Lothric Knight

Enemy Type Humanoid Hollow
Weakness Lightning, Frost, Poison/Toxic
Hollowslayer GS
Resistances Physical-type, Fire, Bleed
Immune n/a

Lothric Knights are a type of Enemy in Dark Souls 3


Lothric Knight Enemy Description

Once famed and feared for their drake cavalry, the Lothric Knights fought bravely until slain, sworn faithful as one of the monarch's three pillars; for they who raise Lothric's banner are still to be feared, the cut of their blade as sweet, sudden and merciless as it ever was. These virtuous warriors have yet to cease patrolling Lothric and will test any fighter's mettle and resolve.


Lothric Knights can be found from the beginning to the end and are most dangerous when their visors are raised. Blue coaks and royal armor announce the fiercest knights - felons and ill-doers - tread warily - as should any not abiding the rule of the three pillars.


They are proficient in sword arts and can defend and attack in equal measure.


Lothric Knight Combat Information 


Lothric Knight Notes & Trivia


Lothric Knight Variations

Ancient Wyvern (Mob)  ♦  Angel  ♦  Ascended Winged Knight  ♦  Basilisk  ♦  Black Knight  ♦  Boreal Outrider Knight  ♦  Caged Hollow  ♦  Carthus Sandworm  ♦  Carthus Swordsman Skeleton  ♦  Cathedral Evangelist  ♦  Cathedral Grave Warden  ♦  Cathedral Knight  ♦  Clawed Curse  ♦  Corvian  ♦  Corvian Knight  ♦  Corvian Settler (Enemy)  ♦  Corvian Storyteller  ♦  Court Sorcerer  ♦  Crystal Lizard  ♦  Crystal Sage (Mob)  ♦  Darkwraith  ♦  Deacon  ♦  Deacon of the Deep  ♦  Deep Accursed  ♦  Demon  ♦  Demon Statue  ♦  Desert Pyromancer Zoey  ♦  Devout Hollow  ♦  Devout of the Deep  ♦  Drakeblood Knight  ♦  Elder Ghru  ♦  Elite Hollow Soldier  ♦  Farron Follower  ♦  Fire Witch  ♦  Gargoyle  ♦  Ghru Conjurator  ♦  Ghru Grunt  ♦  Ghru Leaper  ♦  Giant Avelyn  ♦  Giant Crab  ♦  Giant Fly  ♦  Giant Serpent-Man  ♦  Giant Slave  ♦  Grand Archives Scholar  ♦  Grave Warden  ♦  Gravewarden Skeleton  ♦  Greater Crab  ♦  Grotesque Londor Grower  ♦  Harald Legion Knight  ♦  Havel Knight  ♦  Hollow  ♦  Hollow Assassin  ♦  Hollow Cleric  ♦  Hollow Manservant  ♦  Hollow Priest  ♦  Hollow Slave  ♦  Hollow Soldier  ♦  Infested Corpse  ♦  Irithyllian Slave  ♦  Iron Dragonslayer  ♦  Jailer  ♦  Judicator  ♦  Large Hollow Soldier  ♦  Lesser Crab  ♦  Lothric Wyvern  ♦  Lycanthrope  ♦  Lycanthrope Hunter  ♦  Mad Ghru  ♦  Madwoman  ♦  Maggot-grub  ♦  Man-grub  ♦  Man-Serpent Summoner  ♦  Millwood Chieftain  ♦  Millwood Knight  ♦  Mimic  ♦  Minor Skeleton  ♦  Monstrosity of Sin  ♦  Murkman  ♦  Murkmen  ♦  Overgrown Lothric Knight  ♦  Peasant Hollow  ♦  Poisonhorn Bug  ♦  Pontiff Knight  ♦  Pus of Man  ♦  Rapier Champion  ♦  Rat  ♦  Ravenous Crystal Lizard  ♦  Reanimated Corpse  ♦  Ringed Knight  ♦  Rock Lizard  ♦  Root Skeleton  ♦  Rotten Flesh of Aldrich  ♦  Rotten Slug  ♦  Serpent-man  ♦  Sewer Centipede  ♦  Silver Knight  ♦  Skeleton  ♦  Skeleton Ball  ♦  Skeleton Elites  ♦  Skeleton Wheel  ♦  Skeletons  ♦  Smoldering Ghru  ♦  Smoldering Rotten Flesh  ♦  Starved Hound  ♦  Sulyvahn's Beast  ♦  Thrall  ♦  Tree Woman  ♦  Winged Knight  ♦  Wolf  ♦  Wretch


