Lesser Crab

Lesser Crab

Enemy Type Hostile Animal
Weakness  ??
Resistances ??
Immune ??

Lesser Crab is an Enemy in Dark Souls 3


Lesser Crab Enemy Description

  • Though much larger than "real world" crabs, these tiny enemies pose little more than a nuisance.
  • Great Crabs will often rush to their aid.


Lesser Crab Combat Information

  • They're quite slow and don't have much in terms of range or damage.
  • Their aggro range is very short, almost near enough to touch them.
  • Easily dispatched in a hit or two.
  • Immune to Rapport.
  • Can be affected by Toxic, Poison, and Bleed.


Lesser Crab Notes & Trivia

  • The small crab in the Catacombs is the only one with a normal aggro range. It appears after breaking the second Skeleton Ball, meaning it was also a part of it. 
  • The catacombs crab is the only one who drops Blooming Purple and Rime-blue Moss Clumps, but 100 farming runs (at 290 item discovery) yielded 1 of each, so don't bother farming for either.
  • The skeleton balls will respawn if you quit/reload, even if you have killed the crab. So when the boulder hits the wall, and breaks once more, it will spit out a dead crab.


Lesser Crab Drops


Lesser Crab Locations


Lesser Crab Variations

Variation Name

Location Drops
Road of Sacrifices  100 36 

 Bloodred Moss Clumps, Purple Moss Clump

Variation Name

Location Drops
Catacombs of Carthus  ?  ?  Blooming Purple Moss Clump, Rime-blue Moss Clump


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    • Anonymous

      I once parried someone near that crap, leaving him open for a deadly strike. Then this crap landed his attack on the dude and he was able to roll back. This was the most Thug Life Experience in my entire Dark Souls History

      • Anonymous

        One of these little guys followed me through the whole ruins in that area (by ruins I mean that place before the Crystal Sage)
        He was so determined that I decided to never kill him, even when he blocked my path while I was fleeing from some enemies
        I named him Gary and after that I have never killed a Lesser Crab again

        • Anonymous

          So they r like lil baby mushrooms from dark souls 1. Smol, defenseless,almost never aggroed, easy peasy and don't need to kill

          • Anonymous

            I was invading as a watchdog in the Crucifix Woods when the host activated my tears of denial. But before he could deliver the final blow, a lesser crab snuck behind us and snipped me at 1hp XD

            • Anonymous

              this seriously need to be updated , i figured long ago that thier weakness are casuals , they are resistant against fire type pokemon and they are immune to your ignorance about thier lifestyle and culture , it should also says that when you spare one’s life , it will assist you to find that fuking last ring for your achivement by bringing it to you with a derpy face waiting for a kiss to reveal that the princess is in another castle... u still reading this huh?... well that’s unusual... yet so complex , but still , if you want to truly know thier secret , throw some bread pieces near them to lure them to your home , put it in a microwave for 2 and a half minute ( calculated with a 1000W microwave ) make it drink moldy orange juice ( make sure the mold is chunky and the orange juice with extra pulp ) bring it in your closet to make it discover Narnia , bring it back under the staircase to go in your room to make it have a talk with Harry Potter to have a little discussion about Smough’s extra thickness and how wet they get by seeing him , then.... hey you at the back of your couch , I have a question for you , why do you keep reading this bullshlt , why do we live? what are we for? what will happen next? you will know in the next episode of Dragon Ball Z

              • Anonymous

                « easilly dispatched in a hit or two » who the fucc doesn’t deal 100dmg per hit at level 25 ? , it’s like not be able to handle the undead at the very start of the game that everyone 1shot them

                • Anonymous

                  "little" nuisance? not if they tackle you just before you want to dodge the big crab hit. And they manage this quite frequently. So....no youth protection for crabs. genocide them all!

                  • Anonymous

                    I got killed by one of these, no really. Not proud of that. Just hope other oblivious and/or wife aggoed players now know your not alone.

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