Twinkling Dragon Head Stone is a Tool in Dark Souls 3.

Twinkling Dragon Head Stone

Twinkling Dragon Head Stone dks3

Stone imbued with the power of the everlasting dragons, the second of its kind, offered to a towering dragon.

Gain the head of a dragon and emit breath alongside an archdragon mirage. The transformation is irreversible until death.

The illusion achieved was the first case of a human imitating the form of an ancient dragon, and it revealed the smallness of human existence. The road to the old dragons is long and arduous, and only one can complete the journey.


Twinkling Dragon Head Stone Usage

  • You must remove your head equipment to be able to use the item
  • Your character's head will turn into a dragon head
  • Using the item after acquiring the dragon head will summon a giant dragon head, which will breathe a constant flow of fire
  • Fire breathing spends stamina
  • Using the Dragon Head on its own (i.e. without the Body) increases Magic and Dark absorption by 4, increases Fire absorption by 9, and reduces lightning absorption by 4. It also increases all Resistances by 15. This is the same for both the Basic and Twinkiling version of the Dragon Head Stone.



Twinkling Dragon Head Stone Location

  • Speak with Blacksmith Andre after acquiring the Twinkling Dragon Torso Stone and he will give you Hawkwood's Swordgrass. Be sure to have exhausted all of Hawkwood's dialouge, as he will not leave the Shrine otherwise, causing Andre not to give you anything. After that,  traveling to the Abyss Watchers bonfire will cause you to fight Hawkwood who will give you this item if you win. CAUTION: He will take your stone if you lose, though you can regain it by defeating him. Putting your stones in storage does prevent him from taking them however.




  • Deals fire damage
  • Very short range (visual is longer than real hitbox)
  • Around 3 secs windup




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    • Anonymous

      04 Sep 2021 02:28  

      The comments on this and the torso are hilarious. It’s so bad I’m laughing imagine summoning someone and they dragon for lmaoooo BC

      • Anonymous

        24 Dec 2020 23:15  

        If you kill the wyvern normally it seems to also give you the twinkling Dragon head stone. Although that may just have been because I was in new game +

        • Anonymous

          24 Nov 2020 20:12  

          slow windup, **** range, weak damage (even with stats pumped) and only actually gives a 'hit' about once every second and a half. Only remote benefit is it uses very little stamina so you can jet-set for ages. Still. reduce the windup by about a second, triple the range, double the hits per second, and use ds-1's stamina model (though maybe not so extreme in the drain escalation). Then it would be reasonably balanced methinks.

          • Anonymous

            03 Jul 2020 00:33  

            anybody willing to trade a Twinkling Dragon Head Stone to a dumbass who killed Hawkwood? I will try and make it worth it lol

            • Anonymous

              07 Feb 2020 13:04  

              You can hate ds2 all you like, but there s no denying that the dragonoid concept in ds3 is the worst of the saga. Now i don t regret the lack of dragon covenant, just imagine farming 30 dragon scales for this crap.

              • Anonymous

                21 Apr 2019 16:29  

                This is mainly for completionist players. No added benefits in comparison to the other Dragon Head Stone. From Software could of easily given this a fireball attack for it's item, or shortened the windup time, or added additional defense compared to the first one. No real good benefits, but just a nice little, "Hey, look what I have spent effort to acquire!". Could be more worth it maybe next DS game.

                • Anonymous

                  22 Jan 2019 01:27  

                  Utterly useless in serious fights which is shortly before you hit Arch anyways. Goofing with it and in PVP (new/bad players) is it's only use. Otherwise I'll rip you apart durinh wind up or just Crystal S.S your face. Why yours? Because I take DkS to seriously to keep using D.H.S in actual fights that I want to survive. DS2 Drake Armor did this Cosplay better.

                  • Anonymous

                    30 Oct 2018 19:58  

                    Cast Affinity and then put this up, i believe the dragon mirage masks the orbs, i havnt gotten around to testing this because i dont have the intelligence for affinity, so if anyone knows how this works, please reply and tell me

                    • Anonymous

                      29 Oct 2018 16:29  

                      So in pvp, if you want to have fun with this, go into a narrow hallway and spam this thing, especially in pve, in pvp, if they dont havs poise, stunlock him to death with this in a narrow hallway, sure its a gimmjck but games are about fun, and when something looks like midir's decapitated head burning a narrow hallway, why not?

                      • Anonymous

                        28 Sep 2018 05:55  

                        All the work needed to get this...and like others have said before, it's garbage. It only works against enemies that always flinch or flail from fire (so mostly early game enemies) and that's assuming they're standing up so that the fire can actually hit. Everyone else just laughs at your lack of range and incredibly slow startup. For such a suicidal thing even the damage output is sad. What a goddamn shame. If i could ask FROM Software I'd say 'Do you hate your own work or what were you thinking with these dragon stones?'

                        • Anonymous

                          28 Aug 2018 14:03  

                          I killed Hawkwood in the beginning of the game. Now that I obtained the twinkling torso stone, I exhausted all dialogue with Andre and he spoke nothing of it. I went to the Abyss Watchers Bonfire and still no luck. I believe killing Hawkwood ruins your ability to get the Twinkling head stone.

                          • Anonymous

                            28 Apr 2018 14:44  

                            Here what I had done to get it.

                            1. Spoke to hawkwood at very end of game.
                            2. Got farron ring and reloaded so he would disappear.
                            3. Got twinking torso stone.
                            4. Went to abyss watcher bonfire and he was there.

                            never spoke to blacksmith outside of getting his gesture at very beginning of game.

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