Champion Gundyr

champion gundyr enemies dark souls 3 wiki guide
hp souls Location
4956 60,000 Untended Graves
Drops  Soul of Champion Gundyr
Weak Resistant Immune
icon strikedef Strike
icon lightningbonus Lightning
icon frostres.pngFrost
icon wp bleed Bleed
icon slashdef Slash
icon poisonres.pngPoison/Toxic

Champion Gundyr is a Boss in Dark Souls 3. This Dark Souls 3 Champion Gundyr Guide features locations, strategies and videos on how to defeat Champion Gundyr easily, as well as tips, weaknesses, trivia and lore notes for the Champion Gundyr boss.

Champion Gundyr is a different version of Iudex Gundyr, however he utilizes the same moveset as Iudex Gundyr with the addition of new attacks. He is much more aggressive than he was in the Cemetery of Ash. After being brought down to a certain health threshold, rather than undergoing a physical transformation, his eyes glow red and begins attacking the player much more aggressively.

With a quicker and stronger offensive than when previously encountered, players should be careful of overextending and overestimating their window for counterattacking. This boss is optional and only required for "The End of Fire" ending. You can also find Black Knights after defeating the boss as well as the Coiled Sword Fragment, and Hornet Ring. Players can summon Sword Master to help them fight this enemy (must have defeated Sword Master NPC outside of Firelink Shrine). His summon sign can be found just in front of the boss fog.

Bosses are unique and challenging Enemies that drop Boss Souls capable of being transformed into powerful Weapons, Spells, and Items for the player.


Dark Souls 3 Champion Gundyr Location

Where to find Champion Gundyr in Dark Souls 3?


Champion Gundyr Drops

What do you get from defeating Champion Gundyr in Dark Souls 3?

  • Souls: NG (45,000) | NG+ (90,000) | NG++ (99,000) | NG+3 (135,000) | NG+6 (139,988) | NG+7 (153,000)
  • Co-Op Souls: NG (15,000)
  • Soul of Champion Gundyr
  • After defeating him, his armor set can be bought from Shrine Handmaid for 36,000 souls total.


Champion Gundyr Notes & Tips

What should you know about fighting Champion Gundyr in Dark Souls 3?

  • While entering the boss fight, he kneels at the center of the boss fight arena. Approaching him will trigger the fight.
  • Deals Standard Damage.
  • Parryable: Yes. Can also be riposted after a successful parry.
    Parry note: If using twinblades such as sellsword with a buff, its better to dual wield after a parry and spam L1
    Tested: Sellsword +10 twinblades w/ flame buff parry: 720 damage with l1 spam dual-wield :1450   AR with buff: 480


Champion Gundyr Stats

Playthrough NG NG + NG ++ NG +3 NG +4 NG +5 NG +6 NG +7
Health 4,956 6,265 6,891 7,204 7,518 8,144 8,457 8,771
Damage Type Standard Strike Slash Thrust Magic Fire Lightning Dark
Absorptions 18% 15% 21% 19% 12% 10% -12% 5%


Dark Souls 3 Champion Gundyr Boss Guide & Strategies

DS3 Champion Gundyr Video Strategies



Below are video strategies from our Youtube Partners:

Dark Souls 3 Champion Gundyr Attacks

First Phase (Champion behaves as Iudex Gundyr)
Attack Name Attack Description
Slash into Large Slam Winds up spin, holds halberd behind, then smashes, lifting quickly, throwing rocks and knocking up
Stab into Smash Stabs, winds up smash, smashes ground
Smash into Slash Smashes ground, winds up slash, slashes
Double Slash Spin attack, twice
Double Stab into Smash Stab attack, twice; holds 
Double Slam Slow smash attack, twice
Gundyr Grab Opens his palm, grabbing anyone in reach.  Follows into being stabbed through his halberd and thrown a large distance.
Jumping Smash Hops a short distance, stabbing the ground
Sidekick Executes kick in direction of player (Must be to his side or behind)
Second Phase (Champion's eyes glow red)
Attack Name Attack Description
Charge (x3) into slash Charges, dealing three ticks, into fast slash
Double Slash into Slam Two fast slashes, into a charging smash
Sprint Slam Sprints, jumps and smashes the ground
Stab, Punch, Slice Stab Stabs, punches with left hand into a fast upwards slice, wind-up stab
Punch, Lifting upwards slice, Shoulder Smash Punches with left, upwards slice (which can knock-up), into fast shoulder smash

Note:  Typically, the attacks in his first phase are pairs, whereas the combos in the second are trios. 


