Sword Master

Hostile NPC
General Info
Health Souls Location Drops
1,000 2,000 Firelink Shrine Uchigatana, Master's AttireMaster's Gloves

Sword Master is an Enemy in Dark Souls 3.

Sword Master Information



  • Sword Master can be found at Firelink Shrine; to the left of the main entrance.



Combat Information

  • Weak against most forms of damage.
  • A popular way players are defeating Sword Master is forcing him off the side of the cliff. You can bait out his lunge attack at the edge of ledge, causing both of you to fall off.
  • Another cheesy way to make him fall to his death is by standing in the corner of the narrow ledge, beside the staircase, two flights below the tower entrance. He will usually try to attack you from above, which leads to himself being launched off the cliff.
  • Safe Tactic: Make him follow you to the Firelink Shrine's entrance. He can't enter inside so smash him until he's dead from there. 
  • Parrying is an effective tactic against him.
  • Has low poise. As soon as you hit him he will lose his balance, if you time it correctly, you can hit once and roll away, nudging slowly at his health. 
  • Sword Master can parry players by the use of the Uchigatana's Hold Skill, it's best to attack with caution.
  • When summoned, Sword Master will act much more defensively then other summons, which is a useful attribute in the two fights he is summonable for, against high damage enemies with high mobility, but will also result in him being less useful in drawing a boss's attention.



  • The Dark Souls I artbook contains a draft for a character quite similar to that of the Sword Master of DS3. Notes to the design imply he was planned to have an important role and lore, involving ringing a bell for dead children, but he never made it into DS1. The role of the Sword Master in DS3, appearing to guard the belltower housing the dead firekeepers, may in part be the evolution of this character concept.
  • There is a theory that Sword Master may actually be Shiva of the East, as a cut subplot from Dark Souls 1 involved Shiva searching for the Chaos Blade, which is strongly tied to Sword Master, and can be found in The Sword Master's location in The Untended Graves.  Or he may actually be Sword Master Makoto, the original wielder of the Chaos Blade in Demon's Souls, which bears his name.  However, the Easterner's Ashes are  heavily implied to be Shiva's, making this theory less likely.
  • It is possible that the ragged appearance of Sword Master's clothes is a result of using The Chaos Blade, whose attacks also damage the user. 


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    • Anonymous

      28 May 2019 21:36  

      Kinda looks like Isshin, maybe they alluded to Sekiro with this guy? Or am I trying really hard to make a connection?

      • Anonymous

        26 May 2019 04:25  

        Not sure why this tactic isnt in there for killing him. If you go onto the roof of firelink shrine you can shoot him with arrows.

        • Anonymous

          09 Oct 2018 20:42  

          started as a deprived, farmed for 20000 souls, bought the tower key then went and snuck up behind him and backstabbed him with a dagger, then it took 3 pummels from the club to kill him, all before going to the high wall

          • Anonymous

            31 Jul 2018 20:02  

            I simply killed him by falling off the cliff which then led to him jumping after me. Went back to the spot and his loot was sitting there waiting for me.

            • Anonymous

              24 Jul 2018 19:12  

              I don't know if he got smarter or something but he started getting hard for me to kill mano a mano. I used to destroy this guy but now he's back on my level or something.

              • 23 Jun 2018 19:43  

                If he isn't Shiva, could he be his bodyguard ? Taking the Chaos blade from his master's ashes, and vowing to protect those who defeat him, in order to clear his conscience ?

                • Anonymous

                  01 Jun 2018 04:39  

                  You can cheese him from the roof with ranged spells, throwing knives, firebombs, and/or arrows. Requires the tree-jumping glitch or the tower key.

                  • Anonymous

                    21 May 2018 14:47  

                    Probably one of the worst summons. All he does is slowly follow the boss with his WA ready and then get destroyed. Not worth summoning.

                    • 11 May 2018 19:01  

                      Can be cheesed by standing on the stone coffins that jut out over the cliff edge under the tree and just shooting him with cheap arrows. He never stops moving so you have to time it right, but he never figured out how to path his way to me so I had all the time in the world to kill him.

                      • Anonymous

                        26 Apr 2018 04:13  

                        I tres him off the clff and I didn't get anything bus souls. Did this happened to someone else? Do anyone knows a way to fix this?

                        • Anonymous

                          12 Apr 2018 21:30  

                          this is where the game is really dumb, i'm a knight in full armor and i can only take 3 hits before i die, and that guy needs 25+ hits before he dies despite wearing only seaweed as armor

                          • Anonymous

                            11 Apr 2018 21:35  

                            Sword Master is one of the few NPC summons worth their salt if for no other reason than he plays very defensively. Having him for the Champion Gundyr fight at a low SL run makes all the difference since he serves as a perfect distraction. Wait for Gundyr to aggro to him, land a spam chain of R1 before he's pounded into the ground, then let Gundyr chase you so Sword Master can heal. 5-6 rounds of that even with a +0 weapon and it's over.

                            Night and day difference to trash like Sirris, who is aggressive as fuck and then tries to heal herself with a 5 second miracle 2 feet from a boss charging up their hydrogen bomb attack.

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