Forked Pale Tongue is a Consumable in Dark Souls 3.

Forked Pale Tongue


Proof that a red eye orb invader successfully fended off a blue spirit. Those who hunt dark spirits take the names of gods in ancient accord with the Way of Blue, a deception exemplified by their tongues. Use to acquire two Pale Tongues.


Forked Pale Tongue Usage



Forked Pale Tongue Locations




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    • Anonymous

      18 Jan 2021 00:47  

      Can you trade this item with other people, I wouldn’t think so because it’s used to get 2 covenant items and covenant items can’t be traded.

      • Anonymous

        09 Apr 2018 00:41  

        I noticed you don't get these if you invade with the Warrior of Sunlight covenant equipped. Seems like you only get it from killing blues with Rosaria's Fingers or another covenant item that doesn't affect your invader appearance.

        • Anonymous

          03 Apr 2017 00:17  

          Do you get these if a blue dies or if you deal the killing blow? I got one once when invading in Lothric Castle and just got one with the notification that a blue died. There didnt seem to be any other invaders though so perhaps the forked tongue is awarded to the invader if he's the only one.

          • Anonymous

            I'm a idoit12 Sep 2016 00:46  

            I didn't know you had to use them to get them I was going crazy trying find out how to get the tongues our of them... yeah

            • Anonymous

              Forked Pale vs Pale24 Apr 2016 02:35  

              Does one aquire anything special upon bestowing Rosaria with a certain number of Forked tongues?

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