How to parry (with small shield)

  • Jump and slice move. Keep your eyes on his legs. When he is at the top of his jump or just about to start deciding hit the parry button.
  • Two pokes and a smash. Avoid or tank the pokes and when he smashes hit the parry button as soon as the weapon starts to come down from above his head.
  • Slowly starting swipes. Two versions. One starts little lower and other little higher. He moves his halberd to his left side (your right) and the tip of the blade is in his right side (your left). Keep your eyes on the blade part and as soon as the swipe starts, hit the parry button. It is easy to parry too soon.
  • Phase two charge+swipe. Usually the first move he does after he buffs. Stay so far that you avoid the tip of his weapon when he charges straight at you, and when he starts to twist his body for the swipe hit the parry button.

How to fight and beat Champion Gundyr

Strategy 1 (Melee)

One of the most efficient ways of dealing with him is by parrying. His moveset is similar to Gwyn's, in a sense, as it seems he has an endless flurry of rapid attacks, leaving barely any time to attack. The easiest attack to parry is his forward jab-like attack, which can be baited out by standing about the length of his weapon away from him. He is stunned for a long time after a parry, you can usually hit him once, then riposte, then hit him again before rolling away. Another useful strategy for the first phase is to keep a lot of distance between him and bait his long jump attack, which is easy to roll attack into.When he buffs, any other attack besides his jab becomes extremely difficult to parry. Attacking only once per opening and dodging precisely should work well for the remainder of the fight.

In conjunction with the above, and the other melee strategies on here, the below is a playbook of tips on how to beat Champion Gundyr, which is formulated based off of very potent strategies used by people who successfully run every boss at SL 1, with no damage. That means these tips should work fantastically for a typical-strength character. Here goes:

  1. Gundyr will open up with a jumping attack, which more likely happens if you do not try to rush him. This jumping attack has a different dodge timing than his other jumping attacks, so pay attention when he is coming at you, and don't use the same roll timing as his other leaping attack.
  2. The tip of Gundyr's Halberd moves very fast. DO NOT use the blade to try to dodge, like his eccentric body movements. Instead, use anywhere from his blade hand, to about halfway up his weapon to time your dodges. You will be more successful this way.
  3. He likes to make slight vertical increases in his positioning before he hits, as well. Do NOT pay attention to this behavior. This is a ruse, meant to throw off the player. Just watch his Halberd, his back-kick, and his open hand, and you will be absolutely fine.
  4. When Gundyr is open for an attack, he will start to seek the player, turning around. He is also open when he does a heavy attack, but be prepared to roll quickly. 
  5. Gundyr has combinations as long as about six attacks. The player should expect a strong going maximum of ten, which is the peak number for the Nameless King, to be safe. The player should not be lulled into complacency. 
  6. When Gundyr does his running spin attack, roll over his left shoulder, where his empty hand is, and in the diagonal direction. 
  7. Do not think that the Sword Master will carry you in this fight, at all. The Sword Master will only get down maybe 1/8th of Gundyr's health, but he is useful as a distraction.
  8. An effective tactic is to keep the Grass Crest Shield in the secondary shield slot, and quickly switch to it to cure your stamina. Wearing the Chloranthy Ring really optimizes this. Both items are very easy to get, so if the player is too under-leveled, it makes sense to make the very fast trip to get these items.
  9. If you need to heal, be about 80% of the distance of the arena away from Gundyr, and make sure you hit the Estus button when the last attack of his combo finishes. Otherwise, you will be paying one or two Estus per opening, and this is not economical for surviving the fight.
  10. Try to conserve your Estus until Champion Gundyr loses about 35% of his health, and buffs into a red-eyed version of himself. 
  11. Using more than one Estus Flask, even back to back, will get you hit with a very high probability.
  12. Gundyr grunts for all of his attacks, except one or two. Use this to help your timing to signal you when he is going to attack.
  13. Roll into the direction of his swings to optimize your i-frames. Most of his swings go clockwise.
  14. When Gundyr is moving to back-kick, he will raise his trunk, as he raises his body for most of his attacks.
  15. Gundyr has two or three mild AOE attacks. They have about a six foot radius, so don't worry about these too much.

