Items in Dark Souls 3 will be much the same as previous Souls games. Categories for the wiki are separated for player convenience into: Key Items, Multiplayer ItemsConsumablesToolsProjectilesAmmunitionSouls, Boss SoulsUpgrade Materials.





Key Items in Dark Souls 3 allow players to advance certain questlines, allow access to undiscoverd areas, and diversify the inventories of merchants.


Name & Icon Usage Location

Dark Sigil

 Enables Hollowing Given by Yoel of Londor

Tower Key

Opens the door to the Bell Tower in Firelink Shrine. Sold by the Shrine Handmaid
in Firelink Shrine
for 20,000 Souls

Small Lothric Banner

Bring to cliff in Vordt Boss room to take player to Undead Settlement Given by Emma at
High Wall of Lothric

Great Swamp Pyromancy Tome

Give to Cornyx to unlock Fire Orb, Bursting Fireball, Poison Mist, Profuse Sweat Road of Sacrifices, Halfway Fortress, alongside lake drop down ledges, near the large crab

Lift Chamber Key

Unlocks door in High Wall of Lothric (Tower on the Wall bonfire). You need to go downstairs, and drop two more floors down. There, where that door & elevator behind it, with Dark Wraith awaiting below. Leonhard, after talking to him with, while atleast one Pale Tongue lies in your inventory.

Braille Divine Tome of Carim

Unlocks Med Heal, Tears of Denial, Force Road of Sacrifices, drop down from bridge to ledge, in a nearby cave

Sage's Scroll

Unlocks Great Farron Dart, Farron Hail, Pestilent Mist Near the Keep Ruins bonfire
on the Road of Sacrifices

Cell Key

 Opens the cell to Greirat of the Undead Setlement, at the bottom of "The tower on the wall" bonfire. High Wall of Lothric

Fire Keeper SoulFire Keeper Soul

 Give to the Fire Keeper to enable healing of the Dark Sigil. Top of Bell Tower
after using Tower Key

Grave Key

 Opens a door in the sewer that leads to Irina of Carim. Sold by Shrine Handmaid
for 1500 souls

Londor Braille Divine Tome

Unlocks Vow of Silence, Dark Blade, Dead Again Sold by Yuria of Londor
for 50 souls

Deep Braille Divine Tome

Unlocks Deep Protection and Gnaw Mimic in Cathedral of the Deep

Small Doll

Used to break the seal which keeps players from passing the bridge which leads to Irithyll of the Boreal Valley.  Defeat Deacons of the Deep

Cinders of a Lord

Place upon the thrones of the Lords of Cinder in Firelink Shrine after defeating them.

Carthus Pyromancy Tome

Give to Cornyx to unlock Acid Surge, Carthus Beacon, Carthus Flame Arc Catacombs of Carthus, behind illusory wall

Izalith Pyromancy Tome

Give to Cornyx to unlock Chaos Storm, Great Chaos Fire Orb Smouldering Lake, in a room with a demon statue with the tome lying in front.

Loretta's Bone

Give to Greirat to complete his quest. Undead Settlement

Old Cell Key

Unlock cell in Irithyll Dungeon  Across the Mimic in Irithyll Dungeon

Grand Archives Key

Key to the main entrance to the Grand Archives of Lothric. On corpse outside Grand Archives

Quelana Pyromancy Tome

Give to Karla to unlock Fire WhipFirestorm, Rapport Catacombs of Carthus, behind illusory wall 

Grave Warden Pyromancy Tome

Give to Karla to unlock Black Flame, Black Fire Orb Catacombs of Carthus, High Lord Wolnir bonfire room

Golden Scroll

Unlocks Cast Light, Repair, Hidden Weapon, Hidden Body, Twisted Wall of Light Road of Sacrifices, Keep ruins, poison swamp, in a cave by the basilisks

Braille Divine Tome of Lothric

Unlocks Bountiful Light, Blessed Weapon, Magic Barrier Lothric Castle, courtyard by Dragonslayer Armour, through broken wall, drop down into lower room

Basin of Vows

Trigger the boss fight with Dancer of the Boreal Valley.  Dropped by Emma on the High Wall of Lothric.

Logan's Scroll

Unlocks Soul Spear, Homing Soulmass Irithyll Dungeon, poison swamp in Profaned Capital, building on roof, drops from NPC

Sword of Avowal

 Used to marry Anri of Astora, and thereby unlocking a different ending.  Given by the Pilgrim of Londor during Yuria's questline.

