Eygon of Carim

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???? 1000 Undead Settlement

Morne's Great Hammer
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Eygon of Carim is an NPC in Dark Souls 3.


Eygon of Carim Information








First encounter

Hmm...  Another one of those Unkindled, are you?
All you faceless Undead, behaving as if you deserve respect.
Hmph.  No matter.  Heed my words.
If you’ve any sense, you’ll go find a coffin to huddle up inside.
You here, in this land of Hollows, you’re like a frail maiden on the front lines.
If like the others, you’re fool enough to play the champion…
Then go on ahead, traipse right past the abandoned church.
You’ll face death, and it won’t be pretty.
Enough death to leave you broken, time after time." (chuckle)

If like the others, you're fool enough to play the champion...
Then go on ahead, traipse right past the abandoned church.
Hopeless, the whole lot of you.  Like little moths, flittering towards a flame."

After visiting Irina's cell

You like poking around in cells, do you?
How very genteel!" (chuckle)

Ah-hah, taken an interest in her, have you?
Well she's a lost cause. Couldn't even become a Fire Keeper.
After I brought her all this way, and got her all ready.
She's beyond repair, I tell you." (chuckle)

The woman's a lost cause.
Couldn't even become a Fire Keeper.
She's beyond repair I tell you." (chuckle)

After rescuing Irina of Carim

You've gone and rescued her, have you?
How very quaint, pitying creatures that are beyond help.
Very well.  I'm sick of looking after her at any rate.
I am Eygon, a knight of Carim.
I am allied to you as long as you assure the girl's safety.
And only for that long..."

What's the matter?  My terms are very simple.
I am allied to you for as long as you assure the girl's safety.
And only for that long..."

First encounter (if you visit Irina's cell first)
(This replaces both parts of his normal first encounter)

Hmm... Another one of those Unkindled, are you?
All you faceless Undead, behaving as if you deserve respect.
Now you're poking around in peoples' cells.
How very noble!" (chuckle)

First encounter (if you rescue Irina first)
(This skips all his previous dialogue)

Hmm... Another one of those Unkindled, are you?
All you faceless Undead, behaving as if you deserve respect.
Now you've gone and rescued the wench...
How very quaint, pitying creatures that are beyond help."
(The rest is the same as his normal rescue dialogue)

Firelink Shrine (after Abyss Watchers)

Ahh, I know you. Been some time(, since we met in person).
I just dropped in to see how she's getting on.
Now, what are you playing at with this circus?
This cesspool of doddering oldfolk and degenerates.
Couldn't be better. She must fit in perfectly here." (chuckle)


Iudex Gundyr (after he takes Irina away)

I made myself very clear.
My allegiance remained only as long as you assured the girl's safety.
This knight of Carim does not forgive betrayal.
Even a broken woman deserves her dignity..."

When you die

Remember. A knight of Carim does not forgive betrayal.
Not ever."

When he dies

(argh) Irina... This bastard/wench..."


Attacking him

What is it now!"
"Curse you, ***** fool!"

Aggroing him

Lost it, have you?
Then I'll take care of you.
As many times as it takes!"

He kills you

Stay dead this time."

You kill him

Deluded Hollow bastard...



  • Eygon of Carim is played by Grahame Fox.
  • Holds some similarity to Garl Vinland from Demon's Souls, a greathammer and shield wielding knight who guarded the maiden Astrea much like how Eygon guards Irina.
  • His weapon of choice is very similar to the Grant used by Paladin Leeroy from Dark Souls as they are both great hammers with a faith requirement and special area of effect attack. Much like Leeroy, he is summonable for a sorcerer who creates clones of himself.
  • His helm is based on ceremonial/parade helm of Holy Roman Emperor Charles V.
  • Can be summoned for dragonslayer armor even after being summoned for crystal sage. ( Summon can be found in the building to the right of the stairway leading to the boss fog on the right side just beyond the doorway ). 
  • Eygon is the second knight of Carim NPC you can ally yourself with, the first being Lautrec of Carim from Dark Souls 1. Both the knights also has a keen interest in Fire Keepers, maybe it's a cultural thing.
  • Interestingly, he uses a shield in combat, a trait that is very rare among the knights of Carim, who often uses the Parrying Dagger.
  • Within the Ringed City, past Midir and inside the tower that houses the Shared Graves Bonfire, the player will be invaded by the Moaning Knight. This knight is using the same moveset and armor as Eygon, which may lead to speculation that the invader is indeed Eygon gone hollow, or some similar knight within his order. He also drops the Blindfold mask.
  • Building from this information, one can infer that this "Moaning Knight" is the slain Eygon that stole Irina after she was corrupted by the Dark by way of corrupt miracle tomes. Thus, due to a possible player choice, Eygon is left hollowed after the ages waste away, and he guards the bonfire in a place that once held firekeepers. (huge guess)