With this playbook, the player is now prepared to beat Champion Gundyr!


Strategy 2 (Rapier)

This strategy is good for most melee builds, though strength builds may have more trouble pulling this off as it's easier with high Dexterity.  You will need a rapier enchanted with frost (Irythill Rapier is good for this) to lower his stamina,  and a 100% shield is highly recommended.  The rapier has rather fast attacks and wearing him down with frost will lower his ability to counterattack.  When he is in the first phase, roll into him and attack his back, watching his feet as he finishes his attacks.  If he lifts any of his legs, there's a good chance he will kick (which has extremely unforgiving tracking), so roll again or tank with shield.  You could sneak in two hits if he has one of the longer windup attacks (such as his large smash or his two-slash).  If you're lucky, he'll fall to his knees in the first phase and you'll be able to attack freely.  Once he enters his second phase, you have to roll in a more calculated fashion; he's going to string more attacks as you dodge, but there should be good windows to sneak in one hit.  

Note:  be careful of the shoulder smash; This attack is easily the worst thing to be hit by, has very little warning (Gundyr bends his arm and braces his shoulders just a bit), and can lead to a combination of knockups and stuns.  In the second phase, it's strongly recommended not to try for two attacks, because he can shoulder smash or punch MUCH faster than before.  When needing to heal, back away and wait out his stamina, for he doesn't have very strict movesets in this phase.  Continue stringing attacks as consecutively as possible, in order to stack up the frost, and he should fall to his knees again, allowing for free attacks.  Played patiently, this strategy should net a fast, low Estus run.


Strategy 3 (Magic)

Lightning/Sunlight spears can do considerable damage to Gundyr, however due to his aggressive nature it can be very difficult to get a cast in without taking damage, especially after he buffs himself in the second phase and becomes much more aggressive. However, using a talisman with unfaltering prayer can be a big help if you can tank some damage to get a cast off.
Trying to get distance to be able to cast is generally pointless, as Gundyr will not only easily close the distance with a single leap or charge, but may also avoid your projectiles while doing so. It is therefore recommended to stay in close or medium range and work only with fast spells such as Great Soul Arrow or even Great Farron Dart.


Strategy 4 (Pyromancy)

First phase treat the boss as you would any other melee boss staying away and lobbing spells whenever he does a heavy recovery move such as his overhead or his side swipe. What makes this boss difficult in his 2nd phase is the inherent mage mentality to stay away from the boss which results in you trying to endure his onslaught of attacks (which most mages cant) or the desire to roll back to avoid his attacks, instead focus on staying somewhat close and rolling behind him forcing him to turn around and interrupt his attack string. By doing this you will constantly slow his momentum and often result in him doing single string attacks or his turn around stomp which is easily telegraphed. Use chaos bed vestiges as his large hitbox is an easy target and it does large amounts of damage at 30/30 faith/int.


Strategy 5 (Sword Master Exploit)

There's a glitch for this fight (May 6th, app1.04 reg1.05) that you can do like Dancer very easily.

Summon the Sword Master (You need to kill him at Firelink before). As soon as the NPC dies, save & quit via the Start Menu. Reload your game and summon the NPC again and go in the boss room.

Sword Master will now take very minor damage and will dodge due to a hitbox bug. Just let him take the aggro and wait for the boss being bled to death. See Dancer for original Glitch.


