Repel an attack at the right time to follow up with a critical hit. Works while equipped in either hand.


Parry is a Skill in Dark Souls 3.


Weapons That Have Parry

Parryable Bosses

Notes & Information

  • Jumping/Plunging attacks performed by players cannot be parried under any circumstances.
  • When two-handed, R1 and R2 attacks from Ultra Greatswords, Greataxes, and Great Hammers cannot be parried.
    • Two-handed rolling and running R1 attacks from these weapons can still be parried.
    • Curved Greatsword R2 attacks cannot be parried.
  • Some parry related experiments can be found
  • The Parrying Dagger is the only dagger that allows you to parry while in either hand.
  • The weapons with shortest wind up before parry frames are active are fist weapons and your bare hands Bare-handed parries can only be used when the player has no weapons equipped in either hand.
  • Fist weapons have a small number of instability frames after their parry frame window ends, causing you to take extra damage from attacks if you parry too early.
  • Whips cannot be parried in any way.




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    • Anonymous

      02 Jun 2019 10:44  

      Parrying is a bad mechanic, probably one of the biggest design flaws in Soulsborne. Why? Because it utterly trivializes some fights to the point that they resemble quicktime events. Watch a video of the Champ Gundyr or Suly fights without parrying, then watch them with parrying. It's also utterly cancerous for PVP; a SINGLE well-timed input should not automatically hand you the win, ESPECIALLY in a multiplayer environment as laggy as DS. We would be better off if parrying was reworked for a more balanced risk/reward ratio, because***** is wack. I'm sure some half-literate dolt will be butthurt that I'm daring to insult such an integral mechanic which they rely on as a crutch and tell me to 'git gud'.....when my entire point is that parrying makes the game way too cheesy/easy.

      • Anonymous

        02 Jun 2019 00:01  

        I think they mean that if Lorian is parried then you can't follow with a riposte. You can riposte Lorian only if he's poise broken

        • Anonymous

          22 Dec 2018 09:14  

          Okay 1st of all I like to meet good players. But this is deferentially something broken. I don't mind good parrying but you basically can parry everything even when you use ultra great swords you just get stubbed in the back...... So ya either way you f....d. Just a tip if you see player with parrying shield they typically do nothing and wait for you to attack them..... So much fun Okay. I mean parrying is OKAY but stabbing in the back during skill move or swinging ultra sword is pure bs. And also what kind of PvP players load their stats before battle lmao. You load it in fight NOT before of course it be easy kill when you boost like 3 thing lmao PvP my a.. I rather invade.

          • Anonymous

            06 Dec 2018 03:08  

            Why do so many people send hate mail after they get back stabbed for parry spamming? In short try git gud.

            • Anonymous

              27 May 2018 05:08  

              How to master parrying in 3 steps:
              starting with the assassin,
              1. Parry/Riposte the grave warden without getting hurt, there is one by the first bonfire
              2. Parry/Riposte the tutorial gundry without getting hurt until it starts its 2nd phase. 2nd phase is optional.
              3. Parry/Riposte the sword master without getting hurt
              Once you master that, you should be able to parry anything and begin your journey to parry perfection.

              • Anonymous

                23 Mar 2018 16:54  

                To clarify, Parrying frames form weapons in offhand works different from right hand weapons. Both timing and collision windows are different. It is confirmed.

                • Anonymous

                  31 Jan 2018 14:35  

                  If you're playing, and you're in an R1 spam, typically pressing L2 after getting hit twice will net you a parry (assuming they continue spamming and depending on your parry tool), but sometimes you press L2 and the parry doesn't come out, and you just stand there and get hit more.

                  When you're trying to parry, to ensure that the parry comes out, press L2 for a little longer and harder.
                  Sometimes you hold L2 for too short of a time and don't actually meet the time to activate it while being staggered.

                  If you don't understand what I mean, try getting hit, and then rolling or parrying just before you get out of the staggered animation. You tried rolling despite not being in the unstaggered state, but you still rolled as soon as you got out of it.

                  Sometimes you just don't press hard enough, and it doesn't activate the parry.

                  • Anonymous

                    18 Jan 2018 23:01  

                    I strongly suggest anyone who is thinking about parrying to actually do it.

                    It helps not only in PvE but also in PvP as most lower levels (Below 150 i'd say) just rush you and spam r1 with their sword, which is a godly target for people that love parrying.

                    • Anonymous

                      17 Jan 2018 04:37  

                      It should probably be noted somewhere that kicks cannot be parried (obviously), but attempting to parry a kick will result in a partial parry.

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