Lightning Arrow is a Miracle in Dark Souls 3. To cast a Miracle you must use a Talisman/Chime or Special Weapons that can cast Miracles. It is included in the The Ringed City.

Lightning Arrow

Spell Type


Focus ConsumptionFocus Cost 19
Attunement SlotsSlots Used 1
Requirements 35 Faith
Type Ranged Attack



The few female knights who serve in the age of the gods used this miracle for dragonslaying.

Draw lightning bow to fire a lightning arrow. 

The lightning arrows offer a great improvement to the range of the spears, and were said to have been used to pierce the eyes of the dragons from afar.
But remember, beautiful stories are always marked by embellishment.


Acquired From

  • The Ringed City: After fighting the dragon after the Shared Grave bonfire, it's just inside the building next to the stairs with crystal lizard, behind 3 illusory walls. You can hear a enemy crumbling noise. Video Location




  • The spell can be held indefinitely by holding down the button.
  • If the player uses Unfaltering Prayer, this effect can too be extended indefinitely.
    • A quick follow-up cast will continue the poise effect. This can be chained indefinitely (L2>L1>L1...).
  • Does not deal any extra point-blank damage. However, it serves as an excelent gun-point spell.
  • The bow itself seems to resemble a Dragonslayer Greatbow, albeit much smaller.
  • Takes approximately 1.0 seconds to cast at max casting speed.
  • Deals (spell buff x 1.6) damage, making it stronger than lightning spear but weaker than great lightning spear.
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    • Anonymous

      10 May 2021 10:53  

      Everytime we said how useless lightning spears were as the proyectiles they SHOULD be, the typical butthurts say "lightning spears are better at close range, better damage, no need to use it from afar, point blank range, bla bla bla"

      Well, look who's gonna get fckd trying to get close against this spell.

      • 30 Apr 2021 02:09  

        This spell, like many others have said, is VERY good. I've seen a lot of people just spam this without any real thought so I thought I'd leave a tip. If your opponent like to roll a lot, unlock and then re-lock on whenever he's out of his roll, then fire the lightning arrow the moment you're angled correctly. It should hit. This is VERY useful for roll spammers. This spell is also amazing for punishing estus. Although if you have a short spell casting time I would argue sunlight spear might be better, even lightning stake if you're close enough.

        • Anonymous

          02 Dec 2020 16:05  

          If you're going to optimize any build really, you aren't going to just stop at base requirements. You'll want to hit 45-60 for damage efficiency. At optimum FTH, Lightning Arrow beats Lightning Spear in damage and FP cost, while it beats Great Lightning Spear in damage per FP point, If you're pedantic about FP efficiency, Lightning Arrow even beats out Sunlight Spear. Example; given 100 FP which is enough for 2 Sunlight Spears or 5 Lightning Arrows, the spears give you a little over 1k damage, while the arrows net you 1.5k. You will need another Sunlight Spear to match that. Given that you can poise cast and get the 75% extra damage from point blank spears, they are supposed to be the ranged spells of miracles. Why create a spell for the DLC that beats all others in numbers?

          • Anonymous

            22 Sep 2020 14:17  

            Turns out holding a cast is really op in pvp. Especially combined with unfaltering it turns into a game of chicken. Your opponent can either go for the trade, but will be hit for sure, or try to duke you, wich is harder than it looks because this thing has a large AoE combined with near relativistic speeds compared your average miracle. It's fast, it's got range and it enables mind games. What's not to love?

            • Anonymous

              07 Aug 2020 13:16  

              No one ever bothered to write down that LA tracks enemies without locking on? It’s literally one of the selling points and why it’s really useful for Midir, since it will always go for his head if possible, or his arms if you aimed too far to either side.

              This is basically a better gls, with less fp and auto-aim. The only downside being that it only excels at range, and is not meant to be used up close.

