Shield Bash


Without lowering your guard, strike the enemy with the shield to knock them back or stagger them. Works while equipped in either hand. 

(Plank Shield/Ghru Rotshield/Pierce Shield/Lothric Knight Greatshield/Cathedral Knight Greatshield/Dragonslayer Greatshield/Yhorm's Greatshield/Black Iron Greatshield/Stone Greatshield)

Without lowering your guard, give the enemy a good shove with the shameful pig's snout.
Works while equipped in either hand.

(Porcine Shield)


Shield Bash is a Skill in Dark Souls 3.



Weapons That Have Shield Bash



Notes & Information

  • Despite its description, your guard actually does become inactive the instant you cast it. Using this skill in the midst of your enemy's R1 combo will simply get you stunlocked and nothing more - you have to use it in advance. The skill becomes "active" once you've landed the shield squarely on the ground, and it blocks all attacks afterwards, even if your stamina is 0.
  • The Spiked Shield has a Shield Strike weapon art, similar to shield bash but this variant deals bleed damage.




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    • Anonymous

      most broken WA, imho. I use this to defend against Ledo's WA and my HP didn't decrease at all while I inflicted some damage to Ledo. don't use this to fight against humanoid enemy unless you want your fight to become boring.

      • Anonymous

        Does the part where "becomes "active"" & "it blocks all attacks afterwards, even if your stamina is 0" also apply to the Spike Shield's version of this WA?

        • Anonymous

          This works great for heavy armored strength builds. It can easily deal around 350 damage and completely blocks incomming hits after the shield hits the ground without using stamina. It is very good to punish people who try to guardbreak you with a kick because if you predict them right you can start the bash when they start their kick and will definitely hit and stagger them long enough to counter.

          • Anonymous

            I actually use shield bash a whole lot, even in PvP, and its surprisingly effective. However, I do wish landing a solid bash on people just knocked them flat on their asses.

            • Anonymous

              Is there ANY point to this weapon art? Is it even useful on greatshields, let alone the medium and small shields unfortunate enough to have it?

              • Anonymous

                I have a theory that shield bashes act much like black knight weapons and can break poise of bosses and open them for riposts.I would love to test that out but i dont know on who and how...

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