New Game Plus is a feature of Dark Souls 3, wherein once the Final Boss is defeated, players have the option of replaying the game with their current stats and gear. After the credits, players are presented with an option to head straight into the next playthrough; if they opt not to, they can start the next playthrough later, from the Firelink Shrine bonfire. The consecutive playthroughs bring new challenges as enemies have increased health and damage, and there are new Souls and Rings hidden for players to find in order to continue developing their character.


Shows the increasing difficulty by playthough
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Changes with Game Plus

  • Enemies have more hit points, and deal increased damage. Contrary to the bottom, but confirmed in Microsoft Excel (Yhorm and Iudex were tested, they don't have the same rate of health progression), the HP increase is variable. I would assume that the damage increase is also variable.
  • Access to upgraded Rings: +1 for NG+ and +2/+3 for NG++ (base rings also still obtainable).
  • Soul  pickups are changed to higher level versions which give more souls when consumed or sold.
  • From NG+3, the only known changes are enemy health, damage and the souls gained for killing enemies and NPC's. There are an unlimited number of NG+, but enemies stop getting stronger after NG+7.
    • Playthough        % Increase to Enemy HP and Damage (Very estimated):

      New Game                                Base
      NG+                                          40% 
      NG +2                                        8%
      NG +3                                        8%
      NG +4                                        8%
      NG +5                                        8%
      NG +6                                        8%
      NG +7                                        8%
      NG +8                                        0%
    • NG+ is often much easier than the 40% increase appears. This is because if you are staying around the META,
      (SL 120) many people will have finished their build. As such, the perceived difficulty spike is around NG+2 or +3 instead.
    • NG+6 is the point that enemies will have double the amount of HP and deal double damage, compared to the first playthough. So by around that time, you want 99 Vitality and 99 Vigor with some good armor, like the Slave Set, so you don't get killed in just a few hits.

What carries over to New Game Plus

What doesn't carry over to New Game Plus

  • All Key Items. This includes Dark Sigils, Tomes, and Ashes (and their respective vendor ware unlocks). With the exception of Champion's Bones.
  • All Coals reset.
  • Unlocked shortcuts.
  • Discovered Bonfires.
  • All NPC states (i.e. NPC quest progression resets, dead NPCs come back to life, NPC invaders will invade again, etc.).
  • Sky changes (no more black sun and red clouds)
  • Pickle Pee, Pump-a-Rum trade state - all trades are reset except for the head carvings, of which you can only have one of each.

To-do Checklist before New Game Plus

    • Anonymous

      01 Aug 2020 00:02  

      has new game plus always been new game plus or refered to as that as i dont remember it being called journey 1, 2 and 3 e.c.t?

      • Anonymous

        25 Jul 2020 15:02  

        So basically if you have grabbed everything during first play through, you don't need to grab anything except titanite slabs during ng+. then you come to ng++ to get your +2/+3 rings right?

        • Anonymous

          25 Jul 2020 06:11  

          So i got into to ng+ in one of my playthroughs, and i decided to do a new playthrough, but everything is way harder for some reason. Can someone explain?

          • Anonymous

            07 Jun 2020 22:37  

            I already gave 30 Pale Tongues to Rosaria in my first playthrough, result in not being able to do Sirris' questline. If I start NG+, will Sirris still act antagonistic toward me and I'm still unable to do her questline? In the Wiki above, It says that Convenant rank status are carried over, which mean my Rosaria's Fingers rank is at maxed and Sirris will still act antagonistic towards me?

            • Anonymous

              20 May 2020 09:54  

              If I achieved Rank 1 in a covenant on my 1st playthrough, and I want to go into NG+, do I lose my rank status in the covenant? Or can I keep submitting items like Dregs or Vertebrae's my second playthrough to get to rank 2? I don't want to start a NG+ and lose my rank status even though I have some of the items in the covenant's.

              • Anonymous

                03 May 2020 07:18  

                There are 2 key items that carry over into new games. The young grass dew, which is the firdt reward from the spears of the church covenant will carry over. The champion's bones will also carry over so if you forget to burn them in firelink its ok.

                • 01 May 2020 01:51  

                  i just started playing but i can already see how fun it would be to have more players available to play at higher soul levels in all areas of the game. staying at soul level 120 seems frustrating

                  • Anonymous

                    08 Apr 2020 06:25  

                    I am currently on NG+ 7 or 8 i can remember, the difficulty of the game didn't really change as i levelled significantly throughout my play through, currently lvl 300 still farming souls, if you are looking for a challenge don't lvl past meta. You will see and increase in difficulty and and in you ability to play the game, making starting new characters easier and doing challenge runs possible. People looking to level past 200 or 300+ there is a great soul farm in the grand archives. I would recommend stopping farming souls there when getting 5 levels takes long than a play through as you can get 5 free levels from Yoel as i have not currently reached this point i do not know when to stop farming souls and make an OP PVE boss build anyone who knows when farming souls is best to be stopped would appreciate a response. -E.R.J.P

                    • Anonymous

                      30 Mar 2020 12:25  

                      Guys, if you really want a higher difficulty, i would advise to stay at meta level until NG+7. If you continue to level up, you wont experience an increase in difficulty. That's still kind of fun to have a build able to use every weapon… The challenge is real at NG+7 SL100. Same for Sekiro NG+7 at 14 attack power.

                      • Anonymous

                        28 Mar 2020 14:01  

                        Does enemy poise rise with higher new game plus? I could stagger silver knights with EGS on NG3+ but can't on NG4+

                        • Anonymous

                          20 Mar 2020 22:17  

                          So I’m on NG 4 and am debating to go further. My official difficulty spike was NG 3, and this run through (NG 4) didn’t feel to much harder or challenging, in fact, it felt easier. If I go forward is it still going to seem “Easier”? Or will there be another spike around NG 6-7?

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