Skeleton Wheel


Enemy Type Undead
Weakness Strike, Blessed
Resistances Standard, Slash, Thrust, Fire, Dark, Lightning
Immune ??

Skeleton Wheel is an Enemy in Dark Souls 3.


Skeleton Wheel Enemy Description

  • A skeleton bound to a spiked wheel


Skeleton Wheel Combat Information

  • They roll towards the player so their spiked wheels deal damage
  • They use their fists to attack when the player is close to them
  • Are a nuisance, but have rather low health.
  • The Ringed Knight Paired Greatswords' initial two handed L1 may knock down the skeletons without dealing any damage.


Skeleton Wheel Locations


Skeleton Wheel Drops


Skeleton Wheel Notes & Trivia

  • Skeleton Wheel is a returning enemy from Dark Souls 1 and 2. They are a shadow of their former glory however, with fewer numbers and a shortened attack animation. 
  • A reference to a similar enemy in Berserk. 


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    • Anonymous

      Drop chance... There's such little information here and you forgot THE MAIN PART AS TO WHY WE LOOK HERE... The drop chance and how many souls they drop.

      • Anonymous

        "The Ringed Knight Paired Greatswords' initial two handed L1 may knock down the skeletons without dealing any damage."

        yeah for all those people who do the ringed city dlc before the catacombs of karthus, what useless advice is that?

        • Anonymous

          They have been severely nerfed in DS3 lol, they're almost a joke here. Meanwhile in Dark Souls 1 they drove you literally insane in the Tomb of Giants. But I like the new animations in DS3, its hilarious watching them tokyo drift when they spin past you xD

          • Anonymous

            They are so fcking hard in DS1 but so easy in DS3... I wonder how. Is it they're damage output, agressiveness or stun potential that has changed?

            • Anonymous

              So yea, FromSoft should get the license to do a Berserk game, why the heck not. They've proven they can the atmosphere down perfectly, enemies are basically inspired by Miura's drawings... But no, instead we get some weird Dynasty Warriors version of Berserk. Great...

              • Anonymous

                These MFs were the true final boss in the OG. high health, stunlock, agro from miles away and always in dark places, and never fight less than 4 at a time. Died soo many times trying to get to Pinwheel just to oneshot the MF.

                • Anonymous

                  Dark souls has wheels tied to skeletons that want to brutally murder you. Bloodborne has a wheel that shoots ghost juice at people. Hell, even Nioh (team ninja's souls-ish game)has demon heads tied to wheels because of course it does. What's with this genre and evil wheels? Does miyakazi want us to go back to the stone age? Must be why he makes strength builds OP so often

                  • Anonymous

                    Why did they gimp these so badly in 2 and 3? In 1, they were the most terrifying enemy in the game, along with the cat trio in Darkroot Forest. In 2, they were gated to one area and one playthrough per ng/bonfire level, being part of the boss encounter with the Skeleton Lords. And in 3...they were no longer the trolling enemy we fell in love with. Some of their animations changed, but they dont do nearly the same amount of damage. Enemies that roll attack towards you are just terrifying, especially when they are faster than you. And roll attacks require no weapon swing timing to avoid, you just have to avoid their movement entirely by a well-timed dodge, other wise you dodge too late and they run you over/stagger-chain you, or you roll too early, and they still track towards you. But you know what? DkS 3 still had a great amount of skeletons,. The catacombs of Carthus is one of my favorite "maze" type level designs, and they had a great amount of skeleton enemies to fight in there, between the regular varieties made famous in DkS1, and the new carthus skellies that rolled in and out of sight towards you while they fought, and the giant corpse/skeleton ball (hah! i love it), and even those root entangled skellies in the Undead settlement were fun.

                    • Anonymous

                      I've noticed a lot of these wiki pages mention when an enemy was in DS1, but not when the same enemy was in DS2. These guys were definitely in 2, the boss fight (forget the name) with the 3 skeleton lords.

                      • Anonymous

                        "They are a shadow of their former glory however, with fewer numbers and a shortend attack animation." Is this really appropriate for a wiki? This is clearly an opinion and not fact, notes, or trivia.

                        • ...they do this like, anime as hell Initial D super drift when they brake now to charge at you again it's great.Also.SKELETON WHEELSDadadada da dada da

                          • Anonymous

                            From the catacombs bonfire head down the stairs where the skeleton ball is rolling up and down and head to the right. They should be at the end of the hallway

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