Magic Barrier is a Miracle in Dark Souls 3. To cast a Miracle you must use a Chime, Talisman, or Special Weapons that can cast Miracles.

Magic Barrier

Spell Type


Focus ConsumptionFocus Cost 30
Attunement SlotsSlots Used 1
Requirements 15 Faith
Type Self Buff
Duration 45 seconds



Miracle of clerics who wield weapons.

Increases magic damage absorption by covering the body in a white protective coating.

There was a short period in history where clerics and sorcerers opposed one another. Thus it became necessary for even simple clerics to have some means of opposing magic.


Acquired From




Atonement  ♦  Blessed Weapon  ♦  Bountiful Light  ♦  Bountiful Sunlight  ♦  Caressing Tears  ♦  Dark Blade  ♦  Darkmoon Blade  ♦  Dead Again  ♦  Deep Protection  ♦  Divine Pillars of Light  ♦  Dorhy's Gnawing  ♦  Emit Force  ♦  Force  ♦  Gnaw  ♦  Great Heal  ♦  Great Lightning Spear  ♦  Great Magic Barrier  ♦  Heal  ♦  Heal Aid  ♦  Homeward  ♦  Lifehunt Scythe  ♦  Lightning Arrow  ♦  Lightning Blade  ♦  Lightning Spear  ♦  Lightning Stake  ♦  Lightning Storm  ♦  Med Heal  ♦  Projected Heal  ♦  Replenishment  ♦  Sacred Oath  ♦  Seek Guidance  ♦  Soothing Sunlight  ♦  Sunlight Spear  ♦  Tears of Denial  ♦  Vow of Silence  ♦  Way of White Corona  ♦  Wrath of the Gods


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    • Anonymous

      This would be extremely useful for Aldritch for faith builds except it's normally obtained after. You could of course slay Emma and do the dancer early to get it but that is not the intended path.

      • Anonymous

        DS3 magic barrier is crap compared to DS2's magic barrier. DS2's increased all elements not just magic and required one less faith (further reduced with the spices).

        • Anonymous

          Pyro's get Flash Sweat, Counters Pyro's, Clerics (or, faith/miracle builds) get this, to counter Sorcerer's, so, why don't Sorcerer's get a Lightning def buff?

          • Anonymous

            I freaking love this. Whenever i spot a Dusk's crown or Moonlight gs i pop this bad boi and any int builds falls apart. BTW equiping a +10 Simple wep while this spell last outdoes the fp lost from casting it similar to filianore's WA. Great stuff

            • Anonymous

              ...AFTER giving her the Braille Divine Tome of Lothric, for anyone wondering. Can't edit the wiki at the moment

              • Anonymous

                I guess I'm fine with this thing only reducing magic damage now, but it really needs to get it's AoE back so that you can provide support to your allies as well. It's very similar to flash sweat now except it doesn't help you run through lava. Just too niche to be hauling around everywhere.

                • Anonymous

                  In DkS 1 and 2 it was AoE buff, and allowed you to buff yourself and your allies nearby. What a shame, now you can cast it only on yourself, and it absorbs only magical damage. Useless spell (only used by tryhards who cant invest nuff points for GMB, when they are fighting sorc builds)...

                  • Anonymous

                    appears to only affect MAGIC damage resistance, appears to be 28%, with 32 faith and +4 sunlight talisman(buff power 135)

                    • Anonymous

                      gained from braille tome in lothric castle. near boss fog, drop down at broken railing. it is nearby in the next room.

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