Repel an attack at the right time to follow up with a critical hit. Works while equipped in either hand.


Parry is a Skill in Dark Souls 3 that allows you to deflect most melee attacks if timed properly, leaving your opponent in a vulnerable state and allowing you to follow up with a Riposte for incredible damage. The exact timing varies depending on the parrying tool being used and the opponent's weapon, but in general, you want to initiate a Parry just before the opponent's attack would hit you.


Shields That Can Parry

Weapons That Can Parry

Parryable Bosses

Notes & Information

  • Jumping/Plunging attacks performed by players cannot be parried under any circumstances.
  • When two-handed, R1 and R2 attacks from Ultra Greatswords, Greataxes, and Great Hammers cannot be parried.
    • Two-handed rolling and running R1 attacks from these weapons can still be parried.
    • The Pickaxe can still be parried, even when two-handed
  • Curved Greatsword R2 attacks cannot be parried.
  • Whips cannot be parried in any way.
  • The Parrying Dagger is the only dagger that allows you to parry while in either hand.
  • The weapons with shortest wind up before parry frames are active are fist weapons and your bare hands. Bare-handed parries can only be used when the player has no weapons equipped in either hand.
  • Katanas have the smallest window of active parry frames out of any parrying tool
  • Fist weapons have a small number of instability frames after their parry frame window ends, causing you to take extra damage from attacks if you parry too early.
  • When parrying with a shield, there is a small window of time before and after the active parry frames, during which you will still be partially protected from attacks that hit your shield. If you are hit by an attack during this window, you will suffer damage and stamina loss as if you had blocked the attack normally, but you will not be staggered. This is often referred to as a Partial Parry. These can also be achieved if an attack that cannot be parried - such as a projectile - hits your shield during either this window or the active parry frames.
  • It is possible to parry an attack that hits you from behind, but the timing and positioning required to do so is far more precise.




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    • Anonymous

      23 Nov 2020 02:49  

      Does Lewellyn Shield and Buckler have same exact amount of parry frames? I've read that only Buckler, Small Leather and Target shields are the only REAL parry shields. But in the menu, they all say Small Shield with Parry as the skill, even though the three I mentioned have slightly different animations.

      • Anonymous

        21 Nov 2020 17:20  

        I have found that the best place to practice parrying is on the drakeblood knight NPC in Archdragon Peak. He uses lots of attacks that you will see in pvp and respawns so you can fight him as many times as you want.

        • Anonymous

          02 Oct 2020 11:05  

          So basically the timing of parries depends on the number of parry frames each weapon/shield and when they are active in the parry animation. Parry shields and the Parrying Dagger have the same number of parry frames, but the timing when those frames go active is different. Parry shields begin early, so there is leeway to react on reflex. The Parrying Dagger requires you to bait or more accurately predict enemy attacks because its parry frames are active towards the end of its animation, meaning you need to start the parry earlier. That all said, you have to catch an attack during these active frames with correct timing. Medium shields, Curved Swords, and FGS have the most basic parries with 6 parry framesthat starts a little after halfway thru their parry animation. Other parry classes are generally better with more active parry frames, though their timings are slightly different. The worst one ever is the Katana parry, which not only requires FP to perform, but even more precise timing, since it only has FOUR active parry frames. Props to anyone who can pull it off. Also it's stupid how the Parry Frames table is absent from the dedicated info page meant for Parrying.

          • Anonymous

            20 Aug 2020 04:49  

            I got parried by a caestus while doing the air spin 3rd l1 attack... so I guess that move isn’t considered a plunge attack or is it the dagger that got caught by the parried?

            • Anonymous

              25 Jun 2020 04:13  

              Seriously THAT MUCH people complain about a skill that counter their r1 spamming? If you feel humiliated about been killed over and over thanks to parry learn how to counter it, cause say that is a mechanic that deserve to be removed from the game just Make look frustrated and even weaker Ahahahaha
              With love, a guy who dont use it cause dont know how to properly use it but dont complain <3

              • Anonymous

                12 Jun 2020 21:48  

                without being made fun of, can someone tell me where a good place to practice parrying would be? I've been trying to use more humanoid enemies like the Silver Knights and Lothric Knights, but the timings to their attacks are deliberately varied to ***** with the exact thing I'm trying to practice (like how Nameless King's attacks are uncomfortably slow and weird to dodge until you get used to it). Dark Wraiths are also annoying with their constant grabbing and kicking. I'm just trying to get better at this mechanic since I've never touched it in any series, and with how poise works in 3, I basically have to learn this mechanic to outwit people spamming R1 with the Zweihander or various hammers/clubs. I'm a squishy mage with a MLGS and I can't trade for***** and I'm honestly tired of losing because of the way poise works in this game.

                • Anonymous

                  01 Jun 2020 11:01  

                  Stop. Spamming. The. Attack. Button. You. Idiot. Srsly, ppl say parry makes the game too easy, as if spamming ss r1s didn't do it first. Parry requires skill and timing, spamming requires a fking finger movement.

                  • Anonymous

                    31 May 2020 00:54  

                    Huh the guy who invaded me who keeps spamming emotes just pulled out an iron round shield and dagger, I wonder what he's up to

                    • Anonymous

                      15 May 2020 11:09  

                      Seriously is everyone so afraid to make counter arguments? All you guys do is press the dislike button. Pathetic.

                      • Anonymous

                        08 May 2020 17:38  

                        This mechanism - that clearly is meant only for weaklings - needs to be removed from the game. Fight me casuals.

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