in Dark Souls 3.


Carthus Sandworm Enemy Description

  • A visually impressive mini-boss that guards the entrance to the Old Demon King.
  • Erupts from the ground if you turn left upon entering the Smouldering Lake.


Carthus Sandworm Combat Information

  • Will damage you if you stand too close to its moving body, or if you get caught by its lightning breath.
  • If Giant Avelyn is still active, player  can easily bait it to shoot Sandworm from a safe area behind any rock killing it with ease. If you disabled it already, it can be reactivated by pulling the lever under it again. Video Example.
  • The Sandworm is unable to attack if you stay on the solid rock behind it.
  • If the Avelyn is taken out the Sandworm is easily baited into melee. Just wait for it to use its lightning attack and run up to hit it until it starts to move again and back away. Repeat as necessary. You need to be in 'front' of the worm (not on the side of the boss's entrance) for this to work reliably.
  • If you are 'behind' the worm from near Demon Ruins bonfire, it has several movesets where you can reliably attack it with ranged attacks. It will never attack you from this direction; but touching its moving body hurts.
  • It is advised to snipe at the worm with a bow of choice.
  • There are openings in its attack patterns for melee attacks. The worm has to stop moving or you'll be knocked back.
  • Cannot be lured.
  • Cannot be Rapported.
  • Weak to Thrust, Magic, Dark and Fire.
  • Resistant to Lightning and Bleed.
  • Immune to Frost and Poison/Toxic.


Carthus Sandworm Notes & Trivia

  • Drops Lightning Stake and Undead Bone Shard
  • Souls: NG (6,000). NG+ (18,000) NG++ (19,801) NG+5 (22,501)
  • Is the same Worm that is mentioned in the description of the Yellow Bug Pellet.
  • Also might be a reference to the Shai-Hulud (or Shaitan later in the books) which are giant sandworms from the Dune saga writen by Frank Herbert.


Carthus Sandworm Gallery

 giant sandworm Carthus_Sandworm_Concept_Art


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    • Anonymous

      06 Jul 2021 07:16  

      the olgoi-khorkhoi is a mythical creature in mongolian folklore, a giant worm that feeds on humans, vomits acid and... can electrocute its prey

      • Anonymous

        20 Apr 2021 16:57  

        If you get directly hit by it when it bursts out of the ground it launches you high in the air and I don’t just mean the standard launch like being hit by a fire witch pillar or lorian’s uppercut attack it’s at least 2-3 times higher than that and luckily the game puts you into a wake up animation before you hit the ground so there’s no fall damage.

        • Anonymous

          10 Jan 2021 22:46  

          I accidentally found a complete safe spot where the Avelyn and the worm can't hurt you, right in front of the Demon King boss room at the tree. The worm would move around me but be constantly attacking the same spot, which was nowhere close to me. I didn't kill it there since the damn Avelyn loved shooting me down every second if I wasn't behind cover.

          • Anonymous

            25 Dec 2020 11:12  

            It's stupidly easy to cheese this guy. Just hang out behind one of the rock alcoves on the left side of the spot behind him, facing the boss fog. If you do it right and haven't aggroed him the ballista will just endlessly shoot him to death trying to hit you.

            • Anonymous

              18 Oct 2020 23:04  

              Looks intimidating at first but its nothing to fear.
              Run past it, stay behind it and let the ballista shoot it.
              If the ballista is deactivated can still be easily killed by attacking it from behind since it ignores you.

              • Anonymous

                01 Sep 2020 08:36  

                Solaire is not the sandworm because it's canon that he linked the fire. I do think, however, when he linked the fire he turned into what is now known as 'estus soup' and that he appears throughout the game to give the player a little soothing boost and hint of motivation to keep you going. ESTUS SOUP BRO.

                • Anonymous

                  30 Jun 2020 18:48  

                  So, I was just doing my normal Lake run as I would with any character, and the gd worm TURNED AROUND. I don't know if they updated the thing, but it might no longer be safe to just sit behind the rock behind it anymore and bait the ballista shots.

                  • Anonymous

                    27 May 2020 09:38  

                    I think the carthus sandworm is based on the Mongolian death worm, which is a cryptid that people claim exists in the gobi desert. There hasn't been any proof of it's existence, but it's said to be able to kill from a distance by spitting poison or using lightning.

                    • 28 Jan 2020 08:47  

                      It seems it is possible, either through a bug or the right circumstances, for the worm to turn around and hit anyone on the rock behind it with its lightning attack. This happened to me recently as well as a blue that was with me.

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