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    • Anonymous

      13 Oct 2020 01:09  

      The day I stopped expecting from enemies and creatures to behave with the same rules and limitations of a player character was the day I fell in love with these guys.

      They do have infinite stamina, yes but they also have limitations like 1)no passive poise, 2)parriable VS the player which by that time in the game is a living arsenal of destruction(resins, infusions, magic, items of all kind, etc).

      • Anonymous

        09 Oct 2020 02:11  

        All the Lothric knight Weapons Scale with Dex, (except the crossbow), Winged knight weapons scale with Strength, Hundreds of Lothric knight corpses all over HW and LC, only 1 WK corpse at highwall, Conclusion, STR > DEX

        • Anonymous

          04 Sep 2020 22:45  

          Even tho I killed the thousand of times, they are still my most hated enemies, Imo hardest knight except Outriders... But that makes them kinda cool... But the range of that WA thrust is pure bs cmon :D Also the fact that on the beggining of the game, damn you WANT to be that guy so much, but Mr. M made their armor super heavy, sword req. 18 dex, shield 18 str, so you just cry, coz you really can just run in armor and deserter pants acting like you look so dope XD

          • Anonymous

            30 Jul 2020 11:27  

            My favorite thing to do is cosplay as a lothric knight with the war banner, with my two buddies and have a trio of lothric knights destroy everything and everyone

            • Anonymous

              30 Jul 2020 09:42  

              listen, these guys can be tough, i know. but don't complain. learn how to deal with them, fix your build, and get going. if you can't get over these guys, you'll won't even make it through irithyll...

              • 24 Jul 2020 04:39  

                What am I doing wrong that I cannot fight these guys? The spear and shield variant mind you. I keep trying to parry--but only can half do it--and thus lose half my health doing so. I end up losing all my estus, and then die because for one: they hold their shield up even at distance so no throwables, they smack me when I try and sneak behind them. I literally just cannot fight that singular one before the room where you get the Broadsword and the Estus Shard, as well as the key for Greirat for context.

                • Anonymous

                  15 Jun 2020 18:22  

                  I've found using the Cestus, both hands, running direct at them, L1 from a distance then just spam L1 (break shield in 3 hitsish) then just wail on them.

                  • Anonymous

                    03 May 2020 23:39  

                    I hated these guys too until I myself became a Lothric knight defending the castle from the casual player who just goes where they please

                    • Anonymous

                      13 Feb 2020 21:12  

                      there are 16 versions of this enemy. sword, spear, sword clean armour, spear clean armour, red eye sword, red eye spear, red eye greatsword, royal sword, royal spear, royal greatsword, scholar sword, scholar spear, scholar greatsword, corrupted sword, corrupted warnabber, corrupted greatsword

                      • Anonymous

                        06 Feb 2020 23:07  

                        I like how these guys are able to recover from a full stagger before I am able to chain the next hit. 10/10 game.

                        • Anonymous

                          06 Feb 2020 22:37  

                          "Mr. Miyazaki, should we give the castle knights infinite stamina?". Mr. M: "***** yeah, do it". "What about recovery time?". Mr. M: "Zero". "..." Mr. M: "And make them able to attack as they're getting up". "And the players?" Mr. M: "What about them?" "Should we give them any of those advantages?" Mr. M: "***** no, that would be unbalanced!"

                          • Anonymous

                            27 Jan 2020 23:46  

                            The wording makes it sound as if the Blues are the only ones to use Blessed Weapons even though I watched a Red Greatsword wielder buff his weapon and slap my friend back to the bridge. To clarify, it also wasn't a red-eye variant.

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