Corvian Knight


Enemy Type Knight
Weakness Frost, Dark, Lightning

Bleed, Fire

Immune N/A

Corvian Knight is an Enemy in Dark Souls 3.


Enemy Description

  • Dangerous knights very similar to the Boreal Outrider Knights.
  • Corvian Knights are enemies unique to the Corvian Settlement within The Painted World of Ariandel.
  • There are two variants: One wields a Rapier along some Darts (the Crow Quills weapon), and another wields one claw in each hand (the Crow Talons Weapon).


Combat Information

Attacks and Tips:

  • Don't be fooled by the Corvian Rapier Knight and it's darts. If you're lucky, you'll only get hit by one dart, and it doesn't do much damage. The problem is if all hit at once. His aim is very precise, and unless you roll (or hide behind a wall), you'll get hit by four darts at once, meaning almost insta-kill in less than one second. Stamina management is the key.
  • Attacks deals Slash Damage (both variants) or Thrust Damage (Crow Quill variant only).
  • Weak to Frostbite, Dark Damage and Lightning Damage.
  • Resistant to Bleed, and Fire Damage.
  • Can be lured with Alluring Skulls. They'll be only affected if you aggro them first (e.g. Shooting them with projectiles, stand within their range of vision), otherwise they'll remain unaffected. 
  • Aural Decoy only makes them face the direction where the spell lands, and it has to be close enough for them to do so. They also need to be not aggroed on you for it to work.
  • Both variants are affected by Rapport.
  • Both variants can be backstabbed.
  • Can be parried.


Notes & Trivia

  • Crow Talon knights become vulnerable to a critical hit when they are hit with any attack that causes stagger while they are attacking. This includes firebombs. Using Perseverance is an effective means of exploiting this.
  • Their weapons are available to the player, but their armor is not.
  • Both Crow Quill and Crow Talon Knights can perform a riposte if they break your guard.
  • Corvian are connected to the goddess Velka and are part of a clad of enemies related to sewage.



Crow Quill Variant

Crow Talons Variant

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    • Anonymous

      13 Oct 2020 16:33  

      Use the Irithyll Straight Sword for the frostbite then smack them with a torch once they take a chunk of damage for easy kill.

      • Anonymous

        13 Oct 2020 16:28  

        One weird thing I noticed is that when I did a running attack with a curved greatsword, (I used the exile greatsword, only had this happen with the claw variant) occasionally their weapon would be pushed away and I could riposte them, as if I parried them. Does the running attack have parry frames or something?

        • Anonymous

          22 Jul 2020 10:16  

          These guys are way too easy for parry
          They take jumps in mid fight and give easy back stabs

          Also the one under bridge is best source for large shards right after Crystal Sage

          only issue is that you kinda get stuck once they attack

          Otherwise always Dlc Gael before Abyss

          • Anonymous

            08 Jul 2020 21:59  

            I feel like a lot of the trouble comes from the low lvl recommendation of 60 for Ariandel. As a DLC it should really be done after the Lothric Prince.

            • 23 Jun 2020 10:15  

              Hate these guys but like their armor? Just use the Billed Mask (acquired from killing Yuria of Londor) Lorian's Armor (acquired from the Shrine Handmaid after defeating the Twin Princes) Black Knight Gaunlets (acquired from Black Knights) and Ringed Knight Leggings (acquired from Ringed Knights). Have fun!

              • Anonymous

                08 May 2020 13:59  

                Do they not drop gems anymore? i farm them for 20 min now with snake ring and sage rapier and only get titanite shards

                • Anonymous

                  06 May 2020 04:40  

                  these guys can get you a +6 weapon before abyss watchers, or +8 if your feeling persistent, and willing to suffer

                  • Anonymous

                    01 May 2020 05:16  

                    I want to like these enemies. There's so much that I do like. They're fast and agile with a unique and fun moveset. But there's jsut too much bull*****to them. First off their damage is obscene. I've been one-shotted by their knife before. Knife. Singular. Second, I know there's no such things as walls in Dark Souls 3 but this is absurd. Their sword and their knives can go through walls. I get its a thing with a hit box but it's asinine that a corvian can walk up to a wall and be able to through his knives through it simply because his hands clip through the surface. Third, speaking of hit boxes, what's up with this guy? There are instances where my sword cleaves through his torso and no damage is registered. Other times I dodge through his first attack so when he performs a second attack we are touching ass to ass. So how did I get damage by his second attack? Fourth, how much stamina do these guys have? Even the bosses pause to recharge once and a while. I've never seen a Corvian knight do the same. I could forgive the damage and maybe even the stamina but fix the damn hitboxes.

                    • Anonymous

                      14 Jan 2020 22:13  

                      About them c@nts in the church or whatever, rapport works pretty gud... ehhh, yes i know you are still left with one of them left but, hey its JUST one of em r8???

                      • Anonymous

                        29 Oct 2019 13:38  

                        INCORRECT: Corvian Knights are indeed vulnerable to both [toxic] and [poison]. In fact, the Knights are highly susceptible, as using [tToxic Mist] or [Poison Mist] will apply the debuff almost instantly. And for those struggling, [Rapport] works wonders, if admittedly a little cheap. It has the added benefit of the Knight(s) killing any nearby enemies (particularly useful in the small chapel where there are two Knights, who will then battle it out!)

                        • Anonymous

                          15 Oct 2019 13:56  

                          Oh look, more enemies that crawled out of the Bloodborne asset wastebin, at least that means the long combos are asking to be parried. Especially the talon guys

                          • Anonymous

                            13 Oct 2019 16:35  

                            > insane health, 3 ripostes aren't enough > on enemy that can 2-shot and even 1-shot you and give almost no time for healing Yet again increased difficulty by ridiculous health increase, would be good enemy otherwise.

                            • Anonymous

                              20 Sep 2019 04:16  

                              Do the talon variants truly drop chunks? I've farmed the one near the Settlement bonfire for over 10 Sharp gems and like 50 large shards, but I don't remember ever getting a chunk.

                              • Anonymous

                                20 Sep 2019 04:03  

                                The talon variant is easy to parry with only a bit of practice. The rapier variant is a nightmare for me at low soul-level (and I love it).

                                • Anonymous

                                  06 Sep 2019 00:21  

                                  Miyazaki dropped the ball with those rapier wielding corvians. Speed, huge damage and very high HP all in one, at least the constant attacking is a recurring enemy characteristic in this game but these guys take the piss with their damage per attack.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    23 Aug 2019 12:55  

                                    Says here they're resistant to poison/toxic, but I found that they can get poisoned super quickly. I used that technique in farming the Talon Crow hanging upside down as you walk through the river. Upon leaving the Settlement bonfire, head towards the edge closest to the Crow, then use Toxic Mist. Their bar fills up fast and they suffer about 23 damage per tick. Despite their resistance to fire, using Chaos Bed Vestiges or Great Chaos Fire Orb from above, provided you have decent FTH/INT investment and pyro booster rings, will drop their health fast enough to make farming viable. Just be careful not to stand too close to the edge when casting, otherwise you'll fall down and be left at the mercy of Talon Crow.

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