Infested Corpse

Enemy Type Undead
Weakness Fire, Bleed
Resistances Every damage type
Immune ??

Infested Corpse is an Enemy in Dark Souls 3.
Located in the Cathedral Graveyard


Enemy Description

  • Walking corpse with a mass of maggots extruding from a gaping chest cavity.
  • Often disguised as a regular Reanimated Corpse until eruption.


Combat Information

  • [Basic] Attempts to strike at you with alternating arms. These strikes build up bleed.
  • [Puke] Vomits in a surrounding area, afflicting those hit with bleed-inducing maggots.
  • [Grab] A lunging hug that supressess and damages you as it sucks blood from your face. Builds up bleed.
  • They generally go for a grab attack straight after erupting.
  • Weak to, and uniquely effected by fire.
  • Holding a torch removes the bleeding maggot effect
  • Ironically very susceptible to bleeding.


Notes & Trivia

  • Some will respawn at their original location after being slain.
  • Are weak to, and can be crowd-controlled by fire.
  • Being stuck by flame of any kind, torch / infusion / buff etc. causes them to writhe for a few seconds.
    (Comparitive to Starved Hounds)



Reanimated Corpse

Location Drops
Cathedral Graveyard      
Irithyll Dungeon      

Writhing Rotten Flesh

Location Drops
 Cathedral Graveyard      
 Irithyll Dungeon      

Variation Name

Location Drops




    • Anonymous

      27 Mar 2018 21:13  

      Had a disconnect back to the menu while playing just now, and when I restarted and got loaded back in, the maggots were gone after having been hit by one of these. So going back to main menu and reloading seems to have the same effect as sitting at a bonfire in terms of clearing them off you, while also not resetting the area.

      • Anonymous

        13 Nov 2016 09:57  

        If the maggots get you just take out the torch they'll go away, if you don't have one then you can wait it out you'll just have to suffer two blood losses.

        • Anonymous

          You're screwed22 Sep 2016 17:30  

          Basically you're dead unless you have the red blood moss to cure you of your maggots.The worms will keep feeding on you until you die, if you get hit by them. Just kill your self.

          • Anonymous

            Something interesting I noticed.19 Jul 2016 03:00  

            Swing a 189 AR Dark Sword at these things net me 65 damage a hit, yet swinging a 205 AR Lucerne at them immediately after only nets 59 (including the sweetspot). This leads me to believe that eitherA: They are weak against Standard-type damage, orB: They are particularly resilient against Thrust-type damage.

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