Unfaltering Prayer


Temporarily increase poise while casting miracles, preventing enemy attacks from interrupting prayer. Works while equipped in either hand.


Unfaltering Prayer is a Skill in Dark Souls 3.



Weapons That Have Unfaltering Prayer



Notes & Information

  • Unfaltering Prayer grants the player increased poise and allows them to continue casting their miracles without being interupted while taking damage, thus making clerics useful in the midst of combat (PvP or PvE). The amount of Poise depends on the Tailsman being used.
    • Saint's Talisman - 30 poise health
    • Talisman, Sunless Talisman, Canvas Talisman - 60 poise health
    • Sunlight Talisman - 120 poise health
  • Only Talismans have this Skill as they are more combat oriented than Sacred Chimes.
  • Like Perseverance, poise the spell gives is fixed and unaffected by armor, so a player armor and a player with no armor at all will both take the same amount of punishment.




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    • Anonymous

      Why in the world did from think it was a good idea to make the poise in the art not go to the next spell you cast!?

      • Anonymous

        I've notice that it only blocks one attack usually, and that half way through the activation of the miracle you will lose the poise but keep the glow.So for example, if you use lightning spear your poise will last until your character goes through the throwing motion, but if hit while throwing your lightning it will be cancelled. Lightning stake seems to poise through the entire move., but can still be cancelled with 2 hits.

        • Anonymous

          Noticed that if you roll or jump instantly after you start to cast with this weapon art it still consumes FP,(just the amount for the Weapon Art, not the miracle) you still glow and it makes the noise of the cast. Anyone do any testing to see if you still get the hyper armor while canceling the miracle? If so it could be useful for weapons that don't have a hyper armor boost. I tried it with canceling WotG and rolling into an attack while attacking with my Dragonslayer Spear but it didn't seem to have any hyper armor effect. Perhaps i wasn't getting hit soon enough after casting. Let me know if anyone else out there gives this a try and has different results. If not maybe its just a way fake out PVPers, keep em on their toes before knocking them off their feet.

          • Does anybody know how the poise increase works? I still get stunned by normal attacks from enemies like the Pontiff Knights, even after the yellow glow and the startup of the spell

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