Champion Gundyr Lore Theories

  • Iudex Gundyr, who was corrupted by the Abyss, spends an eternity testing new unkindled heroes if they are worthy of fulfilling the prophecy of rekindling the First Flame. He was once an unkindled himself, but had risen too late to fulfill his duty. The Flame had already been extinguished and the bells failed to ring, starting a new Dark Age. As the Ashen One travels through the illusory door, they go straight to that very same Dark Age to face Champion Gundyr at his prime. This is where they defeat him as an unknown warrior which seals his fate. A prisoner with an unbreakable halberd hoping that one day an unkindled will rise and relink the flame once more.
  • The reason Iudex Gundyr does not drop his Soul might be the result of the Untended Grave being the past, thus when you kill Iudex Gundyr you already obtained his soul in the Champion Gundyr fight. From a gameplay perspective this is probably to not allow players to obtain both items transposable from his soul in a single playthrough. This is supported by the fact if you haven't gotten the covetous Silver Serpent ring from the firelink shrine, and grab it from untended graves, by jumping from the hanging tree near the tower, it'll be collected in firelink shrine as well
  • "Once, a Champion came late to the festivities and was greeted by a shrine without a fire, and a bell that would not toll." - Soul of Champion Gundyr
  • Leaks from quality assurance testers of the alpha version suggest that Gundyr was originally going to be called Oceiros, with Oceiros not appearing  in The Consumed King's Garden, but a cut area called "God's Grave". The character "Gundyr" would still exist, but look and play like Yhorm the Giant  - (credit darksouls3theorist and Lance McDonald).

Champion Gundyr Trivia

  • If you die to this boss you can acquire your lost souls in the area where you fought Iudex Gundyr. Possible explanation: Untended Graves and Cemetery of Ash occupy the same space in the game's map.
  • His set bears extreme resemblance to armor used by Old King Doran from Demon's Souls. Gundyr's helm also states this it was modeled after a former king.
  • Because of Gundyr's devastating kick that he most commonly performs in his second phase (red eyes), it is advised for the player to never test his or her luck behind him.
  • His shoulder tackle and drop kick attacks are similar to the ones used by Father Gascoigne from Bloodborne in the third phase of that boss fight.
  • Bug (very rare): If a phantom gets stuck in the remains of the coffin, there is a chance that Gundyr will try to hit him. During this attempt he may "climb" on the top of the coffin, which will result in his death, as the coffin's upper part is a non-collision object.



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    • Anonymous

      Finally beat this piece of sh*t of a boss after 3 days of pure suffering. S/o to the Irithyll straight sword, it saved my a*s in the very last seconds of the fight thanks to the frostbite, had it not triggered on the last strike I'd probably be dead. Also f*ck the upward slice and kick combo he does, it removes 3/4 of your health bar and it's impossibly fast to react to

      • Anonymous

        I'am really suprised people find this boss one of the hardest in the game , literally beat him first try.

        • I fought him with the firelink greatsword for the lore,fight was so hard,but enjoyable. Then parried and riposted his last attack to complete the lore. One of my favorite bosses beside nameless king and watchers

          • Anonymous

            This guy was brutal in my pyro caster character. He doesn NOT like when you try to make space and will become very agressive as he will always try to close the gap quickly, leaving almost no time for casting and punish your insolence.

            If you're a mage close combat is the way to go, dude will be a lot more chill and do more basic combos that can be punished by melee range magic like black flame, flash sword and lighting spear.

            • Anonymous

              the kick got me.... like 10000 times. You think he finished a combo? NO!!! KICK IN YOUR FACE! BAM! I would have never beat him if the kick does more dmg tho.

              • Anonymous

                got annoyed by the boss, desided to use a summon,
                the summon jumped off a cliff before the boss and i beat him the same try lol

                • Anonymous

                  Probably the easiest boss in the game. Just keep running in circles and parry his jumping smash. The only other way he can close up the distance is the charge in phase 2, which is easy to dodge from far away. Virtually all of his flashy moveset is made irrelevant.

                  • Anonymous

                    "I don't fear the man who practiced 10,000 kicks once, I fear the man who practiced one kick 10,000 times"

                    • Anonymous

                      They should've given him a different animation for a no-hit victory, like Sir Alonne's Seppuku. Maybe a sort of approval gesture for besting such a champion.

