Community Events for Dark Souls 3 will be listed on this page. Please check back often to see what's coming up.

Community Organized Online Events

To kick off the release of Dark Souls 3, we have crafted a weekly schedule of events to bring the community together for a variety of in game activities! There is nothing we all love more than playing together as a community so we hope you can all make plans to be in attendance!

More details will be included in individual threads for each event which will be posted in advance of the event's date. For now check out the overview below and clear your schedules!

STEAM EVENTS (NEW 2019!)  -> Link Missing

(last known event held: September 6 2019) --> more info at steamcommunity com/groups/ds3arena


It's 2019 and none is usign the Arena anymore. Duels are still active but brawls are unexistent. This event takes place twice per month and it's dedicated to the sole purpose to revive the arena

Suggested Levels: 80-130
Date: Every 2nd and 4th weekend of the month between September to November: further dates will change.
Prizes: None before December, TBA 2020


In 2020, provided the Testing Grounds goes well, a Mortal-Kombat-like Tournament is indicted.
Everyone willing to participate must connect via chat group (see link above) in order to supersee the encounters.
The top 5 players will be rewarded with rare items.

Required Levels: 100-150
Date: TBA - Spring 2020
Prizes: TBA


FEXTRALIFE EVENTS:   --> Link to Topic   

(last known event held: May 27 2016) -> more info at fextralife forum (see above link)

EVENT 1: The Unkindled Journey
Join us for a lower level co-op jaunt as we make our way through Lothric as a community. Don your best duds and get ready to experience everything the game has to offer together!

Suggested Levels: 30-50
Date: 4/22 6PM PST
Prizes: TBA


EVENT 2: The Unkindled Journey Part II
This will be a continuation of the first weekly event, as we bring the co-op journey to culmination.

Suggested Level: 80
Date: 4/29 6PM PST
Prizes: TBA

EVENT 3: Red Vs Purple
PvP Madness will reign for this event as we pit Red vs Purple and try out all the different royal rumble options the new PvP system has provided for us, using the RSS and Mound Makers covenant. 1v1, 2v2 and more!  Knowledge of Covenants will prove useful for this event.

Suggested Level: 100
Date: 5/6 6PM PST
Prize: TBA

EVENT 4: Link the Fire
In a tip of the cap to the series' main theme of fire, Pyro is the name of the game for this event in which everyone must use pyromancies and fire based weapons as their primary means of dealing damage. Use as many items that involve fire as possible and deck yourself out in the most flamboyantly flaming attire you can come up with. This will be a coop playthrough with environmental pvp.

Suggested Level: 100
Date: 5/13 6PM PST
Prizes: TBA

EVENT 5: Full Spectrum
In this event we're going to put as many covenants into play as possible and watch the colors of chaos wash over the land. We want to see a rainbow of phantoms on the battlefield at the same time, trading blows in the name of their color!  Knowledge of Covenants  will prove useful for this event.

Suggested Level: 120 NG+
Date: 5/20 6PM PST
Prize: TBA

EVENT 6: Way of the Sun
As a sendoff to our favorite series, join us in paying homage to the iconic theme of the Sun. Swap into the Sunlight Covenant for jolly coop, full of praising, Solaireing, sunlight infused action, and all of it grossly incandescent as we make our way into NG+.  Knowledge of the Warrior of Sunlight Covenant will be useful for this event.

Suggested Level: NG+ 100+
Date: 5/27 6PM PST
Prize: TBA

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        Would you guys want me to release this(for free ofcourse) and what would you want to see inside the app? if this is wanted i'll update it frequently. For me it's just a excercise in programming and a addon for my own multiplayer expierence..
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        • Anonymous

          Steam: Meister Gervant. DSIII name: the Unkindled. Jolly cooperation for those who enjoy going through the game again and again. I am around level 180, but I hear lvl is of no import if you use a password. May be a good farming method for low-levels, no? I can donate things for newbies as well.

          • Anonymous

            Finally I finished very cool design on Dark Souls 3, in which I show all 19 game chiefs, including two secret bosses, also showing all the weaknesses, strengths, and hit points of each of them, to the sound of two bands fantastic from here Salvador, hope you enjoy and have a special attention to the head 18 and the last head including the best of the 4 end of the game, including special thanks to Lucas Dojo Strife channel, the band Honor SDS and the band Antro Night by cede their songs, I hope you enjoy it and support it gave very rsrs work.

            • Anonymous

              Finalmente finalizei o projeto muito legal sobre Dark Souls 3, no qual eu demonstro todos os 19 chefes do game, incluindo os dois chefes secretos, mostrando também todas as fraquezas, resistências, e pontos de vida de cada um deles, ao som de duas bandas fantásticas daqui mesmo de Salvador, espero que gostem e tenham uma atenção especial para o chefe nº 18 e o ultimo chefe incluindo o melhor dos 4 finais do game, inclusive com os agradecimentos especiais a Lucas do canal Dojo do Strife, a banda Honra SDS e a banda Antro Noturno por cederem suas músicas, espero que gostem e apoiem pois deu muito trabalho rsrs.

              • Anonymous

                Quoted by member Emergence,"As for Full Spectrum we were initially thinking Aldrich Faithful defense area with host as Way of Blue." This means the Event will take place after the Pontiff Sulyvahn bonfire. The official password for all events will be "fextra" full discussion can be found here.

                • Anonymous

                  Guys where is the event gonna hold place? And who will be hosting? In general how does this work? I'm a Souls newbie and I got no idea how this works. :)

                  • Anonymous

                    i would had participated if i could afford the game but guess i have to wait next month even though i would never be able to participate in these events

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