Lothric Knight

Lothric Knight dks3

Enemy Type Humanoid Hollow
Weakness Lightning, Frost, Poison/Toxic
Hollowslayer GS
Resistances Physical-type, Fire, Bleed
Immune n/a

Lothric Knights are a type of Enemy in Dark Souls 3


Lothric Knight Enemy Description

Once famed and feared for their drake cavalry, the Lothric Knights fought bravely until slain, sworn faithful as one of the monarch's three pillars; for they who raise Lothric's banner are still to be feared, the cut of their blades as sweet, sudden and merciless as it ever was. These virtuous warriors have yet to cease patrolling Lothric, and will test any fighter's mettle and resolve.


Lothric Knights can be found from the beginning to the end and are most dangerous when their visors are raised. Blue coaks and royal armor announce the fiercest knights - felons and ill-doers - tread warily - as should any not abiding the rule of the three pillars.


They are proficient in sword arts, and can defend and attack in equal measure.


Lothric Knight Combat Information 


Lothric Knight Notes & Trivia


Lothric Knight Variations

Ancient Wyvern (Mob)  ♦  Angel  ♦  Ascended Winged Knight  ♦  Basilisk  ♦  Black Knight  ♦  Black Knights  ♦  Boreal Immolator  ♦  Boreal Outrider Knight  ♦  Burning Stake Witch  ♦  Cage Spider  ♦  Carthus Sandworm  ♦  Carthus Swordsman Skeleton  ♦  Cathedral Evangelist  ♦  Cathedral Grave Warden  ♦  Cathedral Knight  ♦  Church Guardian  ♦  Clawed Curse  ♦  Consumed King's Knight  ♦  Corpse-Grub  ♦  Corvian  ♦  Corvian Knight  ♦  Corvian Settler (Enemy)  ♦  Corvian Storyteller  ♦  Court Sorcerer  ♦  Crawling Ghru  ♦  Crystal Lizard  ♦  Crystal Sage (Mob)  ♦  Dark Rotten Flesh  ♦  Darkwraith  ♦  Deacon  ♦  Deacon of the Deep  ♦  Deep Accursed  ♦  Demon  ♦  Demon Statue  ♦  Desert Pyromancer Zoey  ♦  Devout of the Deep  ♦  Drakeblood Knight  ♦  Elder Ghru  ♦  Farron Follower  ♦  Flame Demon  ♦  Gargoyle  ♦  Gargoyle Lancer  ♦  Ghru Cleric  ♦  Ghru Conjurator  ♦  Ghru Grunt  ♦  Ghru Leaper  ♦  Ghru Shaman  ♦  Giant Avelyn  ♦  Giant Fly  ♦  Giant Serpent-Man  ♦  Giant Slave  ♦  Grand Archives Scholar  ♦  Grave Warden  ♦  Gravewarden Skeleton  ♦  Great Crab  ♦  Greater Crab  ♦  Grotesque Londor Grower  ♦  Hand Ogre  ♦  Harald Legion Knight  ♦  Havel Knight  ♦  Hollow  ♦  Hollow Assassin  ♦  Hollow Cage  ♦  Hollow Cleric  ♦  Hollow Manservant  ♦  Hollow Priest  ♦  Hollow Slave  ♦  Hollow Soldier  ♦  Hound-Rat  ♦  Infested Corpse  ♦  Irithyllian Slave  ♦  Iron Dragonslayer  ♦  Jailer  ♦  Jailer Handmaid  ♦  Jar Wielding Undead  ♦  Judicator  ♦  Large Hollow Soldier  ♦  Lesser Crab  ♦  Lothric Thief  ♦  Lothric Wyvern  ♦  Lycanthrope  ♦  Lycanthrope Hunter  ♦  Mad Ghru  ♦  Madwoman  ♦  Man-grub  ♦  Man-Serpent Summoner  ♦  Millwood Chieftain  ♦  Millwood Knight  ♦  Mimic  ♦  Minor Skeleton  ♦  Monstrosity of Sin  ♦  Murkman  ♦  Murkmen  ♦  Overgrown Lothric Knight  ♦  Peasant Hollow  ♦  Poison Brumer  ♦  Poisonhorn Bug  ♦  Pontiff Knight  ♦  Pus of Man  ♦  Rapier Champion  ♦  Ravenous Crystal Lizard  ♦  Reanimated Corpse  ♦  Ringed Knight  ♦  Rock Lizard  ♦  Root Skeleton  ♦  Rotten Flesh of Aldrich  ♦  Rotten Slug  ♦  Serpent-man  ♦  Sewer Centipede  ♦  Silver Knight  ♦  Skeleton  ♦  Skeleton Ball  ♦  Skeleton Elites  ♦  Skeleton Wheel  ♦  Skeletons  ♦  Smoldering Ghru  ♦  Smoldering Rotten Flesh  ♦  Starved Hound  ♦  Sullyvahn's Beast  ♦  Sulyvahn's Beast  ♦  Sulyvahns Beast  ♦  Thrall  ♦  Tree Woman  ♦  Turtle Clerics  ♦  Winged Knight  ♦  Wolf  ♦  Wretch


