Multiplayer Items in Dark Souls 3 will be used to interact with other players. Either by writing them messages or by summoning and being summoned

Name & Icon Usage Location

WhiteStoneWhite Sign Soapstone

Allows you to send a summon sign to other players for them to summon you to their world for cooperative play. Up to 2 phantoms can be summoned to assist a host (3 if using Dried Finger). The Soapstone can be purchased at the Firelink Shrine from the Shrine Handmaid for 500 souls.

Red sign soasptoneRed Sign Soapstone

Allows you to send a summon sign to other players for them to summon you to their world for competitive play (PvP). Drops from a white worm casting spells near you outside of the Rosaria's Bed Chamber bonfire.

DriedFingersDried Finger

Use to allow the summoning of one additional phantom (for a total of 3 friendly phantoms). However also allows for the summoning of additional invaders and increases the frequency of invasions.

Sold by Shrine Handmaid in Firelink Shrine for 2000 souls.

red eye orb iconRed Eye Orb

Reusable item used to invade other players. Using it puts you in a queue to invade a player in your area. Drops from the darkwraith found at the bottom of the lift under the Tower on the Wall bonfire in High Wall of Lothric after following Leonhard's questline.

cracked red orbCracked Red Eye Orb

Consumable item used to invade other players. Using it puts you in a queue to invade a player in your area.

 • Can be chosen as a Burial Gift.
 • Given to you as a gift by Leonhard at Firelink Shrine.
 • Chance to be droped by Darkwraiths. 100% drop rate from Dark Warriors at the Farron Keep perimeter.

ember iconEmber

Ember increases your HP by 30% until death. Also allows for the summoning of phantoms both friendly and enemies and opens up your world for invasions. Many. See item description.

black separation crystal iconBlack Separation Crystal

Use to return home from a host's world or to return a phantom home that you summoned in yours. Avalible from the start of game

vertebrashackleVertebrae Shackle

Mound-Makers covenant rank item. Reward for killing host as a mound maker.

way whiteWay of White Circlet

Restore the link to other worlds. Available from the start of the game.

pale tongue iconPale Tongue

Rosaria's Fingers covenant rank item.

 • Reward for defeating host after invading with a Red Eye Orb.

 • Rare drop from Darkwraith

 forked pale tongueForked Pale Tongue

Proof of a red orb invader's victory over a blue spirit. Consume to acquire 2 Pale Tongues. Given to dark spirits as proof of killing a blade of darkmoon or a blue sentinel.

wolf's blood swordgrass iconWolf's Blood Swordgrass

Watchdogs of Farron covenant rank item.

Given as a reward for killing host as a Watchdog of Farron.

Rare drop from Ghrus

human dregs iconHuman Dregs

Aldrich Faithful covenant rank item.

Reward to Aldrich Faithfull Covenant.

Given as a reward for killing host as a Aldrich Faithfull
Rare drop from Devout of the Deep

proof of a concord kept iconProof of a Concord Kept

Blades of the Darkmoon covenant rank item.

Reward for killing dark spirits as Blue Sentinels or Blade of the Darkmoon

Rare drop from Silver Knights

Proof of a Concord Well KeptProof of Concord Well Kept

Proof of a Blade of the Darkmoon summon's victory over an Aldrich Faithful. Use to acquire 2 Proof of a Concord Kepts. Reward for killing Aldrich Faithfuls as Blades of the Darkmoon.

roster of knights iconRoster of Knights

The Roster of Knights is used to check the contributions of Darkmoon Knights, showing the top 10 contributors in a list to the top, as well as your rank at the bottom.  Just after Yorsha church bonfire on a corpse.

SunlightMedal1Sunlight Medal

Warrior of Sunlight covenant rank item.

 • Reward for defeating a boss as a sunlight phantom.

 • Rare drop from Lothric Knight

filianore's spear ornamentFilianore's Spear Ornament

Spears of the Church covenant rank item. 


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    • Anonymous

      So the other day I saw a YouTube use an item in firelink shrine that automatically summoned him to a world in any location. What is it's name?

      • Anonymous

        When I invade occasionally the host uses something that makes the monsters around me attack me and allows me to damage them. How does that work? What does the host need to do? Some item or spell?

        • Anonymous

          So i was playing a game the other day and i couldnt find the host i was invading. Then i heard this screeching noise. When i got near it i realized the host was dropping these items to make the noise. Does anyone know what this item is?

          • Anonymous

            could somebody please tell me how to use any of these items. i'm playing in online mode, I've selected a covenant, i'm seeing bloodstains and messages but no summon signs, and the game won't let me use any of the multiplayer items. i'm trying with a new game + character that was in offline mode until recently, will I have to create new character? what am I doing wrong? so far the entire internet hasn't been able to help me.

            • Anonymous

              Could it be lore related that all the covenant awards except the sunlight medal are items that are physically removed from the enemy? Tongues, ears, blood (wolf's blood sg) dregs being like their very humanity, what could this mean? I know horace probably can't speak (and is probably a blue sentinel) because he had his tongue cut out, is their anyone else?

              • Anonymous

                I see some people posting more complex messages than i am able to, example: .... therefore ...Is an item needed for such a thing? my messages only have 2 parameters. Is it an unlockable?

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