Enemy Type Hollow
Weakness Fire, Lightning, Hollowslayer GS
Resistances Dark
Immune Poison, Toxic, Frost

Murkman is an Enemy in Dark Souls 3 DLC: The Ringed City.


Murkman Enemy Description

  • Slow, crawling enemies encountered only at the Dreg Heap.
  • Usually found in large groups.  Often 4+ Murkmans.
  • Can be summoned by Murkman Summoners.
  • Summoners weild a Murky Longstaff with some light-blue clounds at the end.
  • Other Murkman weild the same staff, but will instead shoot Deep Soul projectiles toward the player.


Murkman Combat Information

  • Has a grab attack the will drag the player under the ground. This attack deals significant damage
  • Crawling one deals physical damage, while Summoner dark and physical damage.
  • Can drop on the player.
  • Sometimes will transform into a Great Soul Dreg.
    • While in this form, they are immune to damage, but will be destroyed when hitting a wall. 
  • Can be either lured or rapported


Murkman Notes & Trivia

  • The projectiles they cast are similar to the deep sorceries used by the Deacons of the Deep.
  • Very rarely drops Human Dregs or/and Deep Gem.


Murkman Variations


Location Drops
Dreg Heap      

Staff Murkman

Location Drops
Dreg Heap      

Murkman Summoner

Location Drops
Dreg Heap      


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    • Anonymous

      23 Oct 2019 09:48  

      Hollowslayer doesn't do extra, neither does wolf knight/beyblade swords. Strike weapons seem to hurt them a lot

      • Anonymous

        28 Jul 2019 00:10  

        The Hollowslayer GS not dealing bonus damage to them. The Wolf Knight's GS (551 attack) deal 535 damage and The Hollowslayer GS(539 attack) deal 521 damage. There are no 20% bonus damage for both of these GS.

        • Anonymous

          14 Oct 2017 09:02  

          Sometimes they will drag you down to beset you.

          Floor Draggers:

          • Anonymous

            23 Jun 2017 05:12  

            Every single area with infinite spawns has a summoner with a staff. They can be discerned by the glow at the tip of their staff, as opposed to normal staff-wielder that has no glow.
            In the first area, the summoner is down the stairs, next to the ledge that crumbles.
            In the building filled with murkmen, the summoner for most of the building is on the second floor (behind the illusory wall), in the room with an ember, just before the room with Great Soul Dregs. There is also a separate summoner for the room with Great Soul Dregs, standing directly next to Great Soul Dregs.
            In the area just before the higher drop-off to the Earthen Peak Ruins bonfire, the summoner is up on top of the cliff. Reaching it requires taking the upper route, past where you met Lapp.
            In the area with Projected Heal, the summoner is standing directly on top of Projected Heal.
            Keep in mind that killing the summoner will NOT prevent the initial spawn of any of the Murkmen, only prevent them from being resummoned. Some may still be resummoned for a short while after the summoner dies, but resummoning should stop quickly.

            • Anonymous

              07 May 2017 22:34  

              As far as I can tell, blessed weapons will NOT cause these to stop spawning, which is really unfortunate as they're quite annoying when trying to explore.

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