Black Bug Pellet is a Consumable in Dark Souls 3.

Black Bug Pellet

Medicinal pellet made from crushed insects.The black type temporarily boosts Dark damage absorption.

At all times, the Abyss Watchers of the Undead Legion keep a supply of these concoctions, prepared by the acolytes. Rumor has it their Ghru descendants still make these concoctions.


Black Bug Pellet Usage

  • 15% boost in dark damage absorption for 120 seconds.



Black Bug Pellet Locations




  • Lasts for 120 seconds




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    • Anonymous

      These are good for all of phase 3 Friede's blackflame crap. Add dark stoneplate ring to reach over 40% absorption, no clown suit required.

      • Anonymous

        After about 2k hours in DS3, I randomly started using these one day and now I eat a bug nearly every invasion. I used to use Green Blossoms or just nothing at all. For one, bugs last for two minutes rather than one like most item buffs and they block 15% damage to an element. 15%!!! Really think about how huge that is. Players calculate stats and carefully consider which rings to use to get a few extra percentage points here and there. With bugs, all you have to do is pop one when you see your opponent and your get a huge buff for 2 minutes for free. I don't know why I went so long without using them and I don't know why others don't use them, too. Start eating bugs today. I promise you won't be able to stop.

        • Anonymous

          this and winged knight armor set (highest dark absorbtion armor) really helps against the dark infused lothric sword meta in arena

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