Gnaw is a Miracle in Dark Souls 3. To cast a Miracle you must use a Talisman/Chime or Special Weapons that can cast Miracles.


Spell Type


Focus ConsumptionFocus Cost 15
Attunement SlotsSlots Used 1
Requirements 18 Faith
Type Ranged Attack



Dark miracle taught in the Cathedral of the Deep.

Summons insect swarm to feast on foes.

These insects which lurk in the Deep have tiny jaws lined with fangs to tear open the skin and burrow into the flesh in the blink of an eye, causing intense bleeding.


Acquired From




  • This Spell Inflicts Dark Damage and Bleed Buildup.
  • The Dark Damage scales with the Spellbuff of the chosen Catalyst:
  • Applies 130 Points of Bleed buildup.
    • This bleed buildup is a fixed value, and does not scale with Luck, Faith, or Intelligence.
  • Fires a single spinning "swarm" projectile, Dorhy's Gnawing fires two. 
  • Sped up in regulation 1.08 and again in 1.11.
  • Approx 1.4 secods to cast at max casting speed.
  • Deals (spell buff x 0.9) damage.
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    • Anonymous

      22 Sep 2018 07:13  

      It's a shame this spell isn't just a tad bit faster. It would give you a reason to pick it over Dorhys Gnawing in certain situations, but since they have the same speed it virtually makes this spell redundant once you get Dorhys Gnawing.

      • Anonymous

        Spell Animation + Testing15 Apr 2016 04:50  

        For anyone who thinks the spell sounds SUPER cool, it's the same spell the fat ladies cast in Undead Settlement. That is to say, it does not look like a whole lot.In PvP, the spell is almost entirely useless, as the spell has some wind up, the particle moves very slow, and the range is medium (it will dissipate completely at a certain range).Tested on a few monsters with shields, and the bleed build up is still significant, but not enough to spam the spell given its mana cost.Without Sage Ring (regular version) for reduced cast time, this spell has an incredibly slow cast speed. Enough so that most enemies will close the distance either just before or right after the cast goes off. This spell does not seem to stagger most enemies.

        • Anonymous

          mage01 Apr 2016 20:10  

          Thinking about putting 18 faith for this spell in my mage build. Hopefully there will be a good staff or something to have it scale with Int instead since my int will be really high.

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