                      • Anonymous

                        2nd try, I just traded agro with sword master so the other could use an estus. Sword master got killing blow.

                        • Anonymous

                          When this guy juggled me into the air with his Bardiche and donkey-kicked me so hard I went flying several feet, I wasn't even mad, one of the best fights in the game, fast and relentless yet gives you plenty of good openings if you dodge his attacks, no bs unreactably fast moves (looking at you Pontiff Sulyvahn), no cheap tricks or fancy crap, just a no holds-barred good-ass fight.

                          • Anonymous

                            Why can bro whiff cancel and combo while I'm stuck with an input reader that buffers my roll until after I got hit. Just put a dunce cap on my character already.

                            • Anonymous

                              This guy is my favourite boss but he hit me with that charge attack and then somehow managed to knock me up in the air kick me off the ledge
                              Like this dude creates new combo's out of thin air just to destroy me

                              • Anonymous

                                Beat Gundyr 1st try. Rested, then went through the doors. Killed by the 1st black knight within 5 strikes. Lol this game...

                                • Anonymous

                                  One of my favourite bosses in the whole series, feels like a proper no BS duel between two warriors. I love the brutality of it and how he's not afraid to throw in some punches, kicks and shoulder checks. I found the easiest strategy was to just summon Sword Master, use Carthus Rouge and bleed him out. The summon can die very easily though, so you have to actively keep him alive by taking the heat off him when he needs it.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Doable but a pain in the ass... He Attacks relentless no time for a sip or a well placed counter after his bullshit combo. He even ignores the npc you can summon

                                    • Anonymous

                                      On ng he'll die to 5 crystal soul spears at 60 int if you equip all 3 sorcery boosting rings (young dragon, bellowing dragon, magic clutch), a +10 court sorcerer staff, crown of dusk and scholar's candlestick in the other hand. At max casting speed (either via a high enough dex or the sage ring) if you have enough attunement for the fp, you can get 4 shots off while he's waking up and before he hits you if you stay closer to the entrance rather than fully approaching the arena after walking through the fog door. By the time he gets close enough to hit you he'll have 20% hp left so it's just a matter of dodging long enough to use an ashen flask and getting one last shot in.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        "Damn I'm actually doing kind of well first try"

                                        *gets kicked off cliff"

                                        "Okay I guess I'll get him next try"

                                        *proceeds to die 20 more times*

                                        • Anonymous

                                          In my humble opinion this Chad has the largest difficulty swing with a summon of pretty much any FromSoft boss. Incredibly aggressive and effective duelist, one of the hardest bosses in the game alone (particularly if you are a nonparry loser like me), one or twoshotable with Sword Masters help. Curious if others had this experience.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            im confused is Gundyr a really tall human or is he similar to the ds1 iron golem but has more free will

                                            • Anonymous

                                              Fun fight but the seeking attacks arent very fun. Dks3 bosses are hard either because of 1. High damage or 2. seeking attacks. COngrats.

                                              • Anonymous

                                                absolutely delightful fight! the shoulder slam, air kick, charge with a cheeky slash, all this with fluid, well-telegraphed (a little too well maybe) animations and a decent arena! definitely one of my favourites, alongside Dancer, Armour, Princes, NK and Gael.
                                                having to avoid 2 grave wardens and a cheesy hollow part is a bit of a chore though.

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  Ironically, reading down this page, it seems that I was either scarily competent for a day, or just very good at reading animations compared to most other bosses. He was one of three I beat in a row first try. Dancer, Oceiros, Champion Gundyr. Not sure how I pulled that off, when most of the wiki says that at least two of those are the hardest bosses in the game?
                                                  Especially since, across three Souls games, I never learned how to consistently parry and for the most part just figured I'd die more learning than just applying good blocking and rolling strategies. Either way, was a really challenging fight, as I was out of Estus for the last fragments of his health bar. Felt rather good getting victory!

