Dark Sigil is a Key Item in Dark Souls 3.

Dark Sigil

Dark Sigil

A black gaping hole in the flesh that resembles the brand of an Undead.

The darkness of humanity seeps from this bottomless pitch-back hole, the gap filled by the accumulation of the curse.

This Dark Sigil will never heal, but there is a tale told of a Fire Keeper who returned from the Abyss, and brought great comfort to a bearer of the curse.


Dark Sigil Locations

  • One is given to you by Yoel of Londor each time you "tease out your inner strength" (up to 5.)
  • Three are given to you if you decide to "marry" Anri of Astora

Dark Sigil Usage

  • You need all of the Dark Sigils to unlock the Usurpation of Fire ending.
  • Triggers levels of Hollowing upon death which can be tracked from the player status screen below player level. The amount of hollowing gained per death is equal to the number of Dark Sigils you have.
  • The five first Dark Sigils each unlocks a free soul level. After Yoel gives you the first Dark Sigil, you may revisit him at 2, 6, 12, and 15 hollowing to gain these levels in exchange for another Dark Sigil.
  • If you heal the Dark Sigil before getting five free Soul levels from Yoel of Londor, he will no longer offer to "tease out your inner strength".


How to heal the Dark Sigil

  • The Dark Sigil may be healed by giving a Fire Keeper Soul to the Fire Keeper, which will allow her to heal your Dark Sigil.
  • The cost of healing the Dark Sigil is equal to the number of sigils you currently hold as a level per sigil.(If you have 8 sigils it will cost 8 levels worth of souls)
  • When the Dark Sigil is healed, all Dark Sigils are removed from your inventory, and your Character will no longer gain more Hollowing on death. As of a recent patch, this also cures your current level of Hollowing.
  • It is also automatically healed by starting a new NG. However you will keep your hollowing levels.
  • Removing the Dark Sigils will stop the Yuria of Londor quest.


How to reverse Hollowing

  • You can reverse hollowing with Purging Stones sold by Yuria of Londor.
  • Hollowing can also be reversed by spending souls equal to 100x your current level at the Altar of Velka, found in the sewers below the Undead Settlement. The sewers can be accessed by going down the stairs near the Cliff Underside bonfire and taking a right to follow the cliff face. If you have not yet explored the Settlement, the Undead Settlement guide has directions. You will require the grave key, purchasable from the  for 1500 souls upon giving the Mortician's Ashes. The locked gate is about halfway through the sewer, between the parties of rats. Unlock the gate, and take the first right. The altar will be straight ahead. Alternatively, you can also travel to the bottom of the cliff on the exit of the sewers (when you enter from the Cliff Underside bonfire side) and enter through a passage down there, requiring you to fight through a few skeletons to get to the altar. To cure Hollowing, request dissolution.
  • If you wish to access Velka without purchasing the key, you can drop down into the chasm just up from the bridge near cliff underside bonfire onto some steps that reduce the fall damage to survivable levels (best way to survive is to reduce equipment weight to 0% and be embered). Alternatively, the spell Spook  or the Silvercat Ring will prevent all the fall damage.


Notes and Trivia

  • If you don't receive the five Sigils before Yoel dies, you won't get Yuria of Londor to appear in your Firelink.




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    • Anonymous

      19 Sep 2021 19:23  

      To heal the dark sigil it’s supposed to cost the same amount as 5 levels from where I’m at now. Then why is it that when I went to heal it, I noticed that with the same number of souls I can level up 8 times?

      • Anonymous

        01 Sep 2021 19:57  

        I've never seen anyone heal the dark sigil after "marrying" Anri, so ima try it and later and post the results.

        • Anonymous

          17 Feb 2021 02:51  

          I found out that the fire keeper will only look away from you when you have the dark sigil when she has eyes. Is this new information.