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    • is it possible to get to twin princess without killing abyss watchers?
      Because, like, placement of his sign to dragonslayer armour almost implies he can be summoned for them. (Its located in same room that have lift-shortcut to TP)

      • Anonymous

        Whilst summonable for Crystal sage, he's not all that helpful.

        I'd suggest rushing to his summon and having him help you clear more difficult fights in the swamp if you're struggling.

        From the Crucifixion woods bonfire, drop down into the water, run straight for the stone stairs opposite the exile knights. Run through the ruins, kill the hollow in the doorway, then the crystal lizard after.

        One more spear wielding hollow to kill, make an immediate right, and Eygon's sign is behind the left pillars. Stay hidden from the Sorcerer Hollows while he manifests.

        This guy is a tank and will make short work of the Lycanthropes, Giant Crabs, Exile Knights, and Black Knight. He can make a very difficult area significantly easier to clear, and makes decent backup against invaders.

        • Anonymous

          I'm running a dark build so I did Irina's dark questline. I absolutely despised myself when I heard him calling her name before dying. YOU BOTH DESERVED BETTER I'M SO SORRY T_T

          • Anonymous

            I am allied to you as long as you assure the girl's safety.
            And only for that long...
            I-It's not that I like her or anything b-baka~!

            • Anonymous

              there is an easy way to kill hmmw heavy great arrow. If you stand on the elevator pad by the giant that throws the arrows he cant step on it. just dont hit the middle button and stay on outside edge. he will be agroed and try to hit you but you will be just out of his range. Cast soul arrow after buffing wand w r2 and bring 2 flasks to fill magic. It was hilarious watching him die. Hes such a prick! He desrerve a good death

              • Anonymous

                I f you have already fought him when he becomes hostile with irina near firelink shrine, can you still summon him for dragoslayer armour ?

                • Anonymous

                  I noticed his dialogue changes if you summon him for Sage.
                  He will say "been some time" but if you summoned him, he will say "been some time since we met in person"

                  • Anonymous

                    The summon asdvice for crystal sage fight is TROLL AS ****. It says look left upon entering 'the room' - which is taken to mean the boss room (as there's no fog upon first entry) HE'S SUMMONED IN THE ROOM >BEFORE< THE BOSS ROOM. fix asap, someone must be changing this **** back to being intentionally vague just to troll people, I lost three embers trying to summon this ****er because of whichever autist dipshit doesn't understand language.

                    • Anonymous

                      My theory: after Irina becomes a firekeeper eygon gives his armor to the shrine handmaiden and goes to irina's old cell bare naked to jerk off one last time before he kills himself. Then one of his brothers (who is also a knight of carim and wields the same weapons and wears the same armor) comes to check on Eygon only to find him dead and bare naked. Then he sees the player take his weapon and shield and concludes that we must be the one that killed him. So Eygon's brother tracks us down to the ringed city to kill us but he dies to us.

                      • Anonymous

                        "Now, what are you playing at with this circus?
                        This cesspool of doddering oldfolk and degenerates."

                        Perhaps Eygon is talking about Fextralife here? Does this have any lore implications?

                        • Anonymous

                          What's the deal with this guy ? He swore an oath to devote his entire life to protect Irina, but he absolutely ****ing hates her ? Like literally all he does from the moment you meet him is talk **** about Irina, but at the same time he chose to be her lifelong protector and guardian (as is the custom in Carim). Getting major loser vibes from this guy, not as much as the complete loser Hawkwood, but still close. His armor and hammer are cool af though, I'll give him that.

                          • Anonymous

                            Weird. I've exhausted his dialog, killed both bosses, I've even completed Irina's quest, but no corpse in her cell.

                            • Anonymous

                              He was quite helpful for me against Dragonslayer Armour and I was very confused seeing him dead in Irana's cell afterwards. Now I know why i occured

                              • Anonymous

                                To summon this guy for fight against Dragonslayer Armour (I spent around 2 hours to find out why his sign was not in my game) we have to speak with him one time after we save Irina and then one time after he appears in Firelink Shrine.

