Enemy Type Giant
Weakness Strike, Dark, Lightning
Resistances Standard, Slash, Thrust
Immune Bleed, Frostbite, Poison/Toxic, Rapport, Alluring skull

Judicator is an Enemy in Dark Souls 3 DLC: The Ringed City.


Judicator Enemy Description

  • A giant, respawning enemy encountered in the Ringed City.
  • There are four found in the Ringed City.
  • The first one is found at a distance after the Mausoleum Lookout bonfire, and will summon several Ruin Knights to unleash a barrage of arrows at the player. Using the terrain and moving between volleys, players can eventually reach the Judicator. 
  • The second one is found patrolling the abyssal swamp at the bottom of the Ringed City. Unlike other Judicators, this one can attack the player directly, in addition to its usual summons. Using the Hidden Body sorcery can allow one to pass undetected.
  • The third one can be found past the hidden ladder near the Ringed City Streets bonfire, on the path leading toward the Purging Monument, accompanied by two Ringed Knights. To reach it, one must use the Chameleon sorcery or a Young White Branch in the abyssal swamp to transform into a Humanity sprite, and then move toward the message on the wall that says "show your humanity."
  • The last Judicator appears in the Spear of the Church boss fight, and will die upon summoning Halflight or another player. Unlike the other Judicators, this one does not respawn, but can be revived at the Purging Monument to allow players to challenge a Spear of the Church again.


Judicator Combat Information


Judicator Notes & Trivia

  • Judicator at the swamp can easily be avoided using Hidden Body spell. However, that strategy does not work with Judicator met near Mausoleum Lookout Bonfire or Purging Monument.
  • The Ruin Knight phantoms are the same Ruin Knights the Ruin Sentinels were based off of from Dark Souls II.


Judicator Variations

First Judicator

Location Drops
 The Ringed City  2200  4000  Titanite Chunks

Swamp Judicator

Location Drops
 The Ringed City  2200  4000  
 In the center of the swamp after the Ring City Streets bonfire.    

 Divine Blessing Hidden Blessing (once per NG cycle)

Purging Monument Judicator

Location Drops
 The Ringed City  2220  4000  

From the Ring City Streets bonfire, go through the shortcut and up the ladder after you "Show your humainty". He's sitting down before the Purging Monument

     Divine Blessing (once per NG cycle)


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    • Anonymous

      01 Nov 2020 02:40  

      imagine him dropping a miracle that gives you 2 ruin sentinel archers to go pew pew, that would be really fun and neat and cool and epic and pog

      • Anonymous

        19 Jul 2020 00:00  

        You're far away from me? Archers. You're right next to me? Archers. You're standing a medium distance away? Archers. You're half the map and away from me with 50 feet of stone walls between us? Here, take Ledo.

        • Anonymous

          17 Jul 2020 21:45  

          Honestly I think Miyazaki wants to ensure no one enjoys his games, and is just astounded that he hasn't made the entire community quit playing at this point. He keeps tryin tho.

          • Anonymous

            12 Feb 2020 18:39  

            If only they dropped their summons as a spell... i would spank the gank city just right with 5 black knight phantoms behind me

            • Anonymous

              15 Jul 2019 00:23  

              I’m not sure if this is my imagination but I don’t know if it was him summoning it or if there were two invaders in this world I joined, but I swear this man summoned a dragonstone NPC who used the twinkling dragon headstone and it exploded instead of breathing fire.

              • Anonymous

                14 Jul 2019 22:47  

                why do these enemies respawn, these are the type of enemies that would never respawn and would serve as a mini boss. In the first souls game there were unrespawning crystal golems, who are easy as hell to kill, but these enemies, harder than a sh*t ton of bosses across all 6 games, respawns?

                • Anonymous

                  04 May 2019 15:30  

                  The ringed city dlc is what the main game should have been. but you can run past almost everything, the best weapons just lay around and the lord of cinders don't deserve their names. Just pick up any weapon, str infuse it and go 66str, there you have it. You've broken the game.

                  • Anonymous

                    11 Feb 2019 23:02  

                    Why is everyone posting about how to kill him once you get to the ladder? What’s the point? You’re already past him and at this part of the game you should really already be able to buy chunks from the maiden in firelink.

                    • Anonymous

                      21 Jan 2019 02:18  

                      Why do these f*ckers respawn? They're just an environmental hazard if anything, but it's totally annoying that they get to respawn.

                      • 01 Aug 2018 20:30  

                        The first Judicator is easily beaten as follows: Run up the stairs and turn right. Pass him and run down the next steps and stop at the corner, out of the reach of arrows. He'll then summon a melee guy with a hammer at your location. This is when you run back up the stairs, hit him 2-3 times (depending on your weapon). When you're stood in front of him he usually summons arrows, so run run back down to the corner until he summons a melee at the stairs again and repeat.

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