          • Anonymous

            12 Feb 2021 15:51  

            Level 27 and it cost me 27.000 souls to get rid of it. Yuria told me she wanted nothing to do with me anymore so i had to kill her to get her ashes. She is tough so be careful.

            • 24 Nov 2020 21:42  

              You know, I think it would it be a good idea for someone to make a calculator for how many souls you need to use to cure the Dark Sigils using the Firekeeper. That's just a suggestion for anybody who actually sees this.

              • Anonymous

                29 Sep 2020 19:57  

                My speculation about "Dark Sigil" is that at the end of the Dark Souls II. It was a curse and it'd build up until you'd completely become hollow and forget everything and everyone. We were in constant search of humanity as we were losing ours. Only cure was Vendrick's Blessing to stop hollowing on death while wearing one of four crowns. Apparently on that note we somehow managed to cure the curse before Dark Souls III. Now in Dark Souls III, we get to choose if we want to embrace the "curse" once more. I mean it is Dark Souls after all.

                • Anonymous

                  29 Sep 2020 19:44  

                  I don't understand the hate towards "Dark Sigils" or "Usurp the Flame" ending. Seriously if you don't want that ending then you still have a choice to summon bloody fire keeper and end it that way. Besides why would you deprave yourself from a possible ending you could get?
                  Besides If you played the Dark Souls II: The Scholar of the First Sin, you'd relate to "Usurp the Flame" ending.

                  • 28 Aug 2020 07:35  

                    hold up, is it just me or is the phrase "This Dark Sigil will never heal, but there is a tale told of a Fire Keeper who returned from the Abyss, and brought great comfort to a bearer of the curse." a reference to the emerald herald and that one theory that said she was one of the daughters of the abyss, because only she was the one to refer to the mc as the bearer of the curse

                    • Anonymous

                      17 Aug 2020 11:36  

                      I don't understand this thing. Just a way to get a different ending? What does it even accomplish? And why do I need 8?

                      • Anonymous

                        08 Aug 2020 20:59  

                        I thought healing it would get rid of the level, and I was really mad that it didn't because I gotta start over now

                        • Anonymous

                          30 Jun 2020 05:06  

                          Had to spend 190k worth of souls until I realized the more I died the more I had to spend in order to heal it .. That was on my first playthrough .. worth 5 levels at the time , pity

                          • Anonymous

                            21 May 2020 14:42  

                            Got dropped 5 of these by a hacker,went to The ringed city to get some stones to cure myself.Mind you they dropped me it in the high wall of Lothric

                            • Anonymous

                              20 Feb 2019 09:37  

                              Man I really wish I didn’t get that one free level. I’m on my first play through. I asumed that drawing out your true strength was just one free level up but hoo boy was I wrong cause now I’m on my way to bad ending town. I didn’t notice the dark sigil until a bit after I got the free level so I asumed it had somthing to do with an effect left by an enemy or somthing or maybe an item I had on. Not sure if I should bother getting rid of it since as I’ve seen hollowing does absolutely nothing in this game.

                              • Anonymous

                                27 Nov 2018 08:01  

                                Thinking about it, if you speedran this game around 40 times, using yoel’s ‘drawing of true strength’ you would easily be able to get to max level, and this is excluding the levels you would gain from the souls from bosses along the way, so this could be reduced to a probable min of 30 runs. Of course, this is a lot, probably too much, but it is way easier than the farming that many people who got max level would have to suffer.

                                • Anonymous

                                  26 Jun 2018 23:23  

                                  Because I'm an idiot and thought maybe it might help -the "Dark Sigil" item can be found where your keys and special items are in your inventory roster, not your general inventory.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    01 May 2018 19:45  

                                    It should be noted here that once your character attains max level (802) you can no longer acquire dark sigils, meaning after that, Yuria will be gone from all future playthroughs for your character. Also, if you heal your hollowing with a purging stone after clearing a game at max level, you can never be hollow again with that character, ever. All summon aid and storyline pertaining to Yuria will no longer be accessible.

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