Desert Pyromancer Zoey



Enemy Type Pyromancer
Weakness Vow of Silence, Fire, Strike
Resistances Frost
Immune Poison/Toxic

Desert Pyromancer Zoey is an enemy in Dark Souls 3 The Ringed City DLC


Enemy Description

  • Zoey is a descendant of the desert pyromancers. She uses the Flame Fan, a pyromancy which conjures and brushes a fan left and right. She possessed true beauty, as did all the desert pyromancers, but hers did not poison, and so she became the unassuming queen of the feeble ones.

  • She is accompanied by two Hollow slaves.


Combat Information

  • Wields Whip (RH) and Pyromancy Flame (LH).
  • Casts: Fire Orb and Flame Fan
  • Her whip at melee distance does significant damage. Melee fighters should approach with caution and block and dodge a lot and equip high protective armor.
  • Vulnerable to Vow of Silence, which prevents her from casting spells.
  • Uses 2 Estus flasks during the fight.
  • Drops Flame Fan.


Notes & Trivia

  • She wears the Desert Pyromancer Set.
  • Can be killed by Harald Legion Knight.
  • Identically-dressed humans, also called Desert Sorceresses, appeared in Dark Souls II.
  • Players can eliminate her by pushing her off the cliff, at least up to NG+3, even if she has full health.





Variation Name

Location Drops
The Dreg Heap  ??  ?? Flame Flan



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    • Anonymous

      23 Jan 2019 22:18  

      she fell down the ledge to the harald legion knight,didnt get aggro from it,didnt get falldamage,plunge attack when guided to the vine doing 20-30 damage who made this thing

      • Anonymous

        22 Jan 2019 11:20  

        The page mentions she's immune to both Poison and Toxic. Whilst she is indeed immune to poison (able to completely ignore the effects of the swamp below), I've seen a number of reports that she is NOT immune to Toxic and can even be killed via Toxic Mist cheese if you avoid aggro-ing her ... can anyone confirm?

        • Anonymous

          30 Nov 2018 11:04  

          She's not immune to poison, but has a very high build up. I knocked her into the swamp below via a ledge leading up to her, I went down to check on her, not dead. All right, fine. I ran up to her, her health hadn't gown down from the fall (thanks to her estus) but I'd opened up my equipment to look at something, I heard something die and she was gone. If anyone else wants to confirm this, feel free to.

          • Anonymous

            30 Nov 2018 07:05  

            A Blood-infused Barbed Straight Sword +10 makes such easy work for the fleshies like her. Y’all should consider taking the Barbed Straight Sword up to 10 then infuse with bleed. I’m loving it. LOW AR, but that bleed-pop/stun-lock rekks

            • Anonymous

              20 Oct 2018 23:19  

              BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOBSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! also kill her within seconds with morons great putter

              • Anonymous

                09 Oct 2018 22:25  

                it's easy dude. I use a pyromancer. this was my strat. "oh a desert pyromancer? this'll be easypeasy:" use chaos vesties on the 3 nearby slavedudes as each runs to you. cast a few fire spells at her while dodging hers. realize you do no damage, so go in for the kill. dodge her whip and stuff, expect to stunlock her easily as she's naked and whips + no armor = no poise/hyper armor. oh wait she does have hyper...get hit with her whip once and ….oh... oh dear she just one-shotted me with a whip.

                • Anonymous

                  31 Aug 2018 09:42  

                  As a quality build, I couldn't use vow of silence. She throws fire orbs at range and dodge arrows. At reach, she spam flame fan, so I couldn't get near. She easily fell to Avelyn, fired during her casting frames.

                  • 26 Aug 2018 21:17  

                    Not exactly hard as npc's come. Here is how I handled her. (Quality build 40str/40dex)(Armor: Black Set)(NG+2) 1. Used a bow to get the thralls attention and killed them. 2. BUFFS, they will make the fight so much easier use any weapon/character buff of your choice except fire weapon buffs. 3. Use a weapon with charge/shield splitter or something that swings fast and can stun-lock, that way you can punish her if she tries to cast or use it to catch her rolls. (I used Darkdrift +5 with Brigand Twin-daggers +10.) 4. Rinse and repeat. (Note: You can also just use a greatshield and get in close and pummel her with a great weapon.)

                    • Anonymous

                      08 Aug 2018 10:53  

                      Just use vow of silence, lure her off the cliff, and let the Harald Knight take care of her if you really are so bad at the game that you can't kill her.

                      • 28 Jul 2018 14:43  

                        Ugh, queen of the friggin' Desert Sorceresses. A good way to deal with this ***** and her annoying pals is ambush them with Hidden Body and Spook, then blast the***** out of them a couple times with Wrath of the Gods.

                        • Anonymous

                          18 Jun 2018 02:00  

                          Use a good bow, kill thralls first, hit her just before she casts but not earlier as she will dodge or later as you may get hit. I used Dragonrider bow +4 and wood arrows. Back up while firing to avoid whip, and rush past her so you don't run out of room and fall off.

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