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The Ringed City

Fillianore's Rest

Crucifix of the Mad King


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Shira is an NPC in Dark Souls 3. Shira is part of The Ringed City.


Shira Information

"Official description goes here"

  • Powerful knight of Filianore's, protecting her slumber.
  • Player may meet her near staircase with Harald Legion Knights and at the ruins at the Filianore's Rest.
  • Near staircase, where she is unkillable, will be neutral/friendly towards player.
  • At Filianore's Rest, where she is killable, will be hostile towards player.
  • If you talk to Shira, knock Midir off the bridge, then touch Fillianore without returning to Shira then Shira will leave her home. She will now be found on the right of Fillianore's Rest. Defeating her yields you the Sacred Chime of Fillianore, Titanite Slab, and her Shira armour set which is found at her original location. Doing her quest is NOT required since this route makes it impossible to complete.



  1. Start: The Ringed City: from the Ringed Inner Wall bonfire head down the small tower here and outside. Make your way outside until you come into another small building. Head down the stairs and outside once more. Then head up the stairs to speak with her. She is hidden behind a door. Speak to her and accept her request to kill Darkeater Midir and she will give the Sacred Chime of Filianore.
  2. She can then be summoned for the battle against Darkeater Midir, but will not appear if you entered the final area of the DLC, unless you return and tell her that Midir fell into the chasm.
  3. Speak to her after defeating Darkeater Midir to receive Titanite Slab.
  4. End: At Filianore's Rest bonfire, just after exiting the building, stick to the right wall soon you'll see a ruined building, go into the ruined building. She will invade your world and attack you even after Gael has been slain. (Video Location). 
  5. Note: If you happen to kill Midir before talking to her, her door would be locked. However, you will still get invaded and get the Crucifix of the Mad KingSacred Chime of Filianore and a Titanite Slab x1 as a drop. Her armor would be at her resting place, the door would be automatically unlocked and opened.




Combat Information


NPC Summon

  • Shira, Knight of Filianore - Can be summoned for the Darkeater Midir boss battle. Her summon sign is in the preparation room, near the furthest left statue, just before the boss. She uses the same build as in her duel invasion. (Confirmed by Crown 0f Thorns, needs further testing.) However, there are reports that sometimes she has difficulties spotting a Midir.



First encounter dialogue

Speak thee the name of God.
Thine own god, if thou canst recall.

Ahh, then thou'st not forgotten.
Perhaps 'tis why we may converse.
I am known as Shira, servant to the Princess Filianore, matriarch of the church.
They who are ken to God's name are surely ken to the terrors of the dark.
Please, I bid thee take not from the Princess her peace or rest.
As the fire waneth, does she lie by the dark, all for the sake of Man.

Thou'st a kind heart.
To speak to a captive such as I.
It is no surprise thou rememb'rest our God.

May I ask thee a kindness?
Perhaps thou'st beheld the lone dragon that inhabiteth this city?
Midir is his name, and the Archdragons are his forebears.
He once railed against the dark, but was by dark afflicted. Now here, returned, he remaineth.
To watch over the sleeping Princess, true to the old accord.
...And yet, I would have thee put the dragon to rest.
Afore the dark consumeth him, and his vows are forgot.

I offer my sincerest gratitude, thou who art ken to God's name.
Please, take this.
(She hands you the Sacred Chime of Filianore)
I have asked a thing most terrible of thee. May this token of thanks be of aid.

I beg of thee, put the great dragon to rest.
Afore the dark consumeth him, and his vows are forgot.

As I thought. Such memories were lost by thy kind, long ago.
And so it is ye.
...who yearn for darkness.
Give thy memory a nudge.
And name thee thy God.

Very well. Then hasten on thy journey.
Only, disturb not the sleeping Princess.
As the fire waneth, does she lie by the dark, all for the sake of Man.

Carest thou to speak thy peace?

Hast thou mine entreaty reconsidered?

So, Midir hath into the chasm fallen.
Still, his voice I hear. The dark grieveth him yet.
I prithee, put him to rest.
Afore the dark consumeth him, and his vows are forgot.

Just afore the church of the Princess standeth a tower, honouring ancient knights.
There lieth a small shrine, behind the sculpted knight which beareth no arms.
Tis from there one may descend the chasm of darkness.
I prithee, put the great dragon to rest.

