New Game Plus is a feature of Dark Souls 3, wherein once the Final Boss is defeated, players have the option of replaying the game with their current stats and gear. After the credits, players are presented with an option to head straight into the next playthrough; if they opt not to, they can start the next playthrough later, from the Firelink Shrine bonfire. The consecutive playthroughs bring new challenges as enemies have increased health and damage, and there are new Souls and Rings hidden for players to find in order to continue developing their character.


Shows the increasing difficulty by playthough
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Changes with Game Plus

  • Enemies have more hit points, and deal increased damage. Contrary to the bottom, but confirmed in Microsoft Excel (Yhorm and Iudex were tested, they don't have the same rate of health progression), the HP increase is variable.
  • Access to upgraded Rings: +1 for NG+ and +2/+3 for NG++ (base rings also still obtainable).
  • Soul  pickups are changed to higher level versions which give more souls when consumed or sold.
  • From NG+3, the only known changes are enemy health, defense, resistance, damage, stamina damage, and the souls gained for killing enemies and NPC's. There are an unlimited number of NG+, but enemies stop getting stronger after NG+7.
  • Multipliers for NG+ and beyond 
    • NG+ is variable based on the location of the game the enemy is in and NG+2 through NG+7 multipliers use NG+ as a base.

What carries over to New Game Plus

What doesn't carry over to New Game Plus

  • All Key Items. This includes Dark Sigils, Tomes, and Ashes (and their respective vendor ware unlocks). With the exception of Champion's Bones.
  • All Coals reset.
  • Unlocked shortcuts.
  • Discovered Bonfires.
  • All NPC states (i.e. NPC quest progression resets, dead NPCs come back to life, NPC invaders will invade again, etc.).
  • Sky changes (no more black sun and red clouds)
  • Pickle Pee, Pump-a-Rum trade state - all trades are reset except for the head carvings, of which you can only have one of each.

To-do Checklist before New Game Plus

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    • Anonymous

      25 Sep 2020 01:32  

      NG+7 is the max damage scaling for mobs and bosses but furthermore the health is still going beeffier at each ng+

      • Anonymous

        22 Sep 2020 16:46  

        Why in the world is NG+ 8 so much harder than 7 i mean i know it gets harder but it gets way too hard i have smoughs armor and i have died from rats!

        • Anonymous

          01 Aug 2020 00:02  

          has new game plus always been new game plus or refered to as that as i dont remember it being called journey 1, 2 and 3 e.c.t?

          • Anonymous

            25 Jul 2020 15:02  

            So basically if you have grabbed everything during first play through, you don't need to grab anything except titanite slabs during ng+. then you come to ng++ to get your +2/+3 rings right?

            • Anonymous

              25 Jul 2020 06:11  

              So i got into to ng+ in one of my playthroughs, and i decided to do a new playthrough, but everything is way harder for some reason. Can someone explain?

              • Anonymous

                07 Jun 2020 22:37  

                I already gave 30 Pale Tongues to Rosaria in my first playthrough, result in not being able to do Sirris' questline. If I start NG+, will Sirris still act antagonistic toward me and I'm still unable to do her questline? In the Wiki above, It says that Convenant rank status are carried over, which mean my Rosaria's Fingers rank is at maxed and Sirris will still act antagonistic towards me?

                • Anonymous

                  20 May 2020 09:54  

                  If I achieved Rank 1 in a covenant on my 1st playthrough, and I want to go into NG+, do I lose my rank status in the covenant? Or can I keep submitting items like Dregs or Vertebrae's my second playthrough to get to rank 2? I don't want to start a NG+ and lose my rank status even though I have some of the items in the covenant's.

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