Assume a holding stance to rapidly execute a lunging slash with normal attack, or a deflecting parry with strong attack. 

(Uchigatana, Washing Pole, Black Blade, Chaos Blade)

Assume a holding stance in which a normal attack sends a shockwave along the earth, and a strong attack commences a series of slashes. (Frayed Blade)

icon fp cost Varies

Hold is a Skill in Dark Souls 3.



Weapons That Have Hold


Notes & Information

  • The light attack is a Nukiuchi attack, a wide swing that is excellent for hitting several enemies at once. It also causes many enemies to get knocked down. The strong attack activates a parry. However, the timing is different from other parries, the katana has to be completely raised upwards for the parry frames to be active. This makes it very different from other parries since you have to use it in advance.
    • The Chaos Blade however, (supposedly) shares the parry profile for fist weapons, which start earlier and last for more frames, making it among the best parry weapons in the game.
      • Specifically, the Chaos Blade parry window (supposedly) begins on frame 9 and lasts for a full 9 frames, giving it an earlier startup (starts on frame 9 vs 13) and longer active time (9 vs 4 frames) than other katanas.

  • When parrying with Hold the player gain 50 absorption for short time, similar to Stomp.
  • Frayed Blade's version of Hold is completely different and unique. The light attack release a shockwave that travels across the ground and deals dark damage. The strong attack is a flurry of lightning fast katana swings that can build up Bleed incredibly quickly. The light attack is parriable if the player parries the sword; the strong attack cannot be parried.




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    • Anonymous

      The parrying feels the same with each weapon, and is consistently easier to land than medium shields. I don't understand this page's anecdotal info. Why would they would make the CB parry differently from the others without the item description saying anything?

      • Anonymous

        It costs FP, you need to press 2 different buttons, and you also need to get the timing right... ON TOP OF LATENCY. People keep saying its actually great once you get the hang of it, but that doesn't change the fact you can still miss a parry and be punished for it. FromSoft has done the katana parry no favors by stacking two more barriers on top of a mechanic that requires timing+prediction AND still has to fight against net quality. Still easily the worst parry of all[.]

        • Anonymous

          Sorry, I’m probably just a bit thic, but does this only take effect when 2 handing? I kind of don’t get these skills

          • Anonymous

            The fp on the party only affects the katanas absorption on parry which is in the wikis description... In all honesty to me all parrying tools seem stupidly similar (except parrying dagger, it's great but all prediction no reaction, amazing tool on the readable though)... If you like katanas it's worth learning the timing for the parry, for the absorption on a wiff alone... The mix ups get much more interesting and you'll actually intimidate people in your seen stances, cheers

            • Anonymous

              So according to those tables on the info pages of some small parrying shields, the katana parry is actually the worst on top of costing FP. Is that info wrong or outdated? If not... WHY?

              • Anonymous

                I feel it's pretty tricky to pull off a parry with a hold. I think one reason people can't figure it out too well is because you have to use a hold with an R2 and not an R1, maybe? The former being a bit more risky from my experience. The fact of the matter is, knowing when to strike with a hold is a bit of a guessing game itself since a hold can be still blocked.

                • Anonymous

                  To practice using the hold skill it would be best against the Lothric Knights in the beginning of the game. What you can do is level up health and get used to the game first, though that advice if for newcomers of the game. Lothric knights are an early advanced enemy that'll teach you the meaning of blocking, dodging, and of course parrying. In my usage of the hold skill I've found out that the parry frames start out when the sword has almost to completely clears the scabbard. During the swinging motion is when the parry frames are active. Recovery is when the sword is above the head and you see the subtle "rest" that the character has. When that slight animation is over that's when you're able to either dodge, reposte, or heal. Keep in mind of the reposte frames. after you've parried (using hold skill) to have recover, then you have time to switch weapons to then reposte. That is the way I have used the parry skill. This is not 100% accurate so practice is needed to find your sweet spot for when to parry for your frames to activate. Think of this as a rough sketch when using the hold skill, so you're not going in blind if you're a new player or a vet going into parry for the first time. As a quick run down to remember as you're playing that way you don't have to keep looking at this post, is that when you character swipes the sword, it's like it's swiping away the attack. So you see that the swiping starts when the katana clears the scabbard. Parry is swiping away the attack, just remember that and you'll have an easier time when using the hold skill including regular parry. here to help- Jester

                  • Anonymous

                    From what i've seen (after testing against several undead) is that it's parry frames start arround the same time a normal sheild's would (give or take maybe an 1/8 of a second). The parry frames seem to start once the blade is risen above the player's head, and end once the blade has stopped moving. It seems to have fewer parry frames however.

                    • Anonymous

                      Hi i want to mention that actually the Hold, light attack can be made into a combo of 3 quick strikes, FP gets burned only for the first wide slash and next 2 following attacks will deal extreme damage and will be a lot quicker than usual attacks. Give it a try and became a real samurai!

                      • Anonymous

                        How do you parry with this? Is the parry timing similar to the other parry weapons? I don't understand how you parry with this skill.

                        • Anonymous

                          I don't tend to parry, but I'm curious if the parry from this skill is better than an average shield (hoping so since this costs fp and takes a bit more focus/time)

                          • Anonymous

                            What the difference in movement without FP ? The movement can still be performed but what are the différences ? Doing less damage for the slash ? Does the parry wok with no FP ?

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