Budding Green Blossom is a Consumable in Dark Souls 3.

Budding Green Blossom


Green flower-shaped weed with small white blooms.

Large temporary boost to stamina recovery speed.

Flowers of the Green Blossom are ethereal, blossoming only on the surface of chilled, but not frozen, water.


Budding Green Blossom Usage

  • Consume to gain a large temporary boost to stamina recovery speed.



Budding Green Blossom Locations

  • 2 on the far side of the fountain just before the first Fire Stake Witch in Irithyll of the Boreal Valley. (Video)
  • Extremely rare drop from Sewer Centipede in Irithyll sewers.
  • 3 on a ledge just outside the Corvian Settlement in the Painted World of Ariandel.
  • 2 next to a bush on the left edge of the walkway with the  massive group of summoned archers in The Ringed City.
  • 2 in the grass near the stairway leading up to the first Judicator in The Ringed City.
  • 3 in the grass to the left of the paired greatsword Ringed Knight standing by the Spears of The Church monument.
  • A unique version can be bought from the Shrine Handmaid for 10 souls if Sirris' questline has progressed past a certain point. The icon shows shows a knot attached to the roots of blossom and is tended as a bouquet. It has some additional text added to its description: "The brief attached messages suggests that it was a gift: 'Goodbye, dear Grandmother. I will visit Grandfather, in the Pit of Hollows'". This is, of course, referencing Sirris and her relationship with Holy Knight Hodrick.







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    • Anonymous

      16 Sep 2021 00:34  

      Imagine cheating in a game where most players prioritize fun in the PVP rather than winning. Now imagine cheating to get 3 extra stamina recovery for 60 seconds. Wow. If you've cheated in Budding Green Blossoms... do you know how deeply weird you are as a person?

      • Anonymous

        18 Jun 2021 05:56  

        FYI for those who are curious: the budding green blossoms aren't actually a particularly rare drop from the centipedes in the Irithyll sewers. It's just that only *one* of the centipedes drops them. When you first walk in from the moat/lake it's the one in the furthest corner to the left that most people don't even notice. Source: mined the data then compared it to some runs.

        That said, if you are actually planning on trying to farm these consider doing virtually anything else instead. Not even slightly worth it.

        • Anonymous

          31 May 2021 15:56  

          Why didn't they just... let you buy these in unlimited amounts? It would make sense if they were unlocked by turning in late game ashes to handmaiden, and were like triple the price or so of regular blossoms. Or just remove these from the game all together.

          • Anonymous

            26 Jan 2021 18:13  

            Going from the Distant Manor bonfire and 2shotting the centipedes, then returning to bonfire with a coiled fragment, these seem to drop at an approximate rate of 1 every 5-10 minutes. This means that to obtain 50 of them (for 50 arenas or 50 invasions), you need to spend 4-8 hours legitimate way to get them. Even if I was unlucky and the true drop rate is half, that's still 2-4 hours per 50 blossoms.

            This is obviously not something any sane person would or should do. Since you can only find 12-13 of them static, the only way to get them without wasting your life is to dupe them/mod them in.

            While I couldn't care less about duping embers, weapons or upgrade materials, duping Budding Blossoms effectively grants you an on demand, free Chloranthy +2 ring that no legitimate player has a reasonable access to. This is the same issue as with duping Siegbraus - yeah, a friend can drop you his Siegs, but eventually you'll use those up, too, and someone will have to create a new character to get more in a legitimate way; the scarcity limits their utility.

            Whether you think getting a free fifth ring slot is good for the health of the game, is your call.

            • Anonymous

              25 Aug 2019 13:13  

              The count on these is off. You only get 1 in Irithyll, as shown in the video. You can get 11 in each playthrough, not counting Sirris' or any rare drops from the centipedes.

              • 13 Sep 2017 20:28  

                If you'd like to farm these, try this.

                Step 1: Buy some coins from Patches.
                Step 2: Go to the Distant Manor Bonfire in Irthyll of The Boreal Valley
                Step 3: Kill the white spider/centipede like creatures in the sewers where Greirat can die while using your coins.

                If you have the Mimic head then use it as well. You can negate it's HP degen effect by wearing the Sun Princess ring and having a chime in your offhand. Use the chime's weapon art to gradually restore your HP, stacking with the Sun Princess ring.
                It's a rare drop so don't expect all too many.
                Might want to invest in some Homeward Bones as well to speed the process up.

                • Anonymous

                  19 Apr 2016 07:58  

                  I noticed that I looted two slighty different versions of this same budding green blossom. Only the icons differ and they don't stack.

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