Dragon Head Stone is a Tool in Dark Souls 3.

Dragon Head Stone

Stone imbued with the power of the everlasting dragons, used in a secret rite by dragon worshippers.

Gain the head of a dragon and , a transformation that is irreversible until death.

From ancient times, the path of dragon worship was walked by warriors. It is said they envision Archdragon Peak in the depths of their meditation, and at times, they even hear the distant sound of the great bell at the peak.


Dragon Head Stone Usage

  • You must remove your head equipment to be able to use the item
  • Your character's head will turn into a dragon head
  • Using the item after acquiring the dragon head will breathe a constant flow of fire
  • Fire breathing spends stamina
  • The dragon head's horns' shape differs by gender. The males have twisted horns whereras the females have straighter horns.


Dragon Head Stone Locations




  • To use this and all other dragon stones, slot them as an item and then "use" the item, as you could any consumable.




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    • Anonymous

      Despite how awful the damage is, I'd say the dragon head stone is actually ok because it does more damage than fire surge and has more poise damage, the torso stone is good for quick stagger, or breaking a foes guard, the twinkling dragon head stone is tough to get off and is honestly unreliable most of the time, but if you to get it off it does double the damage than the normal head stone, and has a wider hit box, although the reach is shorter, the best one of them all is of course the twinkling torso stone, it can do upwards of 500 or more damage, it pancakes any medium or small enemy, stagger larger mobs reliably, and can be used against a few bosses, the dragon may be weak but if used right can be great for people who enjoy a challenge, and using cool moves at the same time, and yes I agree the dragon form looks pretty derpy compared to it's predecessors, i recommend making your characters body larger, to make them less anorexic in dragon form.

      • Anonymous

        Let me preface this stupid question by saying “stupid question”, but is this effected by the Hawk Ring? Firebombs are, and this being a consumable item (in a way) may be effected.

        • Anonymous

          Right. So side note and something I noticed. Dying. Does NOT remove the effect. Hitting 0 HP and reloading at the bonfire REMOVES the effect. This is the important bit. As those people who use trainers, hacks or cheats to max their HP and the reason why it doesn't get removed after respawning. For a normal joe player though, dying by hitting 0 HP is as easy as jumping off a cliff and respawning. I tested this multiple times and yes I use trainers, so get off my case before I even start. I have no interest in the broken arrogant ganking PvP scene so I have never played nor will I ever play Online. My PvE experience is mine alone to enjoy how I wish. Hopefully this information gets added to the Wiki but given how old the game is and how reliable Fextra is. Eh? As a side note, if I did go online, I'd be inclined to Sunbro not ganking or invading, but it puts you into a cheaters server only where they only think of ganking. Period.

          • Anonymous

            At least when I get it I won’t look like a disgusting piece of beef jerky because I’m hollowed, and can get some free defense for no weight at all

            • Anonymous

              the normal headstone lists a D scaling in int and a C scaling in faith, i don't know about the twinkling versions though.

              • I'm reasonably sure that using dragon stones doesn't count as wearing armor in terms of absorption, making dragon stones terrible. You take 25% extra damage for each piece of armor you're NOT wearing, so wearing no armor for the dragon stones means you take 100% extra damage (it's not multiplicative), basically like wearing the calamity ring. I'm pretty sure this is the case by comparing full dragon form to full master's attire, the weakest armor in the game. I took way more damage in dragon form. Needs proper testing.

                • Anonymous

                  Sage Ring does not increase the casting speed of the fire breath.Witch's Ring does not increase the damage of the fire breath.Fire Clutch Ring does increase the damage of the fire breath.

                  • Anonymous

                    I had help to run through the boss fight and when it came time to jump on his head we both jumped and my partner got the kill so I just kept falling to my death. I felt like an idiot all the way down too. So after coming back and getting my lost souls I noticed I never got this item I guess as I had died while the boss did. This sort of sucks now!

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