Eyes of a Fire Keeper

Give to the Fire Keeper to "remove fire from the world".

This changes the firelink shrine music, as well as providing 2 more ending options when interacting with the fire keeper summon sign instead of the bonfire at the end of the game.


 Behind an illusory wall in Untended Graves

Crystal Scroll

Unlocks Homing Crystal Soulmass, Crystal Soul Spear, Crystal Magic Weapon Grand Archives, Top of Crystal Sage room, behind bookcase and lever.

Jailbreaker's Key

Unlocks door dividing a hallway inside Irithyll Dungeon Irithyll Dungeon, in a cell on the right in the hallway you enter via the holes in adjacent cells.

Jailer's Key Ring

Unlocks cell in Irithyll Dungeon holding Karla, as well as 2 more cells in the dungeon containing items. Profaned Capital to Irithyll Dungeon, take the staircase from the toxic pool up and to the left, past the 2 jailers and left on a corpse at the end of the path.

Hawkwood's Swordgrass

Allows you to face Hawkwood at the Abyss Watchers bonfire in Farron Keep for a chance to acquire the Twinkling Dragon Head Stone. Blacksmith Andre, after finding the Twinkling Dragon Torso Stone.

Contraption Key

Allows you to gain access to the attic in the Painted World of Ariandel Dropped by Sir Vilhelm

Small Envoy Banner

Place after you clear The Dreg Heap to be transported to The Ringed City (Location) Corpse after defeating the Demon Prince

Young Grass Dew


Slightly increases absorption and stamina regeneration

Spears of the Church covenant reward for turning in 10 Filianore's Spear Ornament

Blood of the Dark Soul

Can be given to Painting Woman if you have completed Ashes of Ariandel for extra dialogue.

Dropped by Slave Knight Gael (boss)


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    • Just sort of spit-balling here... wouldn't it be kind of neat if items (like, buff items, consumables, projectiles, maybe also Estus, that sort of thing) had some Luck scaling? Not very much, mind, like D rank (+20-25% effect at 50 Luck), maybe E rank for Estus if it got any. That way, Luck builds would have utility beyond the same old bleed (or poison) builds, sort of like a resourceful gadget-y character of sorts... sort of what I imagine when I imagine the Thief (highest base luck), for instance, anyhow. If you wanted to take that further, you could slightly reduce item maximums for consumables, but also enable summons to pick up items from enemies that have died in the Host's world, sort of like how Bloodborne did (obviously, the drop rate/amount dropped would be lower). This would again allow for consumable items/Luck builds to feel a bit more useful/interactive, while also adding a strategic element for invaders (especially Luck builds) to "live off the land", i.e. the loot drops of wherever they're invading. AND it would give Anri's/Hollow infusions some utility back, since you now have a Luck-scaling, buffable weapon with buffs that also have a degree of luck scaling... yes? No?

      Perhaps unrelated, but why to Gold and Human Pine Resins apply more extra damage than Pale and especially Charcoal? It doesn't really make sense... if the damage types are that unbalanced on average, maybe one should consider readjusting the resistances of the enemies a little bit to compensate. I've heard a lot of complaints about Dark damage being the most powerful of the damage types as well. Perhaps if Faith builds had more utility, people would likelier have more Faith, and thus more Dark defense...? Anyone else have ideas, by chance?

      • Anonymous

        There is an item called proof of a concert well kept I don't know how i got it but if you use it it give you two proof of concert kept

        • Anonymous

          If greirat survives his first two ventures, you can send him to lothric castle. Upon sending him there, he will, in most circumstances, die. If he dies his ashes are found on a ledge by where the gargoyles are on the archives roof. Upon turning his ashes in to the shrinehand maid it unlocks unlimited purchase of splintering and exploding bolts, and also lightning urns. You can also find 6 exploding bolts on the balcony of the cathedral of the deep, on a ledge where you first run down past the giant when opening the doors.

          • Anonymous

            I got a Pale Eye Orb from a dead Rosalia (had maxed her covenant and sometime later she was dead) It lets me invade her killer (but is unusable right now).

            • Anonymous

              anyone know what it unlocks? you can find it on the body hanging in the room with the Watchdog of Farron, you have to go outside and theres an illusory wall you have to hit

              • Anonymous

                Is there an item that lets you respecc. I heard some streamers talking about it, but I don't see it on the wiki?

                • Anonymous

                  As i've only seen this in the Japanese version I do not know if this is the name however there is a Gold Version of the Undead Hunter Charm that will remove buffs/prevent buffs from being applied on the target.

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