Dark Blade is a Miracle in Dark Souls 3. To cast a miracle, you must use a Chime, Talisman, or Special Weapons that can cast Miracles.

Dark Blade

Spell Type


FP Cost Focus Cost 35
Slots Used Slots Used 1
Requirments 25 Faith
Duration 60 Seconds
Duration 60 Seconds



Miracle of the Sable Church of Londor.

Reinforces right weapon with dark. 

The third daughter Liliane, one of the founders of the Sable Church, is said to recount tales that portray the suffering and conflict of Hollows.

Acquired From

  • Bought from Irina of Carim or Karla for 10,000 souls, after giving either the Londor Braille Divine Tome.



  • Adds dark damage equal to (Spell Buff * 0.85).
    • Damage is applied each time the enemy is hit with the weapon, regardless of the damage of the attack performed.
  • Buff lasts 60 seconds (affected by Lingering Dragoncrest Ring)
  • Only counts the Faith portion of your Catalyst's Spell Buff. This spell gains no advantage with dark catalysts.
  • Dark Clutch Ring and the Blindfold Mask increase the buff's damage.
  • Pairs nicely with Crucifix of the Mad King and Murky Hand Scythe, as those weapons already have innate dark damage and are quite powerful already.
  • A few weapons and weapon arts have hidden multipliers that slightly lower the buff's damage per hit.
    Namely, Daggers and Paired Weapons display this adjustment.
    Regardless, the buffs always remain efficient.
  • Since faith builds have access to four elements in unique weapon buff spells (Blessed Weapon, Lightning Blade, Darkmoon Blade, and Dark Blade), they're the ideal choice for a more physical-focused build investing into magic.
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    • Anonymous

      26 May 2021 14:33  

      Is Dark Blade able to be cast using a chime?
      It says at the top of this page that you can only cast it using a talisman or special weapon but their are still people discussing which chimes are best for casting this spell.
      Are there chimes that fit under that special weapons category?
      Please, I need to know so I know if I need to rethink my life choices.

      • Anonymous

        03 Mar 2021 07:51  

        Resonant Weapon was always the cooler and stronger between it and Dark Weapon from DS2. Would've preferred a "Resonant Blade" that was like a more potent weapon buff similar to Crystal Magic Weapon but added flat Dark damage with some sort of life steal additional effect.

        • Anonymous

          30 Aug 2020 04:02  

          faith builds get weapon buffs for every damage type (except fire) even physical, while sorcerer's get the same 3 buffs from past games, 2 of which are completely useless later game, nothing else, thank you fromsoft, very cool

          • Anonymous

            07 Apr 2020 06:30  

            someone tell me please which is better, to have an infused weapon (like dark, chaos) or to have a buffed weapon (like Carthus' Flame Arc or Dark Blade)? I'm running a pyromancer with 28 str and 40 int 40 fth. And have 3 slots of magic.

            • Anonymous

              14 Feb 2020 19:57  

              So the only miracle that would be worth casting with Caitha's Chime doesn't scale with int. That chime has less use than the calamity ring

              • Anonymous

                24 Apr 2019 23:58  

                Honestly im ok with it only scaling with faith but i think they should have made the onyx blades buff a pyromancy that gives us a dark buff that scales with both int and fth. Also change dark blade to look like the removed buff pontiff knights had.

                • Anonymous

                  23 Feb 2019 10:48  

                  Dark Blade damage is best with high spellbuff, specifically through high faith, if anyone is confused. This is a miracle, so high faith. The split scaling miracle catalysts like the sunless talisman and caithas chime don't seem to increase the damage.

                  • Anonymous

                    18 Feb 2019 03:45  

                    Anyone else use this over DMV or Lightning Blade? Idk, having to rebuff every 60 seconds at 50 FP a pop as compared to Dark Blade’s 35 FP just for the 20-25 AR difference is sort of worth it to me. At 18 attunement, I found myself buffing my weapon much more consistently and my Estus lasting a lot longer.

                    • Anonymous

                      16 Jan 2019 00:18  

                      Which is better.. a) dark infusion and int + faith splitted, or b) dark blade and only faith focused ...??

                      • Anonymous

                        06 Jan 2019 10:29  

                        I'm relatively new to the series, so can anyone tell me why a dark miracle only scales with faith? Shouldn't it scale with both like every other dark miracle, sorcery, and pyromancy?

