Duel Charm is a Consumable in Dark Souls 3.

Duel Charm

Tool used in duels of judgement. Nulls effects of special area effects for a short time.

Allfather Lloyd's knights lived in fear of his duels of judgement, in which verdicts were carried out by his Sword of Law.


Duel Charm Usage

  • Though the item description says it will only nullify "special area effects", this item will actually strip all buffs off the target, up to and including weapon buffs like Darkmoon Blade.
  • Its use is similar to an Undead Hunter Charm, and is a thrown projectile that creates a small cloud on impact.



Duel Charm Locations




  • Effect Duration: 5 second




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    • Anonymous

      23 Apr 2018 03:36  

      Host for oneshot on invader *Carthus beacon* *dragon form* *sacred oath* *sunlight straight sword* *invader throws duel charm* *slow clap*

      • Anonymous

        09 Apr 2017 05:53  

        Buff users get really triggered by these. I had a guy heal on my in the arena twice, and then switch to a Carthus Curved Sword. I killed him and got a wall of text about how "dishonorable" it is to not let your opponent buff... right, because apparently it's "honorable" to let your opponent get an advantage over you.

        • Anonymous

          29 Nov 2016 23:52  

          Does anyone else experience it to drop weight capacity and make you move slow or was it just someone using cheat Engine?

          • Anonymous

            Almost Useless29 Aug 2016 00:03  

            The throw animation is so slow and telegraphed any one who is decent at this game will dodge it. Only time its useful is if you can predict when they are about to buff and chuck one at them.

            • Anonymous

              PVP28 May 2016 00:58  

              Hmm finally learning what these do. Should be funny to toss one at those guys that come into a 1 on 1 and immediately do 3 or 4 buffs... one object thrown, everything erased

              • Anonymous

                Monster drop23 Apr 2016 22:34  

                The man-grubs that wield Staves also drop this, but it seems to have an extremely low chance. In about 15 runs with 301 item discovery (mimic head, sages crystal rapier and 51 luck) I only got 2 from killing the 2 man grubs nearby Rosarias Fingers (was testing if they would actually drop the staff with high item discovery)

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