Vow of Silence is a Miracle in Dark Souls 3. To cast a miracle, you must use a Talisman or Special Weapons that can cast miracles.

Vow of Silence

Spell Type


FP CostFocus Cost 35
Slots UsedSlots Used 2
Requirements 30 Faith



Miracle of the Sable Church of Londor.

Prevents spells in the vicinity, including one's own.

Members of the Sable Church are all trained swordsmen, each sworn only to their weapons as they bear the leaden silence of Londor.

Acquired From



  • Works on enemies with any sort of projectile magic attacks, and can even trivialize some bosses like Aldrich, Devourer of Gods as it disables his arrow rain attack, magic orbs and magic spears. However, it only lasts 15 seconds so the player has to constantly keep up with the spell.
  • Range can be increased by Sacred Chime of Filianore.
  • It disables the ability to use your spells too.
  • Reveals Mimics and the Londor Assassin in the Church of Yorshka.
  • Does not appear to be affected by the Lingering Dragon Crest Ring.


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    • Anonymous

      21 Jan 2019 23:52  

      As a "Caster" I still rocked Magic Lothric Sword, Chaos Harpe and Catalyst in Main. B.N.S, Parry Dagger and Pryo Flame in off hand. I never had a problem with V.o.S being used on me. Now that hit all my primary Stats I began leveling Faith. Feels nice to check out all Miracles, I had to use Wall of light and Quickstep Aldrich. Looking forward to NG+ and revenge.

      • Anonymous

        06 Nov 2018 22:05  

        Why would you use this, It takes up two slots and lasts around ten seconds, I mean who would hate miracles and spells so much to waste you time with this!?

        • Anonymous

          04 Oct 2018 17:49  

          This spell is a homewrecker for casters. I main magic users and anything that silence is a pain in the ass. It's the main reason I carry the MLGS on my caster.

          • Anonymous

            28 Sep 2018 09:09  

            so i actually made a build based around vow of silence and it was really disappointing, while it seems like a good idea on paper its slow casting speed leaves you vulnerable to at least one spell and if its a dedicated caster one soul spear is almost all of your health so you can maybe get it off at the beginning of the round or if you run behind cover, it doesn't interrupt casting or remove soul mass which makes its very easy to punish you while you're casting so you cant really use it in the line of sight of a caster, now lets say you do manage to get them with it well they will either run until it goes away or spam r1 while your chasing them but since there casters there just going to play super passive, now once you do hit them with vow you can chain it so the moment it runs out you cast again before they can but it still leaves you vulnerable quick spells and they can hit you with there weapon while your casting. so not only is it heavily handicapped by its speed but it also has high requirements and its very situational(its not even a good in those situations) with the same stats or less you could get sacred oath or tears of denial which are nice to have in any situation so why not use them they actually do there jobs well. now vow does have its niche uses in pve but its not a something you will want to have attuned all the time. i was running the sage ring+2 rof+3 prisoners chain and lingering dragon crest+2 casting with the bellvine i had a bastard sword and a broad sword with dark infusions and a buckler(i actually won more fights when i stopped using vow and ended up with gold, i lost more to casters with this build than i have with any other) so basically what you can gather from this is don't use vow in pvp its not worth the investment and it will probably just get you killed

            • Anonymous

              08 Jun 2018 20:29  

              30 faith, 2 attu slots and it last for 15 seconds... thanks from! Should be 30 seconds for that sort of cost.

              But actually, thinking about it..15 seconds is too long, the poor chaos bed vestiges and crystal soul spear are so slow to cast and do such minute damage... 15 seconds is too long for them to not be able to cast.

              • Anonymous

                03 Jun 2018 09:38  

                Lingering Dragon Crest Ring page:
                "Extends only length of the effects, that are placed on you. For example, if you are wearing this ring, and someone casts Sacred Oath nearby, he will have it only for 60 seconds, while character with this ring will have the same buff for a maximum of 84 seconds with the +2 version. The same principle works with Vow of Silence."

                Vow of Silence page:
                "Does not appear to be affected by the Lingering Dragon Crest Ring."

                I am confused

                • 28 Mar 2018 07:09  

                  Probably has been said, but this has great range with Filianore's chime. I can confirm that this works on the Crystal sage, Aldrich, deacons of the deep, lorian and lothric (though his wrath of the Gods resurrection spell and teleportation will still cast his other support miracles will not), and Gravetender's snap freeze attempts. Have not tested on Oceiros or gael, but I assume it would have an effect. I just wish it lasted longer. Will continue testing.

                  • Anonymous

                    26 Feb 2018 15:36  

                    This miracle is actually a story allined with Velka Goddess of sin. For example, the lore in DS1 goes:

                    “Secret rite of the black-haired witch Velka. Prevents casting of magic within effect area.
                    Velka, the Goddess of Sin, is a rogue deity, but she is versed in arts both new and old, and is considered to have a great range of influence even as gods are concerned.“

                    I wonder if the Sable Churches origion is with Velka rather then Kaath. Tis something to consider nevertheless.

                    • Anonymous

                      09 Nov 2017 09:10  

                      In duels enjoy trying to roll catch casters and being blasted in the face while recasting this, isn't projectile gang ( one Pyro, one mage or hexer and one cleric with healing spells, while pyromancer also has warmth) more scarier?

                      • Anonymous

                        18 Sep 2017 08:15  

                        It should last the minimum amount of 45-60 sec and the effect to stay in the area and not in the player so the respawning mages would still have to use a sword and learn their place. Idiots always css.

                        • Anonymous

                          17 Sep 2017 07:46  

                          This Spell was recommended to me the first time i played DS3 just before Aldrich, killed him first try no hits.

                          • Anonymous

                            06 Aug 2017 09:00  

                            "Works on enemies with any sort of projectile magic attacks, and can even trivialize some bosses like Aldrich, Devourer of Gods as it disables his arrow rain attack, magic orbs and magic spears."

                            Good luck with that. If you cast it after he's already started casting, it won't cancel it out. With aldrich going under the floor it's hard to time it so it goes off after he comes up, but before he casts. It's not so simple as this wiki makes it out to be.

                            • Anonymous

                              14 Jul 2017 20:56  

                              I got so much salt for using this in the arena last night.
                              One dude pointed down the entire match and another dude stopped playing lol.
                              Well, if casters did something other than sit in the corner and sneak attack I wouldn't use this.

                              Moral of the story. If you're tired of casters, utilize this and put pressure on them.

                              • Anonymous

                                14 Jul 2017 11:25  

                                Anyone know if this silences allies? I'm not trying to ***** over any random faith/int builds that summon me in.

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