Alluring Skull is a Projectile in Dark Souls 3.  

Alluring Skull

alluring skull

A skull resplendent in the scent of souls. Prepared by evangelists of the Cathedral of the Deep. 

Throw to shatter, spreading souls which attract enemies. Not effective for all foes. 


Alluring Skull Usage

  • Attracts nearby foes when thrown. Does not work on all enemies.



Alluring Skull Locations

  • Drops (uncommon or rare) from both hat-wearing skeletons (controlling the two Skeleton Balls), one at the bottom of the great staircase in the Catacombs of Carthus, and the other on the upper level that's accessible after the first Carthus bonfire.




  • Can be dropped in Picklepum The Crow's nest for the Hello Carving item.




  • These items are often found tucked away from the main quest and surrounded by enemies; in effect they lure the player into a trap, much as they are intended to do to enemies


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    • Having trouble with literally any NPC enemy? Pitch one (or multiple) of these onto cliffsides/drops and they won't even slow down chasing it over the edge. More effective and less risky than the ladder technique for the Exile twins, can kill both invader and NPC Tsorig via cliff drop or lava, and works for a ton of tough enemies. Always carry a stock of these for any area you know is gonna have a difficult fight.

      Bonus: you can use this in consumable only runs to save ammunition, or in "pacifist" runs to take out those NPCs.

      Bonus 2: popping one of these during the phase 2 of Deacons of the Drip will lure all the cronies away so you can safely wail on Royce.

      • Anonymous

        Alva: oh hey that's a pretty little sparkle ima go see what it-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa......

        • Anonymous

          Use this if you can't be bothered to deal with Soulmass spells. Just know that everyone will hate you for doing so.

          • Anonymous

            "These items are often found tucked away from the main quest and surrounded by enemies; in effect they lure the player into a trap, much as they are intended to do to enemies" - I really don't see how this is the case, certainly no more so than >80% of the other items one finds on the ground in this game. It's an interesting hypothesis but one I really don't feel is supported by the evidence.

            • A great item, and often overlooked. Very Useful for grouping enemies together to kill quickly or to create space if you dont have a shield. The item's duration is brief, maybe 3 or 4 seconds, though most of the time that is all you need to close the gap or flee. Dogs, those crow talon enemies in the dlc, giant crabs, Npc opponents, and the Deacons are some notable enemies vulnerable to these. Keep in mind that they don't work on every enemy.

              • Anonymous

                You know what they should've done? Make Alluring Skulls appear as your character for invaders... could set some nice traps that way. xD

                • Anonymous

                  I was fighting Kirk and decided to see if alluring skulls would deal damage if they connected with a viable target. I didn't actually hit him, but he went ballistic at the area the skull hit for a few seconds like other "hollow" enemies do.

                  • Anonymous

                    2 (when you go to undead settlement by the two dogs by the first bonfire)2 (by the well in undead settlement by egyon, where dogs are - you can jump down from a cliff above as well)2 (after demon you fight with seigward, there are two spiked lantern things. its in building u go through to get cloranthy ring)

                    • Anonymous

                      When thrown near players with Homing Soulmass ready it won't deploy.

                      • Anonymous

                        I'm guess "using" from inventory is not the same as "dropping" on nest? I used and it didn't do anything besides waste them.

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