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    • Anonymous

      25 Aug 2018 00:32  

      hey im new on pc, just wanted some help if someone can give me their unwanted staffs or any magic stuff that would be cool. im going all out magic so anything helps. i really want the murky long staff, ive got the dlc but cant get that far yet. if anyone wants to help my discord name is Limbo#9035

      • Anonymous

        18 Jun 2018 04:46  

        (New player)(Xbox one) need help beating the abyss watchers message me through Xbox, Gamertag: QuiteSadWasabi

        • Anonymous

          13 Jul 2017 12:54  

          I love this game so much however I can't put that much time in it because i have work daily and my level is 55 and it's hard so i would much appreciate it if someone could drop me a soul or two my psn id is hassanwally881 and thanks.

          • Anonymous

            11 Jul 2017 18:36  

            I'm looking to re allocate my stats for a 40/40 FTH/INT build,but i love quick swords so much,i want a weapon in my right hand that will do amazing damage and it needs to be pretty damn fast, like a rapier or ss or something,in my other hand i will be rocking my staff or pyromancy flame,meaning i will always be one handing the weapon,suggestions on weapons?

            • Anonymous

              11 May 2017 18:41  

              Found a new titanite slab in Ashes of Ariandel DLC! After you kill Frieda, warp to Corvian Settlement bonfire. Head out of the room and go into the small whack on the right. Out of the door there, you'll see the creepy bird man. Talk to him and he'll give it to you. Just be done after killing Frieda.

              • Anonymous

                25 Apr 2017 19:13  

                Could anyone plz come trade me the Londor Braille Divine Tome? ***** up my build and need it :( Ps4, pass: 65432 im at the High Wall of Lothric

                • Anonymous

                  25 Apr 2017 19:11  

                  Could anyone plz come trade me the Londor Braille Divine Tome? ***** up my build and need it :( Ps4, pass: 65432

                  • Anonymous

                    24 Apr 2017 07:06  

                    Warning out to other DS3 players. Be careful of PSN account 'hollywooddragon'.
                    He's a troll that steals your*****. Don't accept any offers or request for trades from him. He'll just say that it glitched and he can't see your items, or say he has to restart his PS4 and just leave.

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