                        • Anonymous

                          31 Dec 2018 17:10  

                          "Scales on the Faith Portion of your Catalyst". If that's true, why does it give a different amount of AR than Lightning Blade when I cast it with my Canvas Talisman? Shouldn't it be the same if it ONLY scales on Faith like a normal miracle?

                          • 12 Jul 2018 19:59  

                            This should've absolutely been one of the strongest buff spells in the game along with Great Magic Weapon and Lightning Blade, instead of Darkmoon Blade. We could've had strong buffs for all 4 damage types, but we just obviously needed two that do the same*****. Faith is for lightning, and if you want magic you just use the staff that scales with faith, IT'S USELESS IT'S COMPLETELY REDUNDANT. I DON'T CARE ABOUT PLOT HOLES, JUST DON'T PUT IN MECHANIC HOLES. geez

                            • Anonymous

                              22 Feb 2018 17:00  

                              IMPORTANT NOTICE! +6 raw great scythe deals 238 damage. Used Dark Blade with +6 saint's talisman (115 spell buff) at 25 faith 10 intellect to get a total AR of 335 (97 extra damage). With the same stats and +3 pyromancy flame (133 spell buff) I got a total AR of 363 (125). IDK if saint's talisman sucks but to deal that much more damage with less titanite investment is nuts. Stay tuned for a respec to maximize pyro.

                              • Anonymous

                                21 Feb 2018 17:38  

                                so... Doesn't scale with intellect on dark buffing catalysts eh? I'm thinking... we upgrade this mother to Darkmoon Blade. Now if only there was a dark style infusion that scales only with faith for my alternate weapon (you know: when Darkmoon Blade runs out). Wait how about a boss weapons... Now I'm thinking... nope. Nothing hits the spot. Gonna have to use a lighting infusion. lame.

                                • 02 Feb 2018 04:14  

                                  "This wiki is a *****ing mess. Does the damage of dark blade scale solely with spell buff? What the ***** does "scale only with faith portion of spell buff" mean? You can't say that dark blade scales with both "spell buff" and "faith portion of spell buff". Are these statistics actually being tested and proven, or can any dumbass just type whatever they want?" - Anonymous (09 Jul 2017 23:48)

                                  "Does this work for Claws and fists?" - Anonymous 23 Jun 2017 18:23

                                  In response to these two questions and to clarify a little for anybody who stumbles a bit while trying to figure out exactly what Miyazaki and the Dark Souls 3 development team had in mind with buffing (Dark Blade in this case). I would have to say that (From My Knowledge) Dark Blade's Damage Scaling (And most weapon buffs) is based on the Catalyst's Spell Buff (Only the Faith Spell Buff for Dark Blade as there [are/is an] item[s] that can cast both Miracles and Sorcery [Crystal Chime], and the other[s] that can cast Miracles and Pyromancy [White Hair Talisman]). This Spell Buff is on almost if not every casting item in the game and scales according to the displayed scaling (With the Best Spell Buff on Chimes sitting at 228 with a Strength of 18 and a Faith of 55), it also is what the "Spell Buff is" (Obviously). That number is used in the formula (85*(Spell Buff/100) for Dark Blade) to calculate the outcome damage buff (Example [85*(228/100)=193.8 Dark Damage Buff]). This stuff has been tested and this is the math used for the damage buff. As for if it works with Claws/Fists, the answer would be that the spell buff works with any weapon that inherently doesn't say "Cannot be buffed" and also isn't infused with anything other than a Heavy, Raw, Refined, or Sharp Gem.

                                  As (a) Side Note(s):

                                  -This scales with the "Blindfold Mask" (+10%) and with the "Dark Clutch Ring" (+15%).
                                  -With the "Lingering Dragoncrest Ring +2" it will increase the length of the spell (+40%) from 60 seconds making it last ~84 seconds.
                                  -This buff also pairs nicely with the weapon "Crucifix of The Mad King" as the weapon already has innate dark damage and can also be buffed, essentially doubling the dark damage.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    09 Jul 2017 17:48  

                                    This wiki is a *****ing mess. Does the damage of dark blade scale solely with spell buff? What the ***** does "scale only with faith portion of spell buff" mean? You can't say that dark blade scales with both "spell buff" and "faith portion of spell buff". Are these statistics actually being tested and proven, or can any dumbass just type whatever they want?

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