Grand Archives Scholar


Enemy Type Undead?
Weakness Fire
Resistances Magic
Immune ??

Grand Archives Scholar is an Enemy in Dark Souls 3.


Grand Archives Scholar Enemy Description

  • An eerie enemy, donning a long, tattered robe and drenched in wax. Usually seen holding a candle.
  • The wax forms a candle on all their heads, but only the ones with burning candles can cast spells.
  • Located only in the Grand Archives


Grand Archives Scholar Combat Information

  • They have 3 attacks: a standard missile, a missile spray (inaccurate) and one attack that shoots wax at the player. Leaves one drenched in wax. If enough wax build up you'll be slowed and unable to roll. Deals Standard Damage or  Thrust Damage.
  • The first landed attack of wax upon the player instills a temporary fire resistance de-buff of -100 total. If a second wax attack lands, fire resistance drops further down to -300 while under the effect of the wax.
  • Scholars with lit flames on their heads can cast spells dealing Magic Damage.
  • Highly vulnerable to Fire Damage.
  • Minor resistance to Magic Damage.
  • They are often accompanied by Hollow Slaves and Clawed Curses.
  • Can be lured?
  • Cannot be Rapported.


Grand Archives Scholar Notes & Trivia

  • They drop a lot of Souls relative to their difficulty. 2700 Souls for the burning candle variant. 1500? Souls for the snuffed candle variant
  • It states on the 'Scholar's Shed Skin' item that the scholars covered their heads in wax in order to stay sane while reading the contents of the archives. This item cannot be received in the game by conventional means.


Grand Archives Scholar Variations

Burning Candle

Location Drops
 Grand Archives      Scholar's Robe
 Grand Archives      Scholar's Shed Skin (Debunked, see above)
Grand Archives     Scholar's Candlestick
Grand Archives     Crystal Gem

Snuffed Candle

Location Drops
Grand Archives     Scholar's Robe
Grand Archives     Scholar's Shed Skin (Debunked, see above)
Grand Archives     Scholar's Candlestick
Grand Archives     Crystal Gem



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