Hollow Priest


Enemy Type Humanoid Hollow
Weakness Hollowslayer Greatsword
Resistances ??
Immune ??

Hollow Priests are enemies in Dark Souls 3.


Hollow Priests Enemy Description

  • Hollows that wear a long tattered robe with a hood.
  • Wields a Straight Sword and a Priest's Chime.
  • Some of them appear to be praying or sitting before they've been aggroed, similar to other Hollows.
  • Accompanied by Lothric Knights.


 Hollow Priests Location

Lothric Castle

  •  South of the Lothric Castle Bonfire.


Hollow Priests Combat Information

  • Casts something similar to Sacred Oath constantly.
  • Casts Great Heal when an ally is damaged or when there are no enemies close by.
  • Recklessly swings its sword 6 times in a flurry whenever an enemy is very close to them.
  • They will attempt to get within range of their allies before casting their Miracles.
  • Slowly strafes around enemies rather than attacking them.
  • Can be lured?
  • Can be Rapported. When done, they can also buff and heal you.


Hollow Priests Notes & Trivia

  • Their armor doesn't appear to be available to players.
  • Drop more souls if backstabbed? (tested with Symbol of Avarice, Silver serpent ring +3 and shield of want, Killing with backstab: ~2200 souls, killed normally: 1900 souls
  • They don't drop any items.
    • Low chance to drop Blessed Gem (tested with 2 priests near first bonfire in Lothric Castle)




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    • Anonymous

      I still find it fascinating how, in their hollowed, mad, hopeless state, they still retain their faith (evident by how they can use their miracles). Faith and hope often coincide on another, and hollowing can occur via lots different things: one of them being hopelessness. Perhaps they're not entirely gone? perhaps there's hope for them to reverse their hollowing?

      • Anonymous

        That buff they give is a stronger version of sacred oath(and it stacks with sacred oath) and you can get it by using rapport on them while they cast it.

        • Anonymous

          The part regarding the increase in dropped souls might simply be a case of overkill payout. I think that if you hit a certain percentage above the max HP of the target in one blow, you get like 20% more Souls.

          • Anonymous

            Someone should add on the page that the Sacred Oath like buff they grant is way stronger than the regular Sacred Oath. I had one of these guys buff me as an invader and my weapon AR went up by 20% and my absorption by 25%.

            • Anonymous

              These priests saved me when I was invading in lothric castle, healed and buffed me the second my hp got low

              • Anonymous

                These have the absolute best looking swords in the entire game. Why, just why didn't From make them dropable??
                I really wish I knew how to model swap for my offline playthrough...

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