                                I will leave this comment for anybody who found problem with this guy and his sign. I guess that probably most people won't have this problem because encounter this guy after Irina is saved. But I found that many players also asked in Internet why they don't see his sign and I guess that it's because the same situation as in my game.

                                I just met this guy before I saved Irina and then just ignored him - because didn't know that there is anything we should do with him after Irina is saved (now I see that we can understand it from text above about him but it still can be not understood in proper way - because we can think that we exhausted his dialogue - because we spoke with him - but not after Irina was saved).

                                Then I found out that we should speak with him. But sing was still not in place. Then I realized that I have to speak with him again in Firelink Shrine.

                                After it - he was available for fight :)

                                • Anonymous

                                  With knight as a starting class, I've only able to do a full cosplay of him on SL170 with 41 VIG, 40 END, 60 VIT, 50 STR, and 30 FTH (with Havel's Ring +3 and RoF +3). With Ring of Steel Protection, it has 39-40% absorption, 35% on strike. Does anybody know if it is possible to make the build at lower levels?

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Wait what is censored when he says
                                    "Curse you, ***** fool!"
                                    I’d think it’s “bloody”
                                    But then why is bastard/wench not?

                                    • Anonymous

                                      I just ran into a glitch. Completed Sirris' questline and neither NPC appeared near Dragon Armor. Completing Eygon's questline caused Sirris' summon to appear only. Then visited Iudix Gundyr's bonfire (where he would have been if he were hostile) and used the first Lothric elevator. One of those events triggered his summon sign to finally appear. Very odd.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        This guy is the beast against Dragonslayer Armor, even in NG+3. All I had to do was aggroing the boss when his health goes low and he smashes the armor to pieces.
                                        One of the best summons in the game, hand down.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          "If you’ve any sense, you’ll go find a coffin to huddle up inside."
                                          Were I to simply lay down and die, IT WOULD NOT PLEASE MALACATH!

                                          • Anonymous

                                            I summoned his for Crystal sage but instead had him carry me for the entire Woods, damn he can tank and hit like a truck. All I did was spam heal and quick step. Feels so dirty letting him do all the work lol. *Playing in mod*

                                            • Anonymous

                                              Eygon is a simp confimed "A Carim knight will dedicate an entire career to attending a single maiden, just as Morne once served one goddess alone."

                                              • Anonymous

                                                I got really confused with this one at first, he looks almost visually identical to my DS2 build. For a moment, I assumed the game reads save files from older games, but I guess its just a coincidence.

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  i think this NPC is underrated when you encounter him he sounds ike a douche, but can you really blame him. there is a lot of undead around and at this point in the game you have'nt done anything special so it's not really that soupricing. notice that the game wants you to aprroach irina from the sewers, if you have just opened the cage from up front he would have probably attacked you. but when you exit he sees that you did'nt kill her (she also had "creatures" biting her that apparently only you can cure) when you do that he seems like he is starting to trust you and allow you to take her to firelink shrine, not because he is sick of her or anything but because he trusts that you have good intentions. in firelink shrine he stands close t irina but also in a place that he can watch when you come in, so if you actually planned to kill her he could have prevented that. when you give irina dark tome and buy dark miracles from her, he will drag her away from you to pull her away from your influence (at this point her safety is more important than killing you for him) but when you show up he obviously attack you so you won't have anything to do with her. if yo decide to cooperate with him he dosen't just leave you alone with her but also help you to insure that you're alive for her. he dies after beating abyss watchers and dragonslayer armour because this is the best way for the game to insure that you have obtained lothric and carim braile tomes and make irina a firekeeper, as such she will be safe from anything under your protection. now when irina is safe eygon is probably going hollow and he dosen't want himself to become a thread to irina so he kills himself in a place where far enough so he won't be going to worry anyone but obvious enough so one day you will be able to find his corpse. and to think that i killed him in my first playthrough because i though his weapon was cool

                                                  • Anonymous

                                                    It should be added that he can no longer be summoned for the Crystal Sage fight if you beat Abyss Watchers first.

                                                    • Anonymous

                                                      Another NPC with an odd trigger for an event... He'll die when the Abyss Watchers and Dragonslayer Armor are defeated. Why the Abyss Watchers? It's not like you can even reach the Dragonslayer Armor without killing the Abyss Watchers first... Why isn't it just defeating the Dragonslayer Armor? Really odd design choice.

