Boreal Outrider Knight

Boreal Outrider Knight DKS3

Enemy Type Humanoid
Weakness Dark
Resistances Frost, Fire, Magic, Physical-type
Immune Toxic/Poison

Boreal Outrider Knight is an enemy in Dark Souls 3.


Enemy Description


Combat Information

Notes & Trivia

  • The Black Fire Orb on a 20-20 INT-FTH build casted on a +9 Pyro Flame, will do 500 damage should you wear both Swamp and Witch's rings +Lloyd's Sword Ring.
  • Outrider Knights have deformed over time, into dog-like Sulyvahn's Beasts, Vordt of the Boreal Valley and even the Dancer of the Boreal Valley. - "Every Outrider Knight one day devolves into a beast, constantly hounded by Pontiff Sulyvahn's black eyes."
  • The Outrider Knight in Lothric Castle drops the Irithyll Rapier regardless of wielding the Irithyll Straight Sword, similar to the knight in the Road of Sacrifices.
  • Maybe inspired by "Berserk" manga by Kentaro Miura, specifically, by Gutts in his Berserk armor that takes the form of his inner beast or "beast of darkness" -- a wolf, and takes control of him. Similarly, their complete bestial forms of Sulyvahn's Beasts are designed after the "beast of darkness" from "Berserk"   


Irithyll Straight Sword Knight

Location Drops
Undead Settlement  654  1600 Irithyll Straight Sword

Irithyll Rapier Knight

 Location   Drops 
Lothric Castle  1971  3000  Irithyll Rapier

Boreal Outrider Knight

Location Drops
 Grand Archives  2330 15000  Outrider Knight Armour set



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    • Anonymous

      21 Jan 2019 21:14  

      Most cheeseworthy enemy in the game. Stay away and kill it with arrows, fighting these with melee is almost as fruitless as fighting pus of man with melee.

      • Anonymous

        24 Dec 2018 10:47  

        F*ck these guys. You have a 1/5 chance of killing them, which means 1/5 times during fighting you can recover. Very short, and this thing slaughters you almost instantly, even with a ton of protection

        • Anonymous

          31 Oct 2018 13:20  

          For the first one: Run past open door, rest at BF Then either Ranged or Hit and Run The one in Lothric Castle is easily dispatched by luring him upstairs and keep shooting him with arrows (preferebly MillwoodBow given how easy theyre staggered)

          • Anonymous

            28 Sep 2018 20:09  

            Remember when fast damaging enemies didn't have a lot of Poise or health? Pepperidge Farm remembers. That's what happens when you combine Bloodbornes garbage into this game. You get silly enemies like this.

            • Anonymous

              18 Sep 2018 07:14  

              Screw whatever idiot at FromSoft developed these things' attack patterns. Fast or damaging, not friggin both.

              • Anonymous

                12 Aug 2018 16:59  

                the 2nd one can be lured to the bonfire,walk upstair and shoot him with arrow or something.He will attack the wall like crazy but not chasing us

                • Anonymous

                  09 Aug 2018 06:07  

                  So far, this Miniboss has given me the most PTSD from anything in the game. (I'm only at Road of Sacrifices, pray for my soul fellow Unkindled ones)

                  • Anonymous

                    30 Jul 2018 15:39  

                    The second can be cheesed by luring him into the dragon fire.

                    The third one if lured to the edge of the railing can be shot with arrows or spells from the bridge below

                    • Anonymous

                      23 Jul 2018 20:03  

                      The one just before Undead Settlement can be easily killed. Simply send the lift you came down on upwards by stepping on the button, then quickly roll off. Then, go and aggro the Knight, and then lead him back to the lift shaft. Simply stand on the other side of the hole and he will eventually fall to his death

                      • Anonymous

                        09 Jun 2018 10:59  

                        Here's something really weird: You can kill the 2nd Outrider Knight by luring it all the way to the entrance to the place where bandits ambush you, and its textures and animations will glitch out, before turning invisible. Move toward it, and it will reappear. If you do this 2-3 times, it will simply disappear and give you the rapier. Bizarre...

                        • Anonymous

                          05 Apr 2018 16:20  

                          It would be great if there was a boss fight with these 3 all at the same time like bloodborne... Still until this day it's by random luck that i kill them or die to them.. The first can be fooled through the door but the other two i prefer to fight them head on.. Then i die a couple of times until i somehow kill them using the same tactics i used before i died. lol

                          • Anonymous

                            24 Feb 2018 17:39  

                            I think they had Artorias in mind when From was designing them. Honored knight fallen victim to their beasthood. The numbers don't add up but we have a woman outrider, the Dancer. A giant fat one, Vordt and 3 "normal" sized one. All of them in generel, are giants. A bit like the 4 generals of Gwyn. Only we have 5 now. (not implying they are the same +1, stop the fanfic BS!).

                            • Anonymous

                              22 Feb 2018 12:39  

                              The first I lured down the hole where the elevator was, the other 2 I cheesed with crossbow far away. Tried to throw the feces at one but alas he was resistant.

                              • Anonymous

                                14 Feb 2018 17:26  

                                Sometimes you just spam light attack, they can't even hit you without rolling, they die. And other times they are just impossible for some reason. After two years I am still scared of them.

                                • Anonymous

                                  07 Feb 2018 23:19  

                                  I died one time when I tried a no-death run to the lothric k**ght and after I finished the game, this guy is better fitted to be a final boss than soc.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    15 Jan 2018 05:53  

                                    For the first one you can run past him open the door to the road of sacrifices bonfire, and when you re outside of the building he cannot come through the door.. he is stuck inside and you can kill him without risk... it has worked for me every time...

                                    • Anonymous

                                      28 Dec 2017 13:30  

                                      I recommend not using the Perseverance tank tactic because of how much damage they deal in a single hit, plus frostbite.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        06 Dec 2017 10:42  

                                        Fast swings, low recovery, good damage and's almost like they said ***** variety and gave every enemy strengths. In the prequels at least if you were dealing with an enemy who had high poise and hit hard. They were slow as***** and had poor recovery so strafing them and counter attacking their whiffs was easy.
                                        Really wish they kept the Bloodborne-hyperactive-wombo combo enemies in BB and not Souls.

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