Vow of Silence is a Miracle in Dark Souls 3. To cast a miracle, you must use a Chime, Talisman, or Special Weapons that can cast Miracles.

Vow of Silence

Spell Type


FP CostFocus Cost 35
Slots UsedSlots Used 2
Requirements 30 Faith



Miracle of the Sable Church of Londor.

Prevents spells in the vicinity, including one's own.

Members of the Sable Church are all trained swordsmen, each sworn only to their weapons as they bear the leaden silence of Londor.

Acquired From



  • Works on enemies with any sort of projectile magic attacks, and can even trivialize some bosses like Aldrich, Devourer of Gods as it disables his arrow rain attack, magic orbs and magic spears. However, it only lasts 15 seconds so the player has to constantly keep up with the spell.
  • Range can be increased by Sacred Chime of Filianore.
  • It disables the ability to use your spells too.
  • Reveals Mimics and the Londor Assassin in the Church of Yorshka.
  • Does not appear to be affected by the Lingering Dragon Crest Ring.


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    • Anonymous

      16 Jun 2021 01:49  

      3 spells to use to gain advantage over pure magic damage sorcerers
      1. Vow of Silence
      2. Great Magic Barrier
      3. Magic Barrier

      • Anonymous

        28 Feb 2021 20:28  

        Got summoned for the Aldrich boss fight and used this spell on him. Then I realized the host was playing a pure mage. I've never seen so much hate come out of a deformed face.

        • Anonymous

          11 Jan 2021 20:50  

          While not a heal or curing spell, It seems to be considered an enhancement as it DOES receive the distance buff from Filianore's Chime.

          • Anonymous

            07 Nov 2020 08:01  

            When combined with the darkmoon ring this spell shines, with 3 attunement, on a faith/pyro/dark character you should be able to get denial, your buff of choice, and the darkmoon ring to slap on vow of silence, cast denial, buff then vow, and you wreck pure casters it’s great to cut the space on groups in pvp, it’s designed for a niche build that uses limited magic and works best on intense magic users, like crystal souls spear spammers, or those guys who only know how to cast great soul dregs, also pairing it with a quickstep weapon art should allow you to close the distance between you and your target fast, 15 seconds is a long time in a gank, if you don’t know how to use it that’s fine but here’s the most honest comment you’ll find, bc it’s not godly, many bosses cast through it anyway, but it’s not useless either, also poison is an excellent counter to vow (storyteller poison is WA and can’t be blocked by vow) or maybe a refined weapon, it’ll put pressure on and hopefully make the enemy want to backpedal a bit and give you some breathing room. You want git gud then stop thinking about the damage numbers and stats, and think about ways to force the arena the way you need it, controlling your enemy is a sign of a good PVPer and you’ll play a lot better

            • Anonymous

              16 Jul 2020 11:12  

              Since it isn't otherwise mentioned, Vilhelm in the Painting of Ariandel will repeatedly use this if you have any sort of catalyst in hand. It also prevents him from casting his healing miracle, so he sometimes dooms himself.

              • Anonymous

                10 May 2020 01:22  

                I have this with me just in case a smug bow glitch abuser invaded me and tries to insta WoG me. It feels good to see them panic when they can’t use their precious great heal in half a second and they have to actually fight me the intended way.

                • Anonymous

                  23 Mar 2020 21:09  

                  This has alot more range than I expected. It affected blacksmith Andre from the steps next to the Shrine Handmaid.

                  • Anonymous

                    26 Sep 2019 07:28  

                    You can use this for younger Lothric. It works. It can be hard to pull off. It stops his white CSS and the white homing projectiles.

                    • Anonymous

                      16 Jun 2019 02:23  

                      Meh I just play pyromancy and just used great chaos fire orb and basically killed without actually trying

                      • Anonymous

                        11 May 2019 17:11  

                        This spell is only good for cheesing PvE. Ever wondered why you never saw people use it or the fact that there's like 1,5 PvP videos showcasing it on YT after all these years? Lets say you cast it in PvP: a) The guy is so bad he can do nothing without spells b) He has a backup weapon scaling with INT/FTH and uses it for 15 sec. In both cases you don't really gain anything, you're the one who has to be locked into casting animation and then get your spell nullified by rolling around. This spell is a literal waste of time you spend on casting animation, not to mention the high requirements. I wouldn't mind watching some videos of noobs getting wrecked by this though, so be my guest.

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