Tree Woman

tree woman enemies dark souls 3 wiki guide

Enemy Type Unknown
Weakness Fire
Resistances Lightning
Immune Bleed, Frost

Tree Woman (also called Birch Woman) is an Enemy in the Ashes of Ariandel DLC.


 Tree Woman Enemy Description

  • A white tree taking a feminine shape, with long branches for arms.
  • There are three types: regular Tree Women that attack with an icy breath, Smoldering Tree Women which release a mass of slow, homing flames, can be identified by the small flames on the tips of their branches; and Mad Tree Woman which will crawl at you and swipe the branches wildly to attack you. 


Tree Woman Combat Information

  • Both types can grab the player, it appears it's not possible to button mash your way out of the grab.
  • Deals Physical (Standard?) or Fire Damage. May also inflict Frostbite.
  • Can stretch their arms to attack the player.
  • Highly vulnerable to Fire Damage.
  • Resistant to Lightning Damage.
  • Immune to Bleed and Frostbite.
  • Can be Lured?
  • Can be Rapported?


Tree Woman Notes & Trivia

  • Many Tree Women are no longer able to move and only serve as regular harmless trees, unable to attack or be attacked.
  • Their roots actually act like tiny legs that they move forward with, albeit very slowly.
  • Tree Woman guarding Snap Freeze has an unused dialogue connected with Pontiff Sulyvahn. Also, she attacks in similar way, to an unused version of the Bed of Chaos boss from Dark Souls I.
  • To distinguish a hostile Tree Woman from a harmless tree, look at their hair. If the hair is flowing in the wind, then it's an enemy. If it's not moving, it's just a tree.


Tree Woman Variations

Tree Woman

Location icon hp souls Drops
 Painted World of Ariandel      Alluring Skull (Very rare)

Smouldering Tree Woman

Location icon hp souls Drops
 Painted World of Ariandel      Alluring Skull (Very Rare)


 Tree Lady Concept Art


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