                                                      • Anonymous

                                                        I just wasted 20,000 souls trying to stop him being aggro towards me. Didn't work; the statue of Velka lies

                                                        • Anonymous

                                                          Can someone tell me why my Eygon is still alive? I haven’t purchased anything from Irina. I fought All 4 lords of cinder and finished the ring city DLC and this dude is still at Firelink shrine... I couldn’t even find his summon for dragonslayer.

                                                          • Anonymous

                                                            So after defeating soul of cinder i decided I'll kill irina so i can fight eygon to get his stuff before ng+. He never showed up. And then i find out he's dead and is in Irina's cell. It was sad.

                                                            • Anonymous

                                                              During my fight outside the shrine he placed his shield on his back and blocked 6 attacks from my caestus with his weapon, this man just does not care.

                                                              • Carim and Londor are close. In what way exactly is obscure to us but all evidence (together with the old DS1 item/miracle descriptions) lead to that conclusion that they are connected. Maybe Carim is runned by hollows masquerading themselves as faithfull saints, maidens and paladins? Also interesting in that context that people in DS constantly warn us about the "way of white" and the clergy in generel. Gives you the chills if you think about it.

                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                  So i cant find it anywhere else but in my NG, Eygon was able to come help me fight the nameless king. I cant get him to appear now but my theory is he is summonable afrer Irina becomes a fire keeper and you kill either prince lothric or the soul of cinder. Ill try and get him to help after both and respond if either works

                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                    I felt like crap killing him. All he did was protect irina. I wish I never purchased the gnaw miracle if this would happen.

                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                      When he died I picked up his shield and hammer, there was still an Item on his corpse still picked that one up and got another hammer and shield. . .

                                                                      • Anonymous

                                                                        He is so loyal to Irina and his voice is highly charismatic even though he is quite the hardcore dirty bastard. He also hits you like a truck on low level. No chance to escape when even hit once and he got some nice hyperarmour for sure. He had huge potential to be some kind of typical fantasy bad guy hero. But he kinda was highly underrepresented. I still r8 him 8 out of 8 though.

                                                                        • Anonymous

                                                                          Is he only purpouse in the game be killed by us or die alone if we just ignore him? He looks badass and charismatic but he hasn't any reason to exist lol even if we kill him Irina doesn't care at all.

                                                                          • Anonymous

                                                                            Check out the stat requirements on his gear. 50 STR 30 FTH 60 VIT (&amp; Havel's &amp; +2 FaP +2 to midroll) Absolute UNIT.

                                                                            • Anonymous

                                                                              After purchasing a dark miracle from irina, talk to eygon at the undead settlement again and his summon sign should show up

                                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                                I honestly think Morne was a gargoyle guardian of the witch that later became known as "Caitha", the goddes of tears. They covered that up with the stone armor and that beast beeing a saint later. (or Morne became a gargoyle...if that is possible in the DS universe)

                                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                                  He showed up in firelink, I never attacked him. When I went to Lothric Castle and back to firelink he was gone

                                                                                  • Anonymous

                                                                                    Eygon hits pretty hard when you summon him, but goddamn you have to damn near bribe him to get him to wing his stupid giant club or run anywhere close to the boss. Circle him with the boss and tow and try to trick the boss into aggroing on him, otherwise he's just useless.

                                                                                    • Anonymous

                                                                                      Hey i attacked him in undead settlement , but he killed me and now he isnt where he was before, what am j supposed to do ? Plz help

                                                                                      • Anonymous

                                                                                        Instead of prasing incredibly dull and lazy pieces of dialogue as "great storywriting", go and explore more interesting genres. You'll do yourself a favor having fun with actual stories and you'll notice how barebones whatever the heck this thing has as an excuse for the events of the game.

                                                                                        • Anonymous

                                                                                          Eygon is a good example of great unwritten writing in games (games can't force the player into a story, the player creates the story, but games can provide options for the player to tell their own story. These options are what I call unwritten writing, because as a developer you don't write dialogue or cutscenes for them):

                                                                                          Yesterday I had a bad day, so I decided to play Darksouls.
                                                                                          Eygon pissed me off and I didn't know if I could get his weapons later in the game, so I've killed him.
                                                                                          Then I had a giant club to squash my enemies, which always feels good, especially in darksouls.

                                                                                          So despite taking away from the written story (killing Eygon), I got great story out of it (squashing enemies with a club on a bad day).

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