Boreal Outrider Knight

Boreal Outrider Knight DKS3

Enemy Type Humanoid
Weakness Dark
Resistances Frost, Fire, Magic, Physical-type
Immune Toxic/Poison

Boreal Outrider Knight is an enemy in Dark Souls 3.


Boreal Outrider Knight Enemy Description


Boreal Outrider Knight Combat Information


Boreal Outrider Knight Notes & Trivia


Boreal Outrider Knight Variations

Irithyll Straight Sword Knight

Location Drops
Undead Settlement  654  1600 Irithyll Straight Sword

Irithyll Rapier Knight

 Location   Drops 
Lothric Castle  1971  3000  Irithyll Rapier

Boreal Outrider Knight

Location Drops
 Grand Archives  2330 15000  Outrider Knight Armour set


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    • Anonymous

      28 Nov 2020 01:43  

      For the one before the road of sacrifices life him to the elevator and get on the elevator he should continue to attack and kill himself. For the one in Lothric leave one puss man alive and lure to the pus man.

      • Anonymous

        18 Nov 2020 08:59  

        Easy to kill at Lorith Castle with the following:

        Buy 30 Firebombs. Run down then back up to lure him up slowly.
        Stand on other side of stairs, throw firebombs, when he gets close, jump down to where you came from.
        Rince - Repeat.

        It's cheesy but hey, so is he.

        • 12 Sep 2020 12:37  

          The one at Lothric Castle, I had to cheese him.

          First I clear up the vicinity of Dragon Barracks bonfire, kill every enemy there and the lone enemy in the room above the Outrider chamber. I want a clear path to lure him out to the castle gate bridge and drop him into the ditch below.

          Once that is done, it's time to lure him out with an arrow to the head. Hide at the bottom of the stair and shoot one arrow. Lead him to the bridge. Get yourself to the end of the bridge and turn either right or left. He will lurch at you while he is in the center of the bridge and with luck, he'll drop himself into the ditch.

          Turn him into an arrow porcupine.

          • Anonymous

            08 Sep 2020 23:20  

            pop iron flesh, slap him a few times and chug some estus in between. doctors HATE her for this one weird trick!

            • Anonymous

              29 Jul 2020 07:13  

              Another DS2 stinky B team concept. Dhorys gnaw; dont work. Fire; dont; work. Lightning; dont work... Just try hard and pray. Its ****ty as hell. Please myazaki, fire B team, they are trash.

              • Anonymous

                26 Jul 2020 02:38  

                Much as how the Souls of Cinder is the Culmination of Every Lord of Cinder, This F*ck is the Culmination of Every R1 Spammer

                • Anonymous

                  22 Jul 2020 21:10  

                  Easiest mob to kill in game. I'm an outrider hunter and let me tell ya. Get a great sword, buff it with lightning. And put a summon sign where an outrider is. You'll be a hero in no time.

                  • Anonymous

                    12 Jul 2020 23:30  

                    The first one can be dropped down the elevator shaft, if you get sick of dying to him. Personally I found that hilarious.

                    • Anonymous

                      30 Jun 2020 11:50  

                      Thought for the longest time that he was weak to fire, not dark. Switching to Black Fire Orb made the fight incredibly easy.

                      • Anonymous

                        28 Jun 2020 14:09  

                        first timer play souls-game, i finished sekiro on ng7+
                        i felt like this guy would be fit more there instead of ds3, it has close to no downtime of his attack, ofc dark buff, blocking, and rolling can do the job, but there just somthing from with this guy speed

                        • Anonymous

                          11 Jun 2020 14:39  

                          Whoever added these guys to the game is a complete idiot. Ive been playing this game since launch and these are the only enemies that end up killing me. Not because they are hard, but because they are unfair and dont belong in dark souls 3. I see what they did with them trying to make a hard enemy like the titanite demon from dark souls 1, but these guys are just bs. Extremely fast and unpredictable attacks, pretty high damage, roll catches, these guys are death machines. sometimes its even impossible to roll the second attack to the leaping attack because its so fast. Dark souls is about learning your enemies attack patterns and reacting to their attacks. These guys completely negate that feature and its honestly stupid. TL;DR outrider knight big stupid

                          • Anonymous

                            09 Jun 2020 04:52  

                            what a diddly darn hardly barn hippity hoppity skippity boppity boop boppin hard hottin poop sniffin hot wheels hotdog this bruh is

                            • Anonymous

                              13 Mar 2020 10:01  

                              For first one, I ran past it, pulled out a bow and cheesed it by standing next to bonfire. It does not come out.

                              • Anonymous

                                05 Mar 2020 19:10  

                                The first one before the forest died the moment i walked out the doors, i had my back turned then i heard the death howl and got its sword and souls....XD

                                • Anonymous

                                  22 Feb 2020 14:43  

                                  You can easily kill the first one guarding the gates to the Road of Sacrifices by making him fall to the pit of the elevator. I accidentally did this hoping I could retreat by going back to the tower.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    14 Feb 2020 14:10  

                                    The easyest attack to parry is the combo they start when you a are keeping some distance, believe it or not. Just try it. This things were scary as ***** the first time around, payback time. (ripost animation is a ballsack stab)

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