                                                  • Anonymous

                                                    Holy hell that was a fun fight. I absolutely love bosses that can be parried. Nailing a parry is incredibly satisfying period, but doing it on a boss is extra sweet. I really don't like 2 attacks of his though. His elbow, and his, like, roundhouse kick behind him are both so incredibly fast that they are nearly impossible to dodge. Other than that, his moveset was really fun. He keeps constant pressure on you, and with his stupidly long reach he's able to nail you from like miles away. I unexpectedly killed him on my very first attempt and I kind of wished I hadn't. It was such a fun fight that I want to do it again.

                                                    • Anonymous

                                                      A tip for people who are fighting this guy after doing Dancer early, wear Lloyds sword ring & shield ring, at the soul level you're at, it's very likely that Gundyr's attacks will outright one-shot you, so the shield ring will give you a bit more breathing room to survive, and as long as you're at full, you'll be getting bonus damage from the sword ring, if you have especially low vigor, you can try and use the Red Tearstone ring, as Gundyr's attacks are gonna one shot you anyway, this is best paired with Flynn's ring + no armour for increased physical damage.

                                                      • Anonymous

                                                        I can't avoid that elbow for the life of me; it's instantaneous. The rest of his attacks are okay but the elbow threat makes everything else an anticipation game.

                                                        • Anonymous

                                                          Was feeling pretty good after killing Yhorm, Dancer and Oceiros in 1 try and then this guy appears and brutally rapes me like 10 times in a row. Very frustrating fight. Bosses that won't even let you heal are the absolute worst. I hope the rest are more balanced.

                                                          • Anonymous

                                                            just beat him after like 2 hours, i resorted to using the swordmaster, ngl it didn't feel good to win like that, i had him so close on solo tries

                                                            • Anonymous

                                                              "Well, Dancer with a Zweihander was pretty tough, but I managed to get her, Oceiros with a Zweihander was reasonably difficult, but I got him in due time. I wonder how Gundyr will go!"

                                                              -Me, a dumbass thinking that Gundyr will be a similar experience

                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                Lets be real, if Champion Gundyr would level up to like SL 100 he would eradicate every elden ring boss within a second.

                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                  after playing elden ring, Gundyr is still the champion, no elden ring boss could ever knock him off his top spot

                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                    FS: hey let's make a boss with wack attack animations, hits like a truck, and unlimited stamina. And let's call it fun.

                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                      Roll to the left. As much as possible.

                                                                      That's about all I can say about this guy if you're not decent at parrying. He's weak to left rolls, and that's basically it. Good luck Ashen One.

                                                                      • Anonymous

                                                                        I found out that blindfold mask + witch's ring + dark fire orb + crazy roll to keep distance is a winner (tried lightning, not doing increased damage)

                                                                        • Anonymous

                                                                          Not weak to Lightening at all. This is a lie. I used a Gold Pine Bundle with my Raw Claymore +7 and while my sword does have Lightening applied to it, my attacks were doing the same amount of damage as without it.

                                                                          • Anonymous

                                                                            God his animations are so orgasmic. The shoulder tackle, the kick, the way he drops his shoulders and circles around you like a snake, the stomp, the phase change. No extra special effects and no transformation. It's almost like he's dancing around you.

                                                                            • Anonymous

                                                                              I beat him in 4 tries, 2 with the Master helping. I found it helpful to trade aggro with the Master. If Gundyr is attacking you then stay as close as you can, dodging, while the Master cuts him up. When he aggros the Master, smack him until you're aggroed. I went back and forth like that and only used 2 flasks, ending the fight with full HP.

                                                                              You can get a few hits in while you're aggroed if you think it's safe but mostly just try not to get beat up while the summon wears him down.

                                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                                Here's some trivia I hope gets placed onto the wiki. If you kill Champion Gundyr with a riposte, walk to the empty shrine without resting and walk back his model will appear where he died at just standing there. It caught me off guard the first time because he uses his idle animation when standing there and I thought I full revived him. He can't be interacted with and the moment you rest at a fire or warp he disappears.

