Parting Flame

parting flame


Release store of death echoes to gain a modest dose of Estus.

icon fp cost 25

Parting Flame is a Skill in Dark Souls 3.



Weapons That Have Parting Flame



Notes & Information

  • For every enemy the player kills, they will be granted a "death echo". When the player kills 12 enemies, a yellow mist will form on your character, indicating that the skill is ready. If the skill button is pressed, the player will kneel, raise their hands to the sky, and then restore one Estus Flask.
  • You can only refill your regular Estus Flask with this weapon art, the Ashen Estus Flask is not affected by it in any way, even if you allot all your estus to the Ashen Flask, in which case you would just be wasting your echoes, and gaining nothing.
  • The Parting Flame must be in one of your hands at all times; if it is swapped out, the counter will reset. Going through a loading screen (be it by dying, teleporting, being summoned, invading, etc) will also make you lose all the death echoes you didn't spend, no matter the outcome. However, resting at a bonfire will NOT reset the counter.
  • The animation takes about 5 seconds to complete and it cannot be cancelled in any way.
  • The charges cannot be stacked. So for example, the player will not gain two Estus Flasks for killing 24 enemies or three Estus Flasks for killing 36 enemies.
  • It is not yet known if another player's death can generate death echoes.
  • As an invader, non-player enemy deaths in other players' worlds will cause death echoes to build up.
  • As of patch 1.14, there is a glitch which allows the player to fully regenerate all estus charges using this skill. After activating skill, you can activate it again immediately after the animation ends, and once again receive the full effect of the skill. This can be repeated indefinitely, as the skill costs no stamina and works even after running out of FP. However, the initial cast does require FP.
  • Although 25 FP is used per activation, the skill can still be used if you have at least 12 FP. (The Handmaid's Dagger recovers 1 FP per hit and similarly the Executioner's Greatsword recovers 6 FP per kill, making both weapons viable sidearms in this sense.)




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