    • Anonymous

      15 Oct 2019 07:31  

      I did my heavy enemy parry training on these knights, as one of there attacks is very easy to parry for the critical hit, especially effective using one of the shields with the extended parry frames as well as equipping the hornet ring, and you can riposte the hell out of these guys for major damage, and using a sword that they are weak to is really great as well. Even at new game +3, I am able to two hit the red eyed knights and one hit the normal lothric knights using the blessed target shield to parry, the hornet ring and then quickly switching to the chaos dagger for the critical hit, makes these guys kinda a joke as long as it's a one on one fight. Although I do not recommend trying to parry the knights that rock the great shield and spear. Instead us a weapon that does a guard break and after a few hours of practice, you will never have an issue with these guys ever again, useless you get double teamed or you are just not that gud at the game.

      • Anonymous

        24 Jul 2019 15:09  

        Everyone remembers the first time you see this guy walk out of the building next to the dragon and just s*** yourself

        • Anonymous

          11 May 2019 18:34  

          If You're planning on farming Sunlight Medals the Hollowslayer Greatsword is the way to go, stunlock with 2H works just fine.

          • Anonymous

            03 Nov 2018 06:57  

            Some notes about the spear-wielding versions of these guys... Spear hitbox comes out very early so parrying them is ass. Siderolling doesn't work very well because of the nonexistent recovery, they can just shieldbash you during recovery. If they walk up on you when you're at a wall it's actually possible for you to get clipped inside of them, which is very bad because they will continuously shieldbash you and your attacks will whiff them. Drop rate on long spear is really high. I got three of them in 40 minutes off the one by Emma.

            • Anonymous

              07 Oct 2018 15:46  

              Okay, but what are the drop rates/chances of dropping items? This wiki is terrible about being informative.

              • 31 Aug 2018 22:20  

                At first they're you're enemy, then they become your dance partner, as you both spin around each other with raised shields, fishing for backstabs and openings.

                • Anonymous

                  10 Aug 2018 14:10  

                  My first character got the lothric straight sword after 3 rounds of farming. Second character rolls around. Been 30 runs boys. I have 4 full sets of armour but no sword...

                  • Anonymous

                    06 Apr 2018 18:45  

                    For Lothric Castle the greatsword red eye variety also drop lightning gems and the spear/greatshield red eye variety also drop refined gems

                    • Anonymous

                      28 Feb 2018 23:22  

                      High Wall ones are pretty good enemies for practice parrying against straight swords, given they deal low damage (in comparison to the rest of the game), and the fact they use the Lothric Knight Sword.

                      • Anonymous

                        16 Feb 2018 11:53  

                        The normie knights at High Wall of Lothric can also drop an ember. Just gone one at the Tower on the Wall Knight.

                        • Anonymous

                          22 Jan 2018 05:24  

                          Not to be a whiner; but can we get rid of the move where the Greatsword ones can take about 12 freaking steps before dealing ~1000 damage with an R2?

                          • Anonymous

                            15 Jan 2018 06:04  

                            The one next to lothric castle bonfire is the best way to farm souls... in ng+ he drops 10k souls with symbol of avarice and the +3 ring and he is just sitting 5 meters away from the bonfire...of course it is easier with casters.. I two shot him with sunlight spear reload and repeat.. takes me 5 to 7 seconds to do it.. could work with other spells too I guess

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