I know, I have asked of thee a thing most terrible.
Forgive me, thou wert but mine only hope.
I prithee, put the great dragon to rest.
Afore the dark consumeth him, and his vows are forgot.

Just afore the church of the Princess standeth a tower built to honour ancient knights.
Behind the sculpted knight which beareth no arms, is a small shrine, from which one may descend the chasm of darkness.

After defeating Midir

My most humble thanks.
Tis thanks to thee the dragon erred not from his vows.
Please, take this. A final gift of thanks.
Now, hasten on thy journey, but wake not the slumbering Princess.
As the fire waneth, does she lie by the dark, all for the sake of Man.

My humblest thanks.
Now, hasten on thy journey, but wake not the slumbering Princess.
As the fire waneth, does she lie by the dark, all for the sake of Man.

After joining Spears of the Church

Oh! Thou'rt now a spear of the church! What a wonderful, blessed day this is.
With a spear such as thee, surely the Princess will slumber most gently, and Midir's vows will be honoured.
I must thank thee, as a servant of the Princess, and a dear friend to Midir.
May thy travels be resplendent with glory.

As the fire waneth, does she lie by the dark, but now with thee to shelter her sleep.
Bless ye spears of the church. May thy travels be resplendent with glory.

Ah, thou'st a Divine Spear become! An honour once bestowed in the time of the Gods, nearly unheard of in this age of waning fire.
As a servant of the Princess, and friend to Midir.
I am honoured to have met thee.
As the fire waneth, does she lie by the dark, but now with thee to shelter her sleep.
Bless ye divine spears. May thy travels be resplendent with glory.

When she attacks you in the Church Ruins

I've searched for thee, dark-stricken creature.
I am Shira, daughter of the Duke, descendant of gods, and trusted friend to Midir.
At once, I am the honour of the gods, the glory of fire, and the fear of the dark.
Thou shalt not go unpunished.
For thy treachery, thy profanity, and thy shameless yearning! Remember this, creature.
Ne'er will I forgive thy kind.
Try again, to remember.
The great honour it was to be a spear.
...Ahh, but why.

Art thou to bed with the dark?
Never would I ever...
...forgive thy lowly kind.


Notes & Trivia

  • Shira is one of the strongest NPC's in Dark Souls III.
  • Shira is voiced by Poppy Drayton‏.
  • Shira calls herself the "daughter of the Duke" which may refer to Seath the Scaleless of the first Dark Souls game. Her mother is someone no doubt highly conjectural in nature. 
  • Her age is also suggested by the language she uses, as she speaks in a older style than most NPC's found in game, in a fashion similar to Gwyndolin, Yorshka, the Firekeeper, Ludleth, and Irina of Carim.
  • It can be reasoned that, like Midir, Shira was conditioned to guard Filianore by the old gods of Lordran.
  • Like Yorshka, Shira seems to be kept out of sight, and out of mind by the rest of the creation, as her station is at the "end of the world" and guarding a Daughter of Gwyn in the reclusive temple within the streets of the Ringed City. After all, she only talks through a locked door until she invades the player following the defeat of Slave Knight Gael.
  • Yorshka, and possibly Shira, are both hybrids of divine and dragon, and are connected to their respective churches. Both are isolated in extremes, and have in their possession powerful chimes.
  • Her nature as a hybrid may explain her "kinship" with Midir, as he would appear to be a sort of relative to her.



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    • Anonymous

      one of the most easiest fight if u have lighting arrow. stand a bit far from her and hold your lightning arrow as soon as she draws her arrow fire yours. repeat until dead. kinda cheap way of doing it. but she gave me a lot of trouble in my melee only build. so, deserved I'd say

      • Anonymous

        Why is she harder than Gael & Midir? No wonder she was still alive at the end, Gael knew he'd lose against her.

        • Anonymous

          i summoned her for midir, she died, i went to her door, i cant talk...
          maybe because i killed Halflight Spear of the church?
          Or is she just dead when she dies in Midir fight?

          • Had a bunch of trouble with her on my SL1 run.
            Then did it easily with Warden Twinblades + Carthus Rouge:
            Rush her, stay close, don't give her space to Lightning Arrow. Dodge her combo and just look for an opening to L1, if it staggers her spam it.
            After the first bleed proc, she'll start retreating to heal, but your L1 swings are faster than she can drink and that staggers her, so you have enough time to regen just a smidge of stamina as she retreats and you move closer, she starts to drink, you L1.
            Once you've got her on the ropes, you can keep her from recovering.

