Hollow Priest


Enemy Type Humanoid Hollow
Weakness Hollowslayer Greatsword
Resistances ??
Immune ??

Hollow Priests are enemies in Dark Souls 3.


Hollow Priests Enemy Description

  • Hollows that wear a long tattered robe with a hood.
  • Wields a Straight Sword and a Priest's Chime.
  • Some of them appear to be praying or sitting before they've been aggroed, similar to other Hollows.
  • Accompanied by Lothric Knights.


 Hollow Priests Location

Lothric Castle

  •  South of the Lothric Castle Bonfire.


Hollow Priests Combat Information

  • Casts something similar to Sacred Oath constantly.
  • Casts Great Heal when an ally is damaged or when there are no enemies close by.
  • Recklessly swings its sword 6 times in a flurry whenever an enemy is very close to them.
  • They will attempt to get within range of their allies before casting their Miracles.
  • Slowly strafes around enemies rather than attacking them.
  • Can be lured?
  • Can be Rapported. When done, they can also buff and heal you.


Hollow Priests Notes & Trivia

  • Their armor doesn't appear to be available to players.
  • Drop more souls if backstabbed? (tested with Symbol of Avarice, Silver serpent ring +3 and shield of want, Killing with backstab: ~2200 souls, killed normally: 1900 souls
  • They don't drop any items.
    • Low chance to drop Blessed Gem (tested with 2 priests near first bonfire in Lothric Castle)




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    • Anonymous

      The part regarding the increase in dropped souls might simply be a case of overkill payout. I think that if you hit a certain percentage above the max HP of the target in one blow, you get like 20% more Souls.

      • Anonymous

        Someone should add on the page that the Sacred Oath like buff they grant is way stronger than the regular Sacred Oath. I had one of these guys buff me as an invader and my weapon AR went up by 20% and my absorption by 25%.

        • Anonymous

          These priests saved me when I was invading in lothric castle, healed and buffed me the second my hp got low

          • Anonymous

            These have the absolute best looking swords in the entire game. Why, just why didn't From make them dropable??
            I really wish I knew how to model swap for my offline playthrough...

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