              • 08 Jul 2020 12:52  

                || The few female knights who serve in the age of the gods used this miracle for dragonslaying. ||
                || Draw lightning bow to fire a lightning arrow. ||
                || The lightning arrows offer a great improvement to the range of the spears, and were said to have been used to pierce the eyes of the dragons from afar. ||
                > || But remember, beautiful stories are always marked by embellishment. ||

                Just had to get that one in there didn't they? That's just so sad.

                • Anonymous

                  11 Jun 2020 01:58  

                  Fun fact: This miracle can be true comboed into,if you catch someone with it while they're in range of your straight sword(LKS) you can get off you LKS's true combo.

                  • Anonymous

                    28 May 2020 09:13  

                    Is this good just with 35 faith I am building a str faith build and I don't want to put levels on faith too much

                    • Anonymous

                      03 May 2020 07:47  

                      So we have to beat the entire game, killing all the lords of cinder or sister Friede to get to the DLC, only have to kill the demon princes and suffer through the ringed city to get a decent faith projectile. ***** you, Miyazaki

                      • Anonymous

                        23 Jun 2019 22:52  

                        Same guy as the comment below: Emit force is an okay spell, let's not act like it's a hidden gem. Obviously I'm talking free aiming as that's the way to use it. It comes across as trash unless you're tailored for it, it only does good damage if you're at 60+ faith using yorshka's chime at max casting speed, more specifically on direct contact. The aoe isn't as viable as the guy below is making it out to be, it's not a guaranteed roll catch or anything, it's kinda just luck based unless the person is panic rolling in the same direction consistently. The wake up is fast enough that it's not a guaranteed punish either, more specifically with LSt. LSta might be quick enough to punish the wake up, but for LSt you'd have to be right next to them as they fall to the ground and immediately cast to be able to hit them even at max casting speed. LSt is pretty slow, it's easy to spam roll away or run if you see it coming.

                        • Anonymous

                          23 Jun 2019 22:36  

                          Honestly, i personally agree that in certain circumstances LA can be OP. But i wouldn't change it since there're easy work arounds. The Lightning Lothric Shield just trivializes miracle offensive builds. It's specifically when the person has 60+ faith and is using unfaltering prayer, it's really just impossible to do anything about without switching my gear around. Pretty much anything else i can work around with whatever i may be using, not LA, though i know there's a spot up close where you will never be hit. I think you just roll directly into them once you manage to get up close? I don't agree at all with that "1.5k hours experience" "expert" when they say it's only useful in pvp... it does equal damage to GLS, but less FP cost. I pretty much always have this spell on me. Great for both pve and pvp. It's annoying seeing people boasting about time played like that isn't literally just a result of you playing over years since it's been out. It's like, yeah, i get on and play ds3 for hours everyday too, it's part of my daily routine, not anything special. Doesn't make your opinion more valid, especially since you only need to play for a limited time before your know-how just kinda caps anyways. Once you know the mechanics, you know them.

                          • Anonymous

                            23 Mar 2019 15:58  

                            Guys, if you have the reqs, GET A LIGHTNING LOTHRIC KNIGHT SHIELD TO COUNTER THIS AND LITERALLY ALL OFFENSIVE MIRACLES. Absolutly neuters faith builds. Obviously you can still be guard broken, so be careful and mind your stamina.

                            • Anonymous

                              24 Feb 2019 11:02  

                              One of the best offensive miracles in ds3 I have defeated Midir twice with this badass only on NG & NG+ with yorshka's chime +9 60 fth and lighting clutch ring it dealt about 364 dmg per hit and with its very low FP consumption it is without doubt one of the best miracles in this game in PVE & also in PVP along with the Lightning Storm and Sacred Aoth that adds 10% AR and defense are the center of my Dex/Fth Lothric build

                              • Anonymous

                                01 Dec 2018 01:17  

                                What counter is there to someone unfaltering prayer casting this? I thought my great farron dart could cast faster than this, but it was a trade each time... Honestly don't know what to do, i can't get close either...

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