Duel Charm is a Consumable in Dark Souls 3.

Duel Charm

Tool used in duels of judgement. Nulls effects of special area effects for a short time.

Allfather Lloyd's knights lived in fear of his duels of judgement, in which verdicts were carried out by his Sword of Law.


Duel Charm Usage

  • Though the item description says it will only nullify "special area effects", this item will actually strip most buffs off the target, up to and including spell buffs like Darkmoon Blade. Weapon art buffs such as Onyx Greatsword's fire buff and Lothric War Banner are not removed.
  • Its use is similar to an Undead Hunter Charm, and is a thrown projectile that creates a small cloud on impact with a hitbox that expands three times over the duration of the charm.



Duel Charm Locations




  • Effect Duration: 5 second




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    • Anonymous

      20 Apr 2021 12:27  

      I used this once against crucifix user (ofc he went for dark blade because you gotta be just like everyone else) and he full healed twice in the fight (glitched heal on farron dart), pointed down at me, threw sh t and then send me a DM that he's sorry and i gotta understand that his build is nothing without the buff O.O

      • Anonymous

        04 Mar 2021 15:10  

        Lol it's like dodging a bomb... You get hit you bought it... And what caster isn't rdy to bust out some meta infused wep... This is 100% fair.. I rarely have time to use this crap anyway.. cancelling estus chugging runners is much more valuable

        • Anonymous

          21 Jan 2021 17:00  

          My favorite item in undead matches by far. Apparently leveling the playing field is considered being "try hard", but excessive buffs isn't. Great for those shitty force casters that put buffs on unbuffable weapons too.

          • Anonymous

            20 Jul 2020 13:40  

            This item only works for duration-based buffs, most likely by setting their remaining duration to zero instead of manually stripping the buff. Infinite-duration spells like soul masses and tears of denial are not effected.

            • Anonymous

              26 Apr 2020 15:10  

              A beautiful way to shut down dumbasses who want to turtle up behind a greatshield with that stupid magic shield buff.

              • Anonymous

                13 Oct 2019 12:55  

                Does this work against idiots who use the offhand bow glitch I don’t have enough points for vow of silence

                • Anonymous

                  22 Apr 2018 21:36  

                  Host for oneshot on invader *Carthus beacon* *dragon form* *sacred oath* *sunlight straight sword* *invader throws duel charm* *slow clap*

                  • Anonymous

                    08 Apr 2017 23:53  

                    Buff users get really triggered by these. I had a guy heal on my in the arena twice, and then switch to a Carthus Curved Sword. I killed him and got a wall of text about how "dishonorable" it is to not let your opponent buff... right, because apparently it's "honorable" to let your opponent get an advantage over you.

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