Crystal Scroll is a Key Item in Dark Souls 3.

Crystal Scroll

Secret crystal scroll of the Grand Archives of Lothric.

Give to a sorcerer to learn crystal sorceries.

These sorceries are the work of the paledrake, Seath the Scaleless, whom Logan is said to have met, a branch of sorcery that has been carried on by the Crystal Sages.


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    • 20 May 2018 04:55  

      How to cheese: Sacred flame, grab him repetedly, he wont be able to teleport away if you keep spamming this over and over, i have done it, you can get a easy kill

      • Anonymous

        Kill him with excrement20 Sep 2016 05:02  

        You need To throw 2 and shelter in the córner he Will start dying and his atacks wont reach you and then, trow To more again, it Will do about 1600 of damage To him you need To do it like three times

        • Anonymous

          Poison and Toxic Cheesing.27 Apr 2016 11:42  

          You can defeat the crystal sage without him running off by simply using poison and toxic pyromancy.Just cast it and wait along side the enterence where it's safe. He'll parish and you can just walk up and claim the scroll.What I do anyway. So long as you don't cause any direct damage, he won't run off.

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