New Game Plus is a feature of Dark Souls 3, wherein once the Final Boss is defeated, players have the option of replaying the game with their current stats and gear. After the credits, players are presented with an option to head straight into the next playthrough; if they opt not to, they can start the next playthrough later, from the Firelink Shrine bonfire. The consecutive playthroughs bring new challenges as enemies have increased health and damage, and there are new Souls and Rings hidden for players to find in order to continue developing their character.


Shows the increasing difficulty by playthough
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Changes with Game Plus

  • Enemies have more hit points, and deal increased damage.
  • Access to upgraded Rings: +1 for NG+ and +2/+3 for NG++ (base rings also still obtainable).
  • Soul  pickups are changed to higher level versions which give more souls when consumed or sold.
  • From NG+3, the only known changes are enemy health, damage and the souls gained for killing enemies and NPC's. There are an unlimited number of NG+, but enemies stop getting stronger after NG+7.
    • Playthough        % Increase to Enemy HP and Damage:

      New Game                                Base
      NG+                                          40% 
      NG +2                                        8%
      NG +3                                        8%
      NG +4                                        8%
      NG +5                                        8%
      NG +6                                        8%
      NG +7                                        8%
      NG +8                                        0%
    • NG+ is often much easier than the 40% increase appears. This is because if you are staying around the META,
      (SL 120) many people will have finished their build. As such, the perceived difficulty spike is around NG+2 or +3 instead.
    • NG+6 is the point that enemies will have double the amount of HP and deal double damage, compared to the first playthough.

What carries over to New Game Plus

What doesn't carry over to New Game Plus

  • All Key Items. This includes Dark Sigils, Tomes, and Ashes (and their respective vendor ware unlocks). With the exception of Champion's Bones.
  • All Coals reset.
  • Unlocked shortcuts.
  • Discovered Bonfires.
  • All NPC states (i.e. NPC quest progression resets, dead NPCs come back to life, NPC invaders will invade again, etc.).
  • Sky changes (no more black sun and red clouds)
  • Pickle Pee, Pump-a-Rum trade state - all trades are reset except for the head carvings, of which you can only have one of each.

To-do Checklist before New Game Plus

    • Anonymous

      14 Oct 2018 22:53  

      I accidentally sold my thunder stone plate ring found in the arch dragon peak, can I get it again if I start a new game cycle?

      • Anonymous

        29 Sep 2018 00:00  

        I accidentally sold my farron flashsword sorcery and I don't know if I'll be able to buy it again in NG+. Please help!

        • Anonymous

          21 Sep 2018 17:18  

          So do unconsumed BOSS souls in your inventory carry over to NG+ or not lol, wiki still doesn't really explain that. Or do I have to consume/sell/transpose em all before I reset?

          • Anonymous

            18 Aug 2018 22:14  

            does anyone know what items will be lost when starting ng+? I know ashes will reset, but will bosses souls or any other important items?

            • Anonymous

              17 Aug 2018 05:08  

              I'm currently on ng+2, I have yet to buy both of the dlcs so I was wondering. Say if I were to buy and install the dlc, would the game start me up the same as ng+2, or would there be some sort of change? Just want to see whether or not I screwed up.

              • Anonymous

                15 Aug 2018 00:43  

                if im in NG+ and Soul Level 120 and i invade, will i only ivade SL 120 people in NG+ or will i invade anybody at SL120 no matter the NG?

                • Anonymous

                  14 Aug 2018 01:54  

                  Do I have to acquire the base level ring in NG in order to have access to the upgraded version in NG+ and so on? I'd like to get the Prisoner's Chain+3 but I also want Gundyr's Halberd. Thanks in advance.

                  • Anonymous

                    07 Aug 2018 01:12  

                    is there a way to check what NG you're on? im at the beginning of new game 3 or 4 ( don''t know ofcourse) but i would like to know

                    • Anonymous

                      04 Aug 2018 21:46  

                      I miss being able to acquire more spell copies from NG+ cycles like in DS1/2. The FP system is cool and all, but having a limited number of spells you could cast between bonfires really amped up the draw to go through another cycle to get a few more casts.

                      • Anonymous

                        16 Jun 2018 19:09  

                        The bosses have something like triple the HP in new game plus, not a 40% increase. I think you should probably point that out here - it is quite a big difference.

                        • Anonymous

                          06 Jun 2018 21:28  

                          I actually found NG+ damn too easy, compared to NG. Yes, i know, enemies became a bit tougher, but that matters a little, when i've got powerful endgame weapon, armour, rings, shield and catalyst (with maximum upgrades, of course), 15 flasks with +10 upgrade, and decent stats. 95% of my deaths in NG+ were from falling off cliff (so, not related to character's power). Even bosses, that i've considered TOUGH and spent 20+ tries (like Sister Friede), were slain in 1-st try. And no, it's not because i've became more skilled - i simply right-clicked them to death, most of the time.
                          I've build my character too powerful, probably (mostly because Ringed City DLC was kinda hard), and entered "Onepunchman" mode for NG+.

                          • Anonymous

                            06 Jun 2018 13:22  

                            Let's say I'm at ng+3, and am just now purchasing the DLCs. would they bump those maps up to ng+3 difficulty (to match where I'm at in base game) or would I have to play through from base form in the dlc?

                            Not asking for a friend

                            • Anonymous

                              30 May 2018 19:03  

                              so i started NG+ and played for a bit before i hit roads of sacrifices then stopped for a few months and then i came back with 12 (+10) estus flasks maximum and when i asked andre to upgrade my estus it would say "cannot upgrade any further" wot

                              • Anonymous

                                30 May 2018 11:33  

                                Can a NG5 player fight a NG1 player? Does the game still search other NG+ players in other NGs? I'm a little worried because I just started my second journey.

                                • Anonymous

                                  25 Apr 2018 22:39  

                                  if you complete the game and go new game plus can you get boss soul of any boss you did not kill because I did not kill the nameless king and I wont his weapon?

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