Homeward is a Miracle in Dark Souls 3. To cast a Miracle, you must use a Chime, Talisman, or Special Weapons that can cast Miracle.


Spell Type


Focus Consumption Focus Cost 30
Attunement Slots Slots Used 1
Requirments 18 Faith



Miracle taught to traveling clerics. Returns caster to the last bonfire used for resting, or to the bonfire in the shrine.

It would normally link to one's homeland, only the curse of the Undead has twisted its power, redirecting casters to a bonfire. Perhaps for the Undead, the bonfire serves as home.


Acquired From



  • Same effect as the Homeward Bone and Coiled Sword Fragment.
  • Like with Homeward Bones, can not be used when invaded, have any number of phantoms on your world, or during an invasion.
  • Since it is a spell, cast speed also affects it's animation. At max cast speed, it takes the same time as a normal Homeward Bone to use.
    • This also makes it risky to cast in the middle of combat (as a means of escape), unless using a Talisman with Unfaltering Prayer.
  • This spell can be useful if you eat through your homeword bones quickly, but otherwise the investment of 18 faith and a spell slot isn't worth it, especially since this spell will clutter your spell bar during combat.


  • You would need to cast this spell 6 times to outweight the costs of the spell in Homeward Bones (since they cost 500 souls each).


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    • Anonymous

      Useful if you use it with the Sunlight Talisman's WA. If you poise cast it when **** hits the fan while in an area or a boss fight chances are 9/10 you'll be able to warp home safely whereas if you used a coiled sword or homeward bone you would probably get knocked out of the animation.

      • Anonymous

        I feel like this should work when you're a phantom of either type. It is "Homeward" after all, and shares function with Homeward Bones/ the Coiled Sword Fragment, so if it had the Black Separation Crystal's ability to remove yourself from another players world that'd fit too.

        • Anonymous

          First thing on any build I do is level up int enough for this spell. Makes farming souls 100xs faster and retrieving souls when you're in over your head. You get to level 200 before reaching infinite item that takes its place. Well worth it.

          • Anonymous

            "Can not be used when engaged in combat, inside the room of a boss." Is this real? Then this spell is a rip off. You could bone out with Homeward Bone / Coiled Sword Fragment at any time except during invasion. Yeah, that means you can flee during combat or in a boss room, unless you are staggered (by taking hit) -- it will cancel the boning animation.

            • Anonymous

              Most use homeward bones but I always used this miracle when soul harvesting and equipment hunting. Cheaper and always at the ready.

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