                                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                                  Iudex: ay yo welcome to ds3 how may I take your tutorial

                                                                                  Champion: I grew up in the bad part of lothric and I ain't scared of throwin' hands with no weak-*** ashen one

                                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                                    He is supposed to be resistant to slash damage, but I found out Curved Great Swords are great against him. Not in terms of damage, but animations. When you swing 2h R1s, your character lowers his posture so much most of Gundyrs attacks go over your head. If you time it right, you can get 4 hit combo while he does his double thrust attack and not get hit. Gundyrs weakness to bleed means Carthus one might me best choice. It works also with Nameless King but less so, his timing is harder to get right.
                                                                                    I fought with him today using Dragonslayer Greataxe (NG+4), also good weapon for him. Every attempt I parried his first phase and found out that Hornet Ring didn't provide any bonus. I don't usually use it, so I might misunderstand something about how it works. Is it incompatible with great weapons, or maybe it doesn't work with bosses?

                                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                                      Good night, everyone. As a pyromancer, i say to you: get as close to him as possible. He was kicking my ass, then i do the same as i do to oceiros. It seems the key to utter agressive bosses is to get close. Dodging the kick is the bad part, but is possible. Dodge, cast cbv and dodge again. Stay with distance is just impossible, so dont bother. Get close is the answer!!

                                                                                      • Anonymous

                                                                                        I love the boss, but I hate the long run to the boss arena in the untended graves. You have a bonfire that's quite a bit further away than the one that leads to Iudex Gundyr, you have a Grave Warden thrown in who on occasion turns ultra agressive and follows you until the fog wall and you have like 15 hollows on the way trying to stop or weaken you.

                                                                                        And I mean, unless you are just gonna parry him to death, chances are it'll take you a few tries.

                                                                                        • Anonymous

                                                                                          Fast spells are the only viable spells if you're a pure caster here. Crystal Soul Spear is JUST fast enough with 50 dex (or 20 + Sage's Ring) if you time it right, but Heavy Soul Arrow will get you killed. It's a bit tedious to dodge 3-5 attacks and only get to shoot once, but that's how it is in phase 2.

                                                                                          Summon the Sword Master if you feel like this fight is too annoying or you just want to kill him faster. Sword friendo is awful at avoiding attacks, but he takes the pressure off you when you need it and lets you get a lot of free casts/heals in. In NG+, Sword Master survived the whole fight for me. Then again he probably only survived because Gundyr wouldn't leave me the hell alone for 80% of it, but that 20% of distraction was all I needed.

                                                                                          I'm a hybrid caster (Int/Faith) so I switched to Lightning Arrow with the Crystal Chime for this fight. He's not as weak to lightning as you might hope, so I wouldn't worry about using magic/fire against him. It's probably almost as effective.

                                                                                          • Anonymous

                                                                                            Who would win? An undead demigod wearing unbreakable armor, or a tiny shield that makes a funny PONG noise

                                                                                            • Anonymous

                                                                                              I summoned the Sword Master and walked into the boss area. As soon as Gundyr wakes up, I see a message at the bottom of the screen:

                                                                                              Phantom Sword Master has died.

                                                                                              Awesome. Now I'm fighting him in hard mode.

                                                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                                                Fighting him with a melee build? Nothing special.

                                                                                                Fighting him as a caster? A nightmare.

                                                                                                This mother-phukker gets so much reach with his wacky combos it's not even funny and is constantly moving towards you. Dodged back on his halberd swing? He charges. Dodged forwards? Back kick to the face. Dodged his punch? Shoulder-check from half a state away. Don't even try to cast anything slower than Great Soul Arrow or Deep Soul during his second phase if you value your life. And for the love of the Sun, don't even THINK about casting on him without Sage Ring. Preferably Sage Ring + 20 Dex.

                                                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                                                  hes not exactly (that) weak to ligtning, because you cannot have the lighning clutch ring yet at that point, dark does actually more with the dark clutch ring, i didnt test fire but i assume its the same, magic as well probably. in low level runs dark hand does more than any weapon would do, the other wiki got this wrong even worse: it says hes resistant to dark even tho hes clearly not.

                                                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                                                    Gets absolutely MELTED by a hypermode miracle build. To be fair most things do, but it's especially noticeable because Gundyr is such a chad

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