            • Anonymous

              She can be easily trapped in one of the corners in the wall and use high hitting swords to kill in 5 shots. Or hide from her behind walls and hit run when she loads lighting bolts. Patience just like nameless king can help.

              • Anonymous

                Is there any reason why she was behind a door instead of standing in the open somewhere, you know, like any other normal NPC ?

                • Anonymous

                  Quite an easy fight in my case. I just dodged her arrow attack and constantly hit her with R1 two-handed claymore. Her arrow only hit me once.

                  • Anonymous

                    You can just exhaust her dialogue, get her chime right at the door of the church and then kill her afterwards for her weapon.

                    • Anonymous

                      Terrible woman

                      ~ she tries to kill you

                      ~ she has you kill midir for only a slab

                      ~ she can’t even fight good against midir

                      ~ she takes forever talking with her boring dialogue

                      ~ she wants to keep the ringed city a shitty place

                      ~ she doesn’t show feet

                      • Anonymous

                        How many lightning arrows can she use before chugging some blue stuff? How many blue estuses does she have?

                        • Anonymous

                          Her accent and quotes are so hot wish she mommy-dom'd us. She is like that religious girl who is a freak in bed.

                          • Anonymous

                            Four horsemen of the apocalypse:

                            Ringed Knight - Strength
                            Gael - Willpower
                            Player - Plot armor
                            Shira - 300% ANGER

                            • Anonymous

                              I expected the wielder of such a beautiful bizzare weapon to be less generic. The weapon alone has more personality than this entire character

                              • Anonymous

                                The voice actor did an incredible job. She sounds like she's legitimately angry when you encounter her before Gael.

                                • Anonymous

                                  She puts more effort in killing you then helping you with midir lmao
                                  Also her lighting arrows are literally trucks launched from a magic bow holy **** that hurts

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Kinda lame that you can skip right to the end of the quest having never talked to her, and if you did the quest the dialogue remains the same

                                    • Anonymous

                                      >can summon her for Midir

                                      Yeah, and she dies nearly instantly every time in my experience. She has no idea how to roll.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        Can the slab be obtained without killing Midir? I'm confused on the wording. So...After defeating the final boss (skipping Midir fight) I go back and tell her Midir *fell* into the chasm? Is that a free slab for skipping such a dreadful fight?

                                        Btw, only reason being. I'm on NG+3 and figure only slabs are worth farming. If I can skip a boss for a slab, I will

                                        • Anonymous

                                          Yeah because a chick in blouse with a stick should deal double damage than the series final boss and have hyperarmor that of Tsorig.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            She just stopped talking to me for no reason
                                            I didn’t touch filianores egg or even kill halflight
                                            I sent midir down, talked to her and the killed midir and the talked to her again
                                            After that she just wouldn’t speak to me
                                            I got all rewards for spears of the church and she’s apparently supposed to say something but she just didn’t
                                            Does anyone know what happened?

                                            • Anonymous

                                              Is there a way her summon sign disappears? I went to talk to her and her summon sign was there (I also summoned her and failed a few times) then I beat the nameless king and she disappeared from both the summon sign and behind that door
                                              I also beat halflight but don't remember if she was still there after that or not.

                                              • Anonymous

                                                Ah yes fromsoft and there inconvenient placing of important npcs I guess we should be glad the herald knights can’t kill her

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  She was one of the easiest npc fights I've ever done. Spawn dorhys' gnawing and she rolls into it every time. Bleed works well.

                                                  • Anonymous

                                                    Dies to 2handed Astora GS heavy attack like any other NPC invader. Just run up to her, eat the lightning while charging up a heavy attack and let her enjoy some thrust damage repeatedly thanks to chainable knockdowns.

                                                    • Anonymous

                                                      So I screwed around and fought her for like 15 minutes and not once did the crucifix give her the bomb weapon art. Is it confirmed that she can't get that?

                                                      • Anonymous

                                                        just pressure her. after 3 fights i thought she was impossible for me at the time, but after just giving her no breathing room, she yields. take advantage of her lightning spell when close, learn her swings, keep parrying in mind, and backstab when possible. Most importantly, stay close enough to keep her from using lightning, but far enough for her to not catch you in a combo.

                                                        • Anonymous

                                                          I think she gives Vamos and Ingward a very good fight for the #1 trophy for "most annoying place to stay at NPC"

                                                          • Anonymous

                                                            Okay she can’t fight Midir properly but she’s a ****ing beast when you’re trying to fight her at the chapel. Like wtf

                                                            • Anonymous

                                                              Bringing summons to this fight is extremely bad idea. She would die really fast, making the fight harder as midir will gain more fxking HP and hit harder .

                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                at first she might be hardesf NPC with infinite FP and Estus! Lightning Arrow City, merry2x joy.. The only trick is melee combat and PARRY. Single parry should be enough to put her down.

                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                  If you want to gank at ringed city summon her, she can 2 shot most players and spam arrows like a champ also infinite FP and as many estus flasks as she want

                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                    Has anyone actually beat Midir with her as a summon and had her live to the end? Only true champions dare

                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                      'I think she's a crossbreed cause she mentions a duke once in her dialogue'.
                                                                      'Then why doesn't she have a tail like the only known crossbreeds very clearly have'
                                                                      Fans desperately yearning for lore in a game which quite obviously doesn't offer much consistently:
                                                                      option A: 'it is an illusion, you know like that one time two games ago when there was that illusion'
                                                                      option B: 'her tail is time traveling it's actually' option B1: 'in the future'
                                                                      option B2: 'in the past'
                                                                      option B3: 'in the age of Dark'
                                                                      option C: 'it's in Yharnam cause if you read closely between the lines of the lore it's all the same world, feel free to read my 100 page thesis on it'

                                                                      Its a good game but accept that From purposefully made the lore such an incomplete puzzle that probably they themselves could not fill in the gaps without contradictions and plot holes.

                                                                      • Anonymous

                                                                        Anyone else never summon her for the fight with Midir? I swear, like 80% of the time she manages to kill herself before the fight even starts. I love this boss fight so I very frequently put my sign down to help others out, but every time I pray the host doesn't summon her.

                                                                        • Anonymous

                                                                          I just killed her and got her weapon and no titanite slab. Already had done Midir Boss fight down the hole.

                                                                          • Anonymous

                                                                            I'm wondering if she is weak to lightning damage when she goes hostile, although I've only fought her once. I just tried her for the first time and annihilated her with the Lighting Blade buff on my Sunlight Straight Sword. The fight was over in a few seconds. She seemed extremely fragile for an NPC attacker. Of course I also killed Midir today, and a 10-foot thick stainless steel wall seems fragile compared to that experience.

                                                                            • Anonymous

                                                                              Do yourself a favour: bring Chameleon or a Young White Branch with you when you go talk to her in her room. The Harald Legion Knight that climbs the stairs behind you will aggro on you if you stand before the door uncloaked.

                                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                                Man, From really gave up on all these Crossbreeds making sense huh? First Yorshka comes out of the damn woodwork with minimal lore and now Seath created another daughter and had her guard Fillianore?

                                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                                  I didn't knock off Midir in the bridge. I just sprint until I reach the next bonfire. Can I still do Shira's questline?

                                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                                    It’s not a major issue because it’s only dialogue but you can only achieve Shira’s extra dialogue when you make offerings to the covenant, joining it means equipping the badge which has no effect on what she says to you. 1 ornament unlocks the regular spear dialogue and 30 unlocks the divine spear dialogue. Again it’s no big deal but it’s wrong information that could do with some tweaking

                                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                                      “At once, I am the honour of the gods, the glory of fire, and the fear of the dark.” Turns on Iron Maiden

                                                                                      • Anonymous

                                                                                        Fun fact, She has a chance to ignore the active effect of VOS and rapid fire lightning arrows with unlimited poise because, SHE BS

                                                                                        • Anonymous

                                                                                          What worked for me was to kill her with Farron Greatsword. I just breakdanced at her.... Her feeble mind can´t handle tha moves.

                                                                                          • Anonymous

                                                                                            "Never would i forgive thy lowly kind" Why the hell didn't you tell us not to wake up filianore? don't blame us that you failed your job as a knight of filianore. Atleast gwyndolin gave us a warning not to enter his tomb, But you? you never made any mention about waking up filianore, so stop b!tching at us for waking her up when you didn't remind us.

                                                                                            • Anonymous

                                                                                              "Shira is one of the strongest NPC's in Dark Souls III." Are you sure about that? Because I think I had more trouble with every other NPC invader in the Ringed City than I did with her.

                                                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                                                I got killed by a Harald while talking to her and I couldn’t talk to her afterwards any way I can fix that?

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