Boreal Outrider Knight

Boreal Outrider Knight DKS3

Enemy Type Humanoid
Weakness Dark
Resistances Frost, Fire, Magic, Physical-type
Immune Toxic/Poison

Boreal Outrider Knight is an enemy in Dark Souls 3.


Boreal Outrider Knight Enemy Description


Boreal Outrider Knight Combat Information


Boreal Outrider Knight Notes & Trivia


Boreal Outrider Knight Variations

Irithyll Straight Sword Knight

Location Drops
Undead Settlement  654  1600 Irithyll Straight Sword

Irithyll Rapier Knight

 Location   Drops 
Lothric Castle  1971  3000  Irithyll Rapier

Boreal Outrider Knight

Location Drops
 Grand Archives  2330 15000  Outrider Knight Armour set


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    • Anonymous

      13 Mar 2020 10:01  

      For first one, I ran past it, pulled out a bow and cheesed it by standing next to bonfire. It does not come out.

      • Anonymous

        05 Mar 2020 19:10  

        The first one before the forest died the moment i walked out the doors, i had my back turned then i heard the death howl and got its sword and souls....XD

        • Anonymous

          22 Feb 2020 14:43  

          You can easily kill the first one guarding the gates to the Road of Sacrifices by making him fall to the pit of the elevator. I accidentally did this hoping I could retreat by going back to the tower.

          • Anonymous

            14 Feb 2020 14:10  

            The easyest attack to parry is the combo they start when you a are keeping some distance, believe it or not. Just try it. This things were scary as ***** the first time around, payback time. (ripost animation is a ballsack stab)

            • Anonymous

              31 Jan 2020 07:20  

              You can kill the second one by cheesing it with the dragon fire. Lead it outside, take cover and watch it cook

              • Anonymous

                15 Jan 2020 10:43  

                They have no poise, no hyper armor; Black Knight UGS 3-Hit Wobmo-Combo for furawress bictory and the win. You're welcome.

                • Anonymous

                  16 Dec 2019 17:19  

                  If you want an honest go of this thing that doesn't involve a specialized tank build and trading, leed the thing upstairs so the walls don't ***** you.

                  • Anonymous

                    04 Dec 2019 20:51  

                    Easy way to kill the first one to get to the road of sacrifices: roll past it, open the door, and get the bonfire. The knight can't follow you past the doors, and you can just hit it, retreat, wait for it to turn around, and repeat.

                    • Anonymous

                      15 Nov 2019 14:39  

                      if this piece of***** were an actual boss I'd do a build revolving entirely on cheesing this absolute bastard of an enemy

                      • Anonymous

                        15 Oct 2019 14:09  

                        Wait... I died to these guys countless times and only just learned you can parry these combo addicted spastics?

                        • Anonymous

                          09 Oct 2019 03:02  

                          Man did this demon dandriffed crack-monkey give me trouble on my first play through. I was a low Vigor pyro then... it didnt go well. Died to it more than I did to all of the bosses leading up to it. This time around i have a tank/strength build and it was a breeze. The replay value of the game is truly fantastic. Such a different experience. Anywho, figured i share a tip if anyone is a high Vitality character and hit a wall with this guy. I used the Magic Shield spell on the Moaning Shield i got after i killed Eygon of Carim early on. The shield is stupid heavy but has high stability. When you cast Magic Shield on it the crack-monkey's hits barely register on your stamina. Simply lock on to him, hold block and continuously circle around behind him. Hit him once or twice when there is an oppening. Rinse and repeat. You will get frostbit though, but since u take no other damage from him it is trivial. I had 20 Vigor and was using a +7 Heavy Morning Star (has bleed damage). With magic shield or even Great Magic Shield this strat can/should work with lesser shields as well. Happy Knight hunting y'all. Oh and do not forget to gloat over his crumpled body because, of course, eff this thing.

                          • Anonymous

                            12 Aug 2019 15:01  

                            well that was frustrating... NEVER use any of the Armor of Thorns pieces when fighting that enemy. whenever you roll against him you damage him and he somehow staggers you. died to him 7 times in the grand archives and thought my roll was bugged...

                            • Anonymous

                              11 Aug 2019 22:36  

                              Me reading the wiki before the fight : "ok so they say he's weak to dark so i will equip my dark hand in the right hand, it should make things a littles easier." me during the fight : *kills the outrider knight in litterally 3 slaps